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Taiwan massage parlors and brothels - scouting report

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Re: Taiwan massage parlors and brothels - scouting report

Postby Winston » September 1st, 2017, 7:44 am

droid wrote:
Winston wrote:The thing is, the people around u rub off on you. When youre in taiwan and all the women u see are in a state of extreme fear, weakness, and zero confidence and zero social skills and zero personality, that will definitely rub off on you and make you uncomfortable and give you creepy vibes too.

Simply put, if taiwanese girls feel creepy about talking to strangers and strange men then you too will feel the same creepiness when trying to talk to them too. Similar to trying to cold approach in america and feeling that taboo creepy feeling of forbiddenness, which we can all attest to.

Yeah spending even a few hours among shitty people like this can definitely kill your 'mojo'.
This kind of feeds on itself and that's probably some places becomes so bad, and since they are conformists, nobody tries to break the cycle.

Winston wrote:For sure, taiwanese girls are the weakest and least confident females ive even seen on the whole planet. No other country has such weak girls with zero confidence and zero social skills to talk to strangers. Its like they are mentally handicapped or something. Very weird. And it feels like the most awkward thing to try to talk to them or to even be near them.

I thought it was that they had a smug attitude/cliquish, not just just simply shy/inept? or is it both?
If they are anything like the stupid koreans i've seen then i feel for you dude.

Yes very true. Good observation. Wherever you are, the environment rubs off on you, even though it's subconscious and not exactly a conscious choice. Its not a choice. Its inevitable. Some things are out of your control.

Yeah the fact that brothels in taiwan look creepy and dark at night and have bad marketing, coupled with the fact that taiwanese are conformists and feel guilty about going to such places due to the negative stigma, means its no surprise then that such places are usually empty with no other customers. Id imagine that a brothel in Taiwan gets maybe one or two customers a night. So you dont usually see any most of the time. Especially in smaller cities.

In contrast the brothels in Philippines and Thailand are usually packed.

Plus most of the girls there look unhappy and dont wanna be there. A few have good attitudes and are sweet but you have to wade through bad apples first to get to them. It just feels like a chore with weird and bad vibes.

Plus taiwan is very guilt inducing and fear inducing. So you feel fear and guilt all the time, especially if you do something taboo. So you cant feel confident in taiwan because confidence is not validated or approved of.

In short you arent allowed to be yourself in taiwan, unless of course your true self is one of fear, weakness and guilt. Lol.

So theres no freedom in taiwan if you cant be yourself. So why then does the US government call taiwan "the free face of china"? Wtf is the US government smoking?! Theres even a US government video on YouTube called "taiwan the free face of china" from 1960s. Lol. Free to do what? The US government and media never make any friggin sense!

Yes of course taiwanese girls are not just snobby and cliquish. They are shy and inept as well. Zero social skills and zero confidence and shitty personality. Definitely the most boring girls on Earth. Totally impossible to connect with. Ive never understood how taiwanese couples connect or have any chemistry or connection.

Theres nothing with being shy. Thats not the problem. You see, a shy girl can still be approachable if they like you and are sweet. Many girls in Philippines are shy and when i flirt with them they blush and giggle. Even in Russia, many young girls act shy and sweet and blush. They dont treat me like i dont exist or act like im an annoying pest like taiwanese girls do.

In taiwan if youre a stranger, all girls under 40 years old will ignore u like u dont exist. Only the women that are 40 start to become more confident and relaxed. Totally sucks for sure. But this fact gets no media coverage outside this forum for some reason. Why does no one else state the obvious?????

Also when i bring up these subjects to locals in Taiwan that i make small talk with, they never deny that im right and always admit that im right. So im definitely not the only one that sees this, its just that no one else will bring up such a subject with others.

Yes taiwanese girls seem similar to korean girls. Similar vibe. Korean girls are like that too. They treat strangers like they dont exist. There are many korean girls in angeles city and they ignore all people except for their korean friends. Even rock was afraid to approach them when i challenged him to when he was in angeles city.

If you've been around korean girls then you know what i mean. They have a weird vibe too and an ice wall. It feels creepy to approach them or try to open up a conversation with them.

I dont understand why taiwanese girls like to dress so sexy and show off their legs and skin so much, if they arent looking to meet anyone. Do they enjoy being a cock tease? As the saying goes, "if you aren't in business, dont advertise."
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Postby MatureDJ » September 4th, 2017, 12:09 am

momopi wrote:Studio photos may not reflect actual appearance:

These gals are really cute, like real live anime cartoons!
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