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Kiev Ukraine 2018 - Trip Report

Post your trip reports, travel experiences, and updates abroad. Or your expat story if you already live overseas. Note: To post photos and images, insert the image URL between the tags [img]and[/img] after uploading them to a third party site.

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Re: Kiev Ukraine 2018 - Trip Report

Post by MrLee4u » April 29th, 2018, 3:26 pm

Winston wrote:
April 28th, 2018, 10:13 pm
You are weird. First of all, even though your photo is blurry, one can tell that is a photo of an ugly bald Asian guy if one looks closely. Definitely not handsome or attractive. So you lied about your handsomeness.

Second, HouseMD is right that your English is odd and bad for someone who grew up in the US. You don't even sound like an ESL immigrant. Rather, you sound like someone who is trying to make fun of Asians by speaking in cliched broken Asian English, like the kind you see Jackie Chan speak in movies like Rush Hour. lol. If fact you remind me of Daddy Wu and his writing style and bad broken fake English, and you could even be him. Who knows. I'll check your IP just in case.

Third, it's odd that you praise me as your hero and then diss me in the second post. You don't sound serious or sincere or credible. Anyhow if you really are in Ukraine, we wish you best of luck. Keep us posted. Hopefully something interesting happens that you can report about.

Not ugly! Very good looking. handsome, fit and tall from Northern China blood. You malaysia monkey. We can differentiate Northern Chinese and Southern Chinese at the first sight or just listening to their speaking. In China, not "looking Southern" is considered a big complement for men. Northern chinese are more taller than southern Chinese. Most northern chinese have high nose ,while only a little southerners have high noses.Southerns are delicate ,northerners are rough. Northerns are generous,southerns are cautious.The northerners are outspoken,and the southerners are the opposite. From records from history book, commonly , norther people mixed with blood of Mongols, Turks, Manchus, Khitans and taller than Southern Chinese. Any area south of the Yangtze was "barbaric" up until the Qin Dynasty when a fortress was finally established in Guangzhou to start Sinicizing the local Yue tribes. You from Southern Chinese..Yellow River people. Northerners live in a colder place,which stimulate growth of bone. northerners' main food is noodles and beef and mutton,suotherners' main food is rice and pork. From pork get worm in head.

The first "immigrants" to the Taiwan and America were from Guangzhou. Many of these people were opium addicts who were kidnapped and brought to the west to do really tough labor such as building railroads for very little pay. And then there were the really poor people who went to try their luck at gold pan. There are many threads in Bai Du which say Cantonese Malaysia Monkey. South China were colonized first because they were close to the sea and monkey. As a result, western powers often sold chinese labors back to their home country for cheap labors.

So basically all of the Chinese people the West first encountered were Cantonese. They were poor, uneducated and probably drug addicts. Not the kind of people that would give good face. And it wasn't until very recently that the economic and political situation in China improved so that normal Chinese people can immigrate and live overseas. That's why all the racist jokes with ching chong ding dong etc are KIND OF "cantonese sounding"; because it originated from Cantonese. And so much chinese loan words are cantonese like bok choy, char siu, etc.

The Nationalist lose the civil war many of them left China and migrated to hk and western countries with the help of US since the US and the Nationalist allies. The Nationalist movement started in south china so a lot of the Nationalists are southern chinese.

So in the west, there is a hugely disproportionate number of Cantonese people (especially before 2005ish), but they are not representative of the "average" handsome, fit and tall Northern Chinese blood Mandarin Chinese person. Northern Chinese tend to share some similarities with South Koreans in terms of appearance, I myself have been misidentified as a Korean many times. Very handsome, good with number, good job. Whilst Southern Chinese seem to be more alike to Southeast Asians, in terms of skin colour, height and face features. Sichuan province has an average height of 167cm for adult males, whilst for Liaoning it's 175cm; even slightly taller than some European countries and matching Australia/USA. Generally animal in cold environment is larger than warmer one, to increase volume-surface ratio to keep heat

I don`t have many chance to meet lower class like factories workers etc. So I think this was good place to post. Now I see south chnia. I have brought these divisions up to people who have grown up in the West and they are always quite surprised that such divisions exist at all, assuming that the Han Chinese are this 1.3 billion strong monoculture . :lol:

Me was born in northern China, and was studying in Shanghai. Actually, I don’t realize the differences until I come to Shanghai, an international city in Southern China where you can meet people from all parts of China and from all over the world. If you treat a Southern Chinese in a Northern way, you may say or do something and annoy he or she indeliberately. In some cases, they will not tell you their feeling directly, especially when they taunt you :lol:

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Re: Kiev Ukraine 2018 - Trip Report

Post by GuyAbroad8293 » May 26th, 2018, 7:34 am

Here's some questions.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment per month in a safe area of the city, in US dollars?

Are there brothels where you can get girls and if so how much for 30 minutes of action, in US dollars?

Lastly, what the f**k is in these buckets, LOL?

i'm literally bulletproof, for real. My friend shot a gun at me and the bullet bounced right off me.

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Re: Kiev Ukraine 2018 - Trip Report

Post by SteveUKR » May 27th, 2018, 12:58 am

Not less than $30/day for a good apt in the centre of Kiev. This is using airb or booking.

I don't know anything much about your brothel questions.

In the buckets is kompot of different flavours.

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Re: Kiev Ukraine 2018 - Trip Report

Post by hesizim » October 28th, 2018, 4:32 am

hell yeah! I have been to Kiev several times. Their prices are quite low, but for locals everything is quite expensive, as they told me. I was once a day on the independence of their country - August 24. A lot of people walk in the center in national clothes. It is very cool!

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