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Revealing observations about Asian Americans' shallowness

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Revealing observations about Asian Americans' shallowness

Post by Winston » February 19th, 2010, 12:13 am

From an email I received:

** You know what sickens me about Asians, Winston? It's not the race, but the immigrant culture here in America. I like Asians abroad and some here, but, generally, don't care to know them much out here. Why? Because there's too much of that show, show, show and focus on securing the American dream, etc. Doing it at any cost. You usually find households run by women. The men are mere wage slaves. They focus on educating the children, and yet a true education is not given. Not even serious skills. I have seen it a lot in the sciences and engineering where Asians and other races are said to exceed the white man. That I have rarely seen and I don't mean that as a racist statement. Many are the reports of great academic achievement I read from Asians and other races abroad -- in China, Japan, India, etc. But rare are the great things I read from scientific and technical Asians and immigrants in America. Why is that? Well, when I look at all the years I spent in engineering and in school, I worked with some of the smartest Asian kids you can imagine. Indian kids. Filipinos. Some white ones. But, generally, the Asian engineer or scientist that I would hire or care to work with is a rare one. Same for the Filipinos. The Hispanics. Often, the Indians are preferable. Usually the white ones.

**Why is that? How I can say such a heretical, racist thing? Well, it has nothing to do with race, but immigrant culture and financial status. Where they grew up poor or among that wannabe richie culture, you usually find a shallowness in their professional streaks, too. It's all about the money; The job; The title; Their parents being able to boast of them. It's not about love of the work. They're mere slaves with little soul on the job, but that makes a HUGE difference in the engineer or scientist's quality. In the physician's quality. In the quality of anything output. I've seen the smartest of Asian kids pull A's on tests in nuclear physics, but all from just memorization. When it comes down to it, they don't learn the material. It doesn't get into the heart and soul. They don't spend enough time dancing with it. They're like you with women....moving rapidly onto the next and not spending enough time getting to know that one in particular. However, what you find is that 2nd generation immigrants -- children raised among relative comfort, acquired wealth, actually less academic drive, and more time to freely pursue their own interests -- these immigrant kids go on to become much finer scientists and engineers compared to their fathers or older brothers. It's because they weren't pushed into the profession for all the wrong reasons, but rather came there of their own heart. It wasn't about giving their little bitch wife a fancy house and car. So, your quest to find life for an Asian man other than in is a noble and good one that does lead to happiness. It's the sex-tourism factor and lifestyle that will not lead to happiness ANYWHERE. The anger behind it.
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