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Solutions for the angry Asian man

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Re: Solutions for the angry Asian man

Postby yick » September 1st, 2016, 8:42 am

Some of the reason why Asian American guys stay is that not all of them have the same negative experience as we do or Winston does. I met Asian American guys that are doing OK and are just content with their life. Others did live abroad but decided to come back(I knew handful of Korean American guys and Chinese American guys that lived in Asia and some of them came back.) They come back for various reason. One of them can be work related or family reason and for others they see USA as their home.

Some Asian-American men do OK in the states, so? The thing is - they have to be above average to get third prize... hey, if that's what you want then fine, but for me life's too f***ing short man. I don't have time to waste chasing bronze, to be chasing third prize, to be angry as I see less deserving men getting ahead because they are paler than me (and a lot of others...)

I think what is for other Asian Americans is that they want to change the status Que in America. Will they achieve it? I don't know. But think about it..someone calls you a chink . You give up go back to Asia. The racist people win. For some Asian Americans they want to call American home and make the best of it and fight against racism.

The status quo will never ever change.

What will happen (I think) is that the whole west coast of the USA and Canada and will become an Asian majority population with big segments of Hispanic and White people - something like Hawaii - but that's going to take another 75-100 years but most of America will still be white.

But between now and then - what are YOU doing about changing things?

To change things - you need a united community - which you don't have - never mind the differences between the nationalities of Asian Americans in general, you don't even have unity between the genders, do you hear Asian-American women complaining? The only time I hear them complain is that they get TOO MUCH attention from dorky white men.

To be united to change things, you need to be angry enough to fight a war of long attrition.

Look what's happening in Ferguson? Do YOU care? If you don't then why do you think others are going to be in your corner when you get the people and get the anger to fight for your cause?

My life will be over in another 40 years, in another 20, I am going to be too damn old to be chasing skirt.

Life is over as soon as it starts.

I don't want to spend my time being angry every day in the west - f**k that! Life IS too short.
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Re: Solutions for the angry Asian man

Postby chanta76 » September 6th, 2016, 5:49 am


You made your choices and others will make theirs. I do meet Asian Americans that are happy here believe it or not just as like I meet some that are not but not all want to move abroad. They have their reason and it's not always about women or something like the guys here complain about.

I understand you moved abroad and if it worked for you great. It's not about coming in 3rd place or anything it's about being happy. If your happy where ever you at let it be. And it maybe surprise to believe there are some Asians that are happy in the USA.
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