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First trip to Ukraine

Posted: October 30th, 2017, 7:22 pm
by mr minimal
Sweet mother of god! Ive been living in the matrix and didn't know it!

I thought about going to Ukraine for 10 years! 10 years of really bad internet dates. dates not showing up. Being bashed on dates for being a man. dates screwing around on me behind my back. 3's thinking they have a chance. I have been so beat down by the femisnist movement I really though this is the way it just is.

So i said f**k it! I'm going to Odessa. Even my close friends told me its probably a scam, a bad idea or a waste of time and money. IT WAS THE SINGLE GREATEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. Men in the west have been CONNED!. Get in shape. Dress to kill. Get your finances in order. Then Go!

I saw more women in an hour than I 've seen in 30 years in my hometown. And guess what? They are game!

I'm planning on returning in the summer. Arkadia beach here I come. Do yourself a favour, especially if you are dating a girl in USA or canada, go! It will change your entire being. Your scarcity attitude will be completely overhauled. Too many hot girls to choose from. Believe me.... i'm no 10. But your value in Ukraine is sky high. I'm writing this post as a favour. If you have found it and are considering going...........go! Don't listen to anyone who hasn't gone. There are very few guys who actually go. They just don't have the balls. Change your life. Dont write to them. Some of them are Boris. Go you lazy f**k. Get off your ass and Go.

Re: First trip to Ukraine

Posted: October 30th, 2017, 8:11 pm
by gsjackson
Did you just approach when you saw one you liked? Night life? How capable were they in English, or do you speak Russian? I spent a week in Kiev and got frustrated by the low level of English when they spoke it at all.

Re: First trip to Ukraine

Posted: October 30th, 2017, 8:34 pm
by Adama
As soon as you hit Europe: Bam, kapow. WOMEN EVERYWHERE! The USA is like a desert as far as women, and especially as far as attractive ones, and then humble attractive ones. But Europe grows them like they grow on trees.