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Monger Trip Report: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Dec 2013

Post your trip reports, travel experiences, and updates abroad. Or your expat story if you already live overseas. Note: To post photos and images, insert the image URL between the tags [img]and[/img] after uploading them to a third party site.

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Post by Falcon » May 31st, 2014, 6:40 pm

E-Irizarry, congrats for going and showing the true spirit of HA (I mean the tenacity to go there and be a man of action)! As I've said again and again and again, Mexico is totally OK. It's not Afghanistan or Somalia. Oh well, that means many parts of the country are almost completely free of Americans, leaving us more adventurous guys (Jester, AmericanInMexico, E-Irizarry, and so on) to enjoy it.

OK, PublicDuende, we could say the same thing about Medellin, which was the Juarez of Colombia back then. And Cali and Bogota too.

Back in my colleges, even some paranoid El Paso locals had warned me not to go down to Juarez. I hesitated at first, but then went anyways.

Turned out to be just another normal city. No hordes of drunk Americans like in Cancun, so all the better! Juarez has nearly 2 million people who are carrying on life as normal. Thailand has seen quite a bit of chaos too, but somehow tourism keeps recovering after the political fallouts happen. Same with Bali. But mass media is just really good at tarnishing Mexico's reputation for long periods of time.

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Re: Monger Trip Report: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Dec 2013

Post by GuyAbroad8293 » May 19th, 2018, 9:15 pm

Found this thread when googling about Juarez brothels. Good story but I would suggest to not have high expectations when going to brothels in 3rd world countries. Don't be too picky, just pick a girl that is good enough looking and bang her and leave. And take a Viagra one hour before, it helps a lot. It also helps if you have a fetish for "lower class" looking brown women because that's pretty much what you'll find at those brothels. Don't go thinking you'll get supermodels quality stuff.

So with the proper expectations, it should be a good experience. Aside from the girls, eat some nice Mexican food, drink some Mexican beers, and just chill in your hotel room on your laptop.
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