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The JFK Assassination Conspiracy and Cover Up

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Post by Moretorque » July 31st, 2014, 1:23 am

Winston you really like to push the envelope on this stuff, just watch the video of the Secret Service personnel being waved off the car from guarding JFK at the airport when the motorcade was leaving before the tour of Dallas /Ft Worth.

Many people wanted him dead because he was starting to upset their mob rule mafia but the CIA more than likely killed him primarily under the orders of their primary master the Federal Reserve.

All the power centers of most countries have been captured by the people running this system of credit so for the Kennedy's to get a true interview out to the masses about what really happened that day was almost impossible.

All of the pieces of the puzzles are coming together because of the net, the Kennedy family did not have finger tip access to this information till the mid nineties. This is one of the reasons they killed JFK junior because he was going to start exposing this whole gig and his fathers killers via the information age. Just like Pat Tillman they could not have somebody in the lime light rally attention to the culprits and our maters of the perpetual generational fraud.

Once again Mr. Wu they figured out by counterfeiting the money and not being audited they could rule the world. They do not want da herd to figure this out.
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Post by In2dadark » August 1st, 2014, 1:38 am

Winston wrote:Bill Hicks makes fun of the government's story of the JFK Assassination.
Didn't get a chance to go through this entire thread. Hicks is Alex Jones, as I've said b4.
I believe Connelly shot JFK from inside the car.

I believe Oswald's assassination was a staged hoax. Charini is likely a disinfo shill; but that was one of the truth crumbs to draw you/us in, IMO.

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Post by Winston » August 15th, 2014, 5:06 pm

In2dadark wrote: Didn't get a chance to go through this entire thread. Hicks is Alex Jones, as I've said b4.
I believe Connelly shot JFK from inside the car.

I believe Oswald's assassination was a staged hoax. Charini is likely a disinfo shill; but that was one of the truth crumbs to draw you/us in, IMO.
WTF? Are you saying that Bill Hicks faked his death and then became Alex Jones? LOL Why? They don't look the same and their voices are totally different. That's crazy.

There are several problems with the theory that the fatal head shot came from the limousine or from Governor Connally.

1. A gun fired inside the limo would have been heard by everyone inside it.
2. Most people in Dealey Plaza heard shots from the grassy knoll. Some witnesses saw people behind the white picket fence at the grassy knoll too, and saw them running away from it as well.
3. A man in front of another man would have trouble shooting him in the side of the head. The angle would make it difficult.
4. If Governor Connally was in on it, he certainly would not have been willing to sit in front of Kennedy, knowing that multiple shooters would be firing at him. Would you?
5. Governor Connally said he didn't believe in the single bullet theory of the Warren Commission and that the bullet that hit him, did not hit JFK. If he were part of the conspiracy, he would have corroborated with the cover up and supported anything the Warren Commission said.

I was wondering if Oswald's shooting was staged. Something seems phony about it. There are so many unanswered questions and mysteries about him that no one can figure out. So let's think outside the box for a moment.

What if Oswald was just an actor too? Maybe Oswald's assassination was staged too? Did you see the video clip of Oswald's assassination? I've seen it many times and something about it seems staged. How is it that immediately after Oswald's assassination, an ambulance pulls up as though it were waiting to pick Oswald up? The whole scene seems staged and rehearsed somehow. I can't prove it. It's just a feeling.

Also, when Ruby shoots Oswald, you do not see any smoke from his gun, nor any blood on Oswald, which is very strange. Watch the clip again and see what I mean.

Furthermore, there were many people impersonating Oswald, so we can't even be sure what happened to the original Oswald, or if the one on TV was even the real Oswald. Or if Oswald is just a fictional creation with actors.
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Post by Winston » August 15th, 2014, 6:05 pm

Check out this taped phone conversation between LBJ and Hoover about Oswald and the JFK Assassination. What do you think? Why was this taped? Notice in it, that Hoover said that JFK was the one who asked for the limo top to be removed and that Presidential limos ought to be bullet proof.

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Post by Winston » August 23rd, 2014, 1:47 pm

There are some things I don't get about the JFK assassination plot. I was wondering if anyone could answer them.

Many conspiracy researchers claim that Governor Connally must have been in on the JFK assassination conspiracy. But if that's so, then how do you explain the following?

1. If Connally knew that JFK was going to be assassinated in Dallas that day, why would he sit right in front of him? No one would sit anywhere near a man whom he knew would be shot at from multiple angles. Would you?

2. In several interviews, Connally said that the bullet that hit him was NOT the same one that hit Kennedy. In doing so, he contradicted the single bullet theory and the Warren Report. Why would he do that if he was in on the plot? Shouldn't he have said something that would support the single bullet theory?

Also, there seems to be some plotholes in the assassination plan that I don't understand:

1. Why would the conspirators frame Oswald with a cheap rifle that was used in the 1940's and outdated by 20 years? Why didn't they frame him with a more modern and higher quality rifle to make his alleged shooting more plausible?

2. How did the conspirators know that JFK would ask the limo top to be removed that day? Hoover said that JFK was the one who wanted the limo top removed. Is that true? If so, how did they know that he would do that? What if JFK had asked the limo top to be put over the limo? What would the conspirators have done then?

3. Why did LBJ say before he died that he was not sure that the Warren Commission got it right? If he was one of the masterminds behind it, why would he have doubts about the lone gunman theory? Why did he say that?

4. Also, listen to this 20 min conversation between LBJ and Hoover. They are talking about Oswald and his guilt. If they are both conspirators and part of the plot, and therefore know the truth, why would they be talking on the phone like this? And why was it taped? What was the purpose of the conversation?

Does anyone know the answers to these?

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Post by Jester » August 24th, 2014, 1:53 am

Stunning youtube, Winston. Just listened to 2 1/2 minutes, enough to let me know that they were talking as if they were being overheard.

These are two blood brothers, or fellow masons, or brothers in crime of some sort.

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Post by Dragon » August 24th, 2014, 1:56 am

Guys, don't believe Winston. He's actually the one that killed JFK. If you review old footage in the library of congress, you will see a fat, round shape behind that grass knoll.

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Re: JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Post by Winston » June 8th, 2016, 6:13 pm

Rock keeps telling me that the JFK assassination doesn't matter today because it happened so long ago. He states this stubbornly without any humility or open mindedness about the facts and data of the case. But he doesn't see the big picture about why it matters. So I refer him to this book below that explains in great eloquent detail why people like Rock are wrong in saying it no longer matters. As you can see below, even Robert Kennedy Jr. and Yoko Ono (John Lennon's widow) believe that it still matters.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
By James Douglass

A compelling account of why JFK was assassinated and why the unmasking of this truth remains crucial for the future of our country and the world.

"In JFK and the Unspeakable Jim Douglass has distilled all the best available research into a very well-documented and convincing portrait of President Kennedy's transforming turn to peace, at the cost of his life. Personally, it has made a very big impact on me. After reading it in Dallas, I was moved for the first time to visit Dealey Plaza. I urge all Americans to read this book and come to their own conclusions about why he died and why -- after fifty years -- it still matters.” -- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Right now, I ask all of you—please please, read JFK and the Unspeakable! I cried all night reading it, and didn’t sleep a wink. It is a book that could make us stand up and change the world, right now. Maybe we can save the world before it blows up. Really” — Yoko Ono

Most Helpful Review

5.0 out of 5 stars
And We Are All Mortal
By Nick Anez on June 8, 2008
Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

In James W. Douglass' outstanding new book, "JFK and the Unspeakable," the author explains the title in his introduction. Coined by spiritual writer Thomas Merton, The Unspeakable refers to "an evil whose depth and deceit seemed to go beyond the capacity of words to describe." Regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Unspeakable succeeded due to deniability by the nation's citizens of the horrifying truth of the event and to plausible deniability by the government agencies responsible for the murder. (Vincent Bugliosi's recent fictional paperweight is a perfect example of the plausible deniability that allows the Unspeakable to thrive.)

Many excellent books have proven that the assassination of JFK was the result of a conspiracy. Douglass verifies the certainty of the conspiracy and, as the subtitle of the book states, explains "Why He Died and Why It Matters." He scrutinizes the historical facts surrounding the assassination, from the creation of the CIA to the gradual obliteration of the freedoms upon which this nation was founded.

This book is primarily the story of John F. Kennedy who changes from a Cold Warrior to an altruistic leader willing to risk his life to ensure that the world's children will not become victims of a nuclear catastrophe. Equal time is spent on JFK's presidency as on the assassination but one of the many rewards of this book is the author's capacity to show the relationship between his policies and his death. And the book is a tragedy because it gradually becomes obvious that each step he makes toward peace steadily increases the hatred of his enemies who will eventually betray him.

It is also the story of the designated patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald. Moved around the country like a pawn by government agencies (as was the second "Oswald"), he was being set up as the scapegoat. Enter some despicable characters, including David Atlee Philips, James Hosty and, of course, Michael and Ruth Paine. Simultaneously, the Soviet Union was being set up as the evil empire behind the assassination, along with its satellite Cuba.

Douglass credibly illustrates the origin of the Crime of the Century. During President Truman's administration, the CIA was empowered to be a paramilitary organization with unlimited powers. Truman's successor, President Eisenhower, fell out of favor with the CIA when he planned a summit meeting with Soviet Premier Khrushchev. This was cancelled after a U.S. spy plane crashed in Russia. Eisenhower had reportedly ordered such flights cancelled and had his suspicions about who had ruined his peace plan. He subsequently issued his warning about the "military industrial complex" in his farewell address. But he didn't defy "this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry." He left that task to his successor, JFK.

The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba was planned by the CIA to regain control of the island and to re-open the casinos for organized crime. President Kennedy refused to provide air support for the Cuban brigade because he knew that he had been lied to by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and by the CIA; the invasion had been designed to fail without U.S. support but they hadn't told this to JFK who refused to fall into their trap. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK once again enraged the CIA and the Joint Chiefs by resisting their tremendous pressure on him to take military action which would have led to nuclear war.

Following that crisis, JFK became intent on ending the Cold War by establishing a peaceful relationship with the Soviet Union. However, many CIA and Pentagon personnel believed that it was better to be "dead than red" and that it was preferable to destroy civilization rather than let the Communists rule. They also knew that war generated billions of dollars into the arms industry. As a result, they would repeatedly subvert the President's policies and isolate him within his own government. Enter some more despicable characters: Richard Bissell, Charles Cabell, Henry Cabot Lodge, Lyman Lemnitzer, Curtis LeMay and perhaps the most contemptible of all, Allen Dulles. Ironically, JFK learned to trust Khrushchev more than people within his own government.

At American University on June 10, 1963, JFK spoke about his desire for world peace. He communicated his resolve to form a new relationship with Khrushchev. He spoke about the necessity of a pursuit toward disarmament. He related his intentions to establish a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. He acknowledged his country's past faults and recognized the Russian people as wanting peace as much as the American people. "And we are all mortal," he stated. Though this extremely important speech was ignored in the United States, it was disseminated throughout the Soviet Union, per order of Khrushchev, who was prepared to respond favorably to JFK's peace initiative. The speech also certified JFK's death warrant. With so many powerful enemies opposing his policies and hating him, JFK didn't have a chance as he was being maneuvered into the crossfire in Dallas.

President Kennedy was aware of the power of his enemies and he knew the dangers facing him. But he persevered and mandated that all U.S. personnel would be withdrawn from Vietnam; he was determined to never send in combat troops even if this meant defeat. He also refused to intervene militarily in Laos. He exchanged private letters with Khrushchev, which infuriated the CIA, and secretly initiated plans to attain rapproachement with Cuba, which further incensed the Agency. Cuba's Fidel Castro, whom the CIA hated as intensely as it hated Kennedy, was equally eager to begin an American-Cuba dialogue. In fact, Castro was meeting with a JFK representative when the President was murdered. JFK died a martyr and the forces of evil that killed him also killed his vision of peace.

Lyndon Johnson, the CIA's ally, assumed the presidency. He cancelled talks with Khrushchev and refused Castro's pleas to continue the dialogue. He reversed JFK's withdrawal plan from Vietnam as well as his plan to neutralize Laos. The military industrial complex took control of the country. The policy of plausible deniability led the way to assassinations of foreign leaders, the overthrowing of foreign governments and horrors committed all over the globe. If JFK had not been murdered, we would not have had the prolongation of the Cold War, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the purported War on Terror and the steady moral deterioration of America. Interestingly, one month after JFK's assassination, President Truman wrote an article for The Washington Post cautioning about the threat of the CIA taking over America.

The author meticulously examines the evidence and draws conclusions which ring with unassailable truth: (1) The CIA coordinated and implemented he assassination of President Kennedy, an act of treason which destroyed democracy in the U.S. (2) The Warren Commission was created to propagate lies to conceal the truth from the American people. (3)There has been a continued cover-up by successive administrations and their stooges in the mass media. (4)The murder of JFK is directly related to the current domination of the American people by powerful oppressors within a shadow government that will continue to insist that only sustained war can keep the country safe from its enemies, never admitting that they themselves are the supreme evil.

This is an exceptional book that will be used by future historians to determine the truth about the assassination and how it changed America. And it will also be used to honor John F. Kennedy as a courageous president who believed in doing God's work on earth. In doing so, he came into conflict with the Unspeakable and his life was extinguished.
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Re: JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Post by Winston » June 8th, 2016, 6:40 pm

Here's something you guys probably didn't know. Did you know that in 1985, a US courtroom jury ruled that the CIA had indeed been involved in the JFK Assassination? Yet the mainstream media ignored it, obviously, because their job is to defend the government story, not to find the truth, as we all know. See details below. ... 07cia.html

Jury: CIA Involved in JFK Assassination

Not a single major newspaper nor any national news broadcast has ever reported that on Feb. 6, 1985, a jury in Miami concluded that the CIA was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This is remarkable, if only because the verdict came in a court case featuring two international celebrities: Water gate burglar E. Howard Hunt -- perhaps the most infamous CIA operative in history -- and his courtroom nemesis -- attorney Mark Lane. Lane's ground-break ing best-seller, Rush to Judgment, had convinced millions of readers there had been a conspiracy in the JFK assassination, the Warren Commission's claims notwithstanding.

Scattered news reports did mention Hunt had lost a libel case against The SPOTLIGHT. However, no media reported what the jury forewoman had told the press:

"Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult. He was asking us to believe John Kennedy had been killed by our own government. Yet when we examined the evidence closely, we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy."

Until 1992, when Lane recounted the trial in Plausible Denial and put forth additional compelling evidence of CIA complicity in the crime, the only substantive news reports about the trial appeared in The SPOTLIGHT. In issue No. 7 for 1985 (Feb. 18), The SPOTLIGHT announced its victory, detailing the remarkable events that led to the trial.

The affair was set in motion on Aug. 14, 1978, when The SPOTLIGHT published an article by former CIA official Victor Marchetti who revealed the CIA intended to publicly "admit" Hunt had been involved in the JFK assassination, acting as a "rogue" agent without CIA sanction.

A top CIA liaison to anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the early 1960s, Hunt was unknown to the public until the Watergate scandal that toppled President Nixon in 1974 brought Hunt ill fame. Then, after Watergate, when the Rockefeller Commission investigated CIA misdeeds, two eccentric writers alleged Hunt was one of three "tramps" photographed in Dallas minutes after the JFK assassination.

Subsequent investigation refuted the "Hunt as tramp" theory. However, scandal sheets had hyped the story and many came to believe Hunt had a hand in Dallas.

In 1976, growing skepticism about the Warren Commission's claim that a "lone assassin" had killed JFK forced the House of Representatives to convene a new assassination inquiry.

In the midst of the House investigation, an unusual development occurred:

As Marchetti's SPOTLIGHT article reported, an in-house CIA memo, ostensibly written in 1966 -- some 12 years previously -- was leaked to congressional investigators.

The memo stated Hunt had been in Dallas on the day of the JFK assassination, and that CIA officials were concerned the agency would one day have to explain Hunt's presence there.

The SPOTLIGHT subsequently learned CIA Director Richard Helms and the CIA's chief of counterintelligence, James Angleton, had signed off on the memo.

Marchetti suggested that because the CIA perceived Hunt to be a villain in the public's eye as a consequence of Watergate, the CIA had decided to sacrifice Hunt and "admit" he had been involved in the assassination.

The CIA would claim Hunt was acting on his own and that the CIA, as an institution, had no part in the president's murder. This would satisfy public demand for a resolution of the JFK controversy and the CIA itself would be absolved. Hunt would be left to fend for himself.

The SPOTLIGHT felt the article served as warning to Hunt about CIA intentions and Hunt himself admitted the story seemed plausible. Yet, Hunt still filed suit against The SPOTLIGHT.

When the case went to trial in federal court in Miami, the jury found in Hunt's favor, ordering The SPOTLIGHT to pay Hunt $650,000 in damages. However, an error in the jury instructions resulted in the verdict being overturned. After the case was ordered for retrial, Lane stepped in for The SPOTLIGHT's defense.

The highlight of the trial was when Lane presented the jury the testimony of Marita Lorenz, an ex-CIA operative who had worked with Hunt in plots against Fidel Castro.

Miss Lorenz testified that on Nov. 21, 1963 -- the day prior to the JFK assassination -- she arrived in Dallas in a two-car caravan from Miami. Accompanying her were several CIA operatives, armed with telescopic rifles, including Frank Sturgis who (years later) participated with Hunt in the Watergate burglary.

She didn't know the purpose of the mission, but upon arrival, the travelers met with Hunt, who acted as their paymaster, and also Jack Ruby who, days later, killed the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Uncomfortable, sensing something "big, very big," was impending, she left Dallas that same day. Later Sturgis told her how big the mission had been: the assassination of President Kennedy.

The jury listened carefully to her testimony, already suspicious of Hunt after his performance under Lane's cross-examination. Lane pointed out inconsistencies in conflicting stories by Hunt over the years about where he had been on Nov. 22, 1963. However, Hunt insisted to the jury that he was in Washington, D.C. with his wife and three children that day.

Hunt's case collapsed when he was unable to explain, when questioned by Lane, why his teenage children had asked him if the rumors he was involved in the events in Dallas were true.

Obviously, if Hunt were in Washington on Nov. 22 he couldn't have been in Dallas.

Not surprisingly, the jury found in favor of The SPOTLIGHT. Yet, the major media said nothing about the stunning, historic revelations of this trial.

It was clearly the CIA's counterintelligence chief, James Angleton, who leaked the CIA memo placing Hunt in Dallas. In fact, Angleton's confidant, reporter Joe Trento (deposed by Lane in the Hunt case) has said -- based upon what Angleton told him -- that Hunt had been in Dallas and that it was Angleton who sent him there (Angleton's own denials notwithstanding). Three conclusions can be reached:

• The CIA had planned to throw Hunt to the wolves but evidently he and the CIA reached an accord since Angleton's loyal, longtime deputy, Newton Miler, was dispatched by the CIA to testify against The SPOTLIGHT in Hunt's defense;

• Because The SPOTLIGHT ex posed the intended CIA scheme to "admit" Hunt's complicity in the assassination, the operation was shelved; and,

• If there's anybody who knows what really happened in Dallas, it's Hunt.
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Post by Winston » June 19th, 2016, 8:38 am

pete98146 wrote:Wish I could find the link but I saw a fascinating show on History Channel that detailed one account of the JFK Assassination. But to recap:

The Kennedy brothers pledged a full on war against the Mafia. In retaliation, Sam Giancana/Chicago Mafia spearheaded the assassination plot. It was decided to bring in three members of the French Mafia for the killing. They were brought in early into Dallas and supplied temporary living in a rented house. This gave them ample time to study Dealey Plaza for correct positioning and map out an escape plan.

The day of the execution, the three French Mafia came in dressed as hobos. The fatal shot did come from the grassy knoll as planned. The documentary actually named the individual who fired the killshot. The French Mafia got out fast and went directly back to the rented house. They stayed there for approx one month and fled back to France. Giancana wanted the killers to be foreign so it wouldn't come back onto him and his crew. Oswald was the patsy all along.

Of all the theories, this one makes the most sense to me.
You're referring to one of the episodes of the History Channel series "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" where they feature some possible French mafia shooters that may have been at Dealey Plaza. I saw that episode too.

Yes the mafia were definitely involved. But only at the low level. The mafia cannot act on their own to kill the President, without support from the highest levels of government, otherwise they'd be toast. They can only carry it out if the next president, LBJ, is willing to help cover it up. Further, logic alone tells you that the mafia did not have the power to change JFK's motorcade route, or order the secret service to stand down, or thwart an investigation, or control the media, etc. So it had to be a conspiracy involving multiple levels of government, CIA and mafia, from the top level and down. This is an inescapable conclusion and a dirty disturbing truth.

Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney and the only man to bring the JFK assassination to a criminal trial, whom Oliver Stone's blockbuster film "JFK" is based on, concluded in his investigation of Oswald and his associates (documented in his book "On The Trail of Assassins") that the Kennedy assassination was carried out primarily by BOTH the CIA and mafia. The CIA arranged for the assassination while the mafia was contracted to provide the shooters.

After that, the second conspiracy involved the cover up. And the FBI and US media were in on that. The FBI was under the control of J Edgar Hoover, whom Kennedy hated and was going to fire, so Hoover had a big motive to get rid of Kennedy. Plus Hoover was a close friend of LBJ and so he would go along with whatever LBJ needed in the cover up. Since the CIA controlled the media, which one of its own directors admitted to, they could simply tell the media what to report.

Yeah the mafia wanted to get rid of the Kennedys too, because Robert Kennedy kept prosecuting them and was trying to put them out of business. And understandably, they felt betrayed because they helped JFK win the election by a narrow margin in 1960. So JFK owed them, yet he let his brother try to put them out of business and deport them or jail them. In fact, Robert Kennedy had mafia boss Carlos Marcelo deported to South America, where he had to walk on foot through miles of jungle, while swearing and vowing to get revenge on the Kennedys. I suppose that was foolish on Robert Kennedy's part, but he was naive and idealistic. Their father, Joe Kennedy, had always taught them that they could get away with anything since their family had high connections.

So many big organizations wanted to get rid of Kennedy, including those who needed the Vietnam War to happen, which Kennedy had issued a withdrawal order from, which is well documented. Kennedy's policies would have prevented the stupid senseless Vietnam War from happening at all, which would have saved the lives of millions of Vietnamese and 60,000 American soldiers. And his policy with Russia probably would have ended the Cold War early too. So the powers that be that profited from the Cold War needed Kennedy out of the way too.

In short, Kennedy was trying to make big changes in the status quo, so they had to get rid of him.

To learn more about the JFK assassination, I suggest you listen to Jim Marrs lectures and interviews. He has the case 80 to 90 percent solved, and has an updated version of his book "Crossfire". You can find his interviews and lectures on YouTube. He is a great speaker and very informative. If you listen to all his info, you will become an expert in the JFK assassination for sure. ... +marrs+jfk

Other top researchers in the JFK assassination include James Fetzer (who interviewed me on his show before), Mark Lane (who brought attention to discrepancies in the Warren Commission back in 1964), and Robert Groden. You can Google or YouTube their names as well.
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Re: JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Post by Winston » June 19th, 2016, 8:58 am

PeterAndrewNolan wrote:I shot JFK and so did my wife....Oh...oops...that is Life of Brian.

Seriously. Bill Cooper reckons the driver did it...and from footage I have seen I am inclined to believe is grainy but for some reason the driver turns right around and takes what suspiciously looks like aim......there is no reason for the driver to do that.......

That the agents that were supposed to be on the rear of the car were waived away....and this is clearly caught on film...means that someone very high up knew what was going to happen.....also...he was shot at the apex of a pyramid...the symbology of WHERE he was shot would indicate an Illuminati sacrifice.
No that "driver shot JFK" theory makes no sense and is too implausible, because:

1) If the driver shot JFK from inside the limo, then everyone else inside limo would know about it. Duh.
2) To have the driver, William Greer, drive the limo and shoot JFK at the same time is asking for too much and too risky of a plan. A shooter must have 100 percent focus on the task at hand. To have him driving at the same time as shooting would significantly lower his chances of success.
3) JFK was shot in the head in the right side of his temple. The driver was sitting to the front LEFT of Kennedy, so he would have been at the wrong angle to shoot him in the head on the right side, obviously.
4) The bullet that hit JFK's head was an exploding bullet, which is a special type of bullet, not a normal bullet. If the driver shot JFK with a silencer and unnoticed, he could not have used an exploding bullet, because a silencer shoots quiet bullets, like you see in the movies, not loud exploding bullets.
5) Over 50 people heard shots coming from the grassy knoll, and many of them swear that the head shot came from the grassy knoll. In fact, some eye witnesses, such as Lee Bowers, even saw riflemen behind the fence at the grassy knoll, put away their rifles and run away after the assassination.
6) Between the driver and JFK, sat Governor Connally and his wife, so the driver in order to shoot JFK, would have had to shoot around those two as well, either one of which could have gotten in the way of the shot. So it was too low probability and problematic to pull off. No one would plan such an unrealistic feat with such a low chance of success. Unless of course, it was unplanned and spontaneous.

All the above make the "driver shot JFK" theory too implausible and not fit the data.

Yes in the Zapruder film, you can see the driver, William Greer, turn his head around during the shooting. But that's because he was probably checking to make sure JFK was dead first, before speeding away, which is exactly what he did. When the shots rang out, he slowed the limo to a near complete stop, and only AFTER the fatal head shot did he speed the limo away. So it definitely seems that the driver was in on it, but not as a shooter. His job was to slow down the limo so that the shooters could do their job, and that's exactly the job he performed, which you can see in the Zapruder film.

Here is a clear high quality copy of the Zapruder film so you can see all this for yourself.


On second thought, when you see the film above, it does look like the driver pulled out a pistol with his left hand and shot JFK in the head. You can almost see the pistol in his hand. It looks like a thin metal line in the sunlight. So I can see why William Cooper would think that. If the driver did shoot JFK though, then it was probably as a last resort backup plan in case the shooters failed. But I don't see how he could have done that without everyone else in the limo noticing it.
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Re: JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Proven and Well-Documente

Post by Winston » June 19th, 2016, 11:32 pm

If anyone's interested in what Lee Harvey Oswald said after his arrest, here are his last words in the last two days of his life, from his arrest after the JFK assassination, to his being taken out by Jack Ruby. These words from Oswald were taken from the memory of eyewitnesses who heard them. What do you think? Do they sound like the words of an innocent man or guilty man?

From the time of Oswald's arrest to his own assassination at the hands of Jack Ruby, no formal transcript or record was kept of statements made by the alleged killer. It was said that no tape recordings were made of Oswald's remarks, and many notes taken of his statements were destroyed.
Determined to learn Oswald's last words, his only testimony, The People's Almanac assigned one of the leading authorities on the Kennedy assassination, Mae Brussell, to compile every known statement or remark made by Oswald between his arrest and death. The quotes, edited for space and clarity, are based on the recollections of a variety of witnesses present at different times and are not verbatim transcripts. "After 14 years of research on the JFK assassination," Mae Brussell concludes, "I am of the opinion that Lee Harvey Oswald was telling the truth about his role in the assassination during these interrogations."

12:30 P.M., CST, NOV. 22, 1963
Pres. John F. Kennedy Assassinated

12:33 P.M.

Lee Harvey Oswald left work, entered a bus, and said, "Transfer, please."

12:40 - 12:45 P.M.

Oswald got off the bus, entered a cab, and said, "May I have this cab?" A woman approached, wanting a cab, and Oswald said, "I will let you have this one. . . . 500 North Beckley Street [instructions to William Whaley, driver of another cab]. . . . This will be fine." Oswald departed cab and walked a few blocks.

1:15 P.M. Officer J. D. Tippit Murdered

1:45 P.M. Arrest at the Texas Theater

"This is it" or "Well, it's all over now." Oswald arrested. (Patrolman M. N. McDonald heard these remarks. Other officers who were at the scene did not hear them.) "I don't know why you are treating me like this. The only thing I have done is carry a pistol into a movie. . . . I don't see why you handcuffed me. . . . Why should I hide my face? I haven't done anything to be ashamed of. . . . I want a lawyer. . . . I am not resisting arrest. . . . I didn't kill anybody. . . . I haven't shot anybody. . . . I protest this police brutality. . . . I fought back there, but I know I wasn't supposed to be carrying a gun. . . . What is this all about?"

2:00 - 2:15 P.M. Drive to Police Dept.

"What is this all about? . . . I know my rights. . . . A police officer has been killed? . . . I hear they burn for murder. Well, they say it just takes a second to die. . . . All I did was carry a gun. . . . No, Hidell is not my real name. . . . I have been in the Marine Corps, have a dishonorable discharge, and went to Russia. . . . I had some trouble with police in New Orleans for passing out pro-Castro literature. . . . Why are you treating me this way? . . . I am not being handled right. . . . I demand my rights."

2:15 P.M. Taken into Police Dept.

2:15 - 2:20 P.M.

"Talked to" by officers Guy F. Rose and Richard S. Stovall. No notes.

2:25 - 4:04 P.M. Interrogation of Oswald, Office of Capt Will Fritz

"My name is Lee Harvey Oswald. . . . I work at the Texas School Book Depository Building. . . . I lived in Minsk and in Moscow. . . . I worked in a factory. . . . I liked everything over there except the weather. . . . I have a wife and some children. . . . My residence is 1026 North Beckley, Dallas, Tex." Oswald recognized FBI agent James Hosty and said, "You have been at my home two or three times talking to my wife. I don't appreciate your coming out there when I was not there. . . . I was never in Mexico City. I have been in Tijuana. . . . Please take the handcuffs from behind me, behind my back. . . . I observed a rifle in the Texas School Book Depository where I work, on Nov. 20, 1963. . . . Mr. Roy Truly, the supervisor, displayed the rifle to individuals in his office on the first floor. . . . I never owned a rifle myself. . . . I resided in the Soviet Union for three years, where I have many friends and relatives of my wife. . . . I was secretary of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans a few months ago. . . . While in the Marines, I received an award for marksmanship as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. . . . While living on Beckley Street, I used the name 0. H. Lee. . . . I was present in the Texas School Book Depository Building, I have been employed there since Oct. 15, 1963. . . . As a laborer, I have access to the entire building. . . . My usual place of work is on the first floor. However, I frequently use the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh floors to get books. I was on all floors this morning. . . . Because of all the confusion, I figured there would be no work performed that afternoon so I decided to go home. . . . I changed my clothing and went to a movie. . . . I carried a pistol with me to the movie because I felt like it, for no other reason. . . . I fought the Dallas Police who arrested me in the movie theater where I received a cut and a bump. . . . I didn't shoot Pres. John F. Kennedy or Officer J. D. Tippit. . . . An officer struck me, causing the marks on my left eye, after I had struck him. . . . I just had them in there," when asked why he had bullets in his pocket.

3:54 P.M.

NBC newsman Bill Ryan announced on national television that "Lee Oswald seems to be the prime suspect in the assassination of John F. Kennedy."

4:45 P.M. At a Lineup for Helen Markham, Witness to Tippit Murder

"It isn't right to put me in line with these teenagers. . . . You know what you are doing, and you are trying to railroad me. . . . I want my lawyer. . . . You are doing me an injustice by putting me out there dressed different than these other men. . . . I am out there, the only one with a bruise on his head. . . . I don t believe the lineup is fair, and I desire to put on a jacket similar to those worn by some of the other individuals in the lineup. . . . All of you have a shirt on, and I have a T-shirt on. I want a shirt or something. . . . This T-shirt is unfair."

4:45 - 6:30 P.M. Second Interrogation of Oswald, Captain Fritz's Office

"When I left the Texas School Book Depository, I went to my room, where I changed my trousers, got a pistol, and went to a picture show. . . . You know how boys do when they have a gun, they carry it. . . . Yes, I had written the Russian Embassy. (On Nov. 9, 1963, Oswald had written to the Russian Embassy that FBI agent James Hosty was making some kind of deals with Marina, and he didn't trust "the notorious FBI.") . . . Mr. Hosty, you have been accosting my wife. You mistreated her on two different occasions when you talked with her. . . . I know you. Well, he threatened her. He practically told her she would have to go back to Russia. You know, I can't use a phone. . . . I want that attorney in New York, Mr. Abt. I don't know him personally but I know about a case that he handled some years ago, where he represented the people who had violated the Smith Act, [which made it illegal to teach or advocate the violent overthrow of the U.S. government] . . . I don't know him personally, but that is the attorney I want. . . . If I can't get him, then I may get the American Civil Liberties Union to send me an attorney."
"I went to school in New York and in Fort Worth, Tex. . . . After getting into the Marines, I finished my high school education. . . . I support the Castro revolution. . . . My landlady didn't understand my name correctly, so it was her idea to call me 0. H. Lee. . . . I want to talk with Mr. Abt, a New York attorney. . . . The only package I brought to work was my lunch. . . . I never had a card to the Communist party. . . . I am a Marxist, but not a Leninist-Marxist. . . . I bought a pistol in Fort Worth several months ago. . . . I refuse to tell you where the pistol was purchased. . . . I never ordered any guns. . . . I am not malcontent. Nothing irritated me about the President." When Capt. Will Fritz asked Oswald, "Do you believe in a deity?" Oswald replied, "I don't care to discuss that." "How can I afford a rifle on the Book Depository salary of $1.25 an hour? . . . John Kennedy had a nice family. . . ." (Sheriff Roger Craig saw Oswald enter a white station wagon 15 minutes after the assassination. Oswald confirmed this in Captain Fritz's office. A man impersonating Oswald in Dallas just prior to the assassination could have been on the bus and in the taxicab.) "That station wagon belongs to Mrs. Ruth Paine. Don't try to tie her into this. She had nothing to do with it. I told you people I did. . . . Everybody will know who I am now."
"Can I get an attorney?. . . I have not been given the opportunity to have counsel. . . . As I said, the Fair Play for Cuba Committee has definitely been investigated, that is very true. . . . The results of that investigation were zero. The Fair Play for Cuba Committee is not now on the attorney general's subversive list."

6:30 P.M. Lineup for Witnesses Cecil J. McWatters, Sam Guinyard, and Ted Callaway

"I didn't shoot anyone," Oswald yelled in the halls to reporters. . . . "I want to get in touch with a lawyer, Mr. Abt, in New York City. . . . I never killed anybody."

7:10 P.M. Arraignment: State of Texas v. Lee Harvey Oswald for Murder with Malice of Officer J. D. Tippit of the Dallas Police Dept.

"I insist upon my constitutional rights. . . . The way you are treating me, I might as well be in Russia. . . . I was not granted my request to put on a jacket similar to those worn by other individuals in some previous lineups."

7:50 P.M. Lineup for Witness J. D. Davis

"I have been dressed differently than the other three. . . . Don't you know the difference? I still have on the same clothes I was arrested in. The other two were prisoners, already in jail." Seth Kantor, reporter, heard Oswald yell, "I am only a patsy."

7:55 P.M. Third Interrogation, Captain Fritz's Office

"I think I have talked long enough. I don't have anything else to say. . . . What started out to be a short interrogation turned out to be rather lengthy. . . . I don't care to talk anymore. . . . I am waiting for someone to come forward to give me legal assistance. . . . It wasn't actually true as to how I got home. I took a bus, but due to a traffic jam, I left the bus and got a taxicab, by which means I actually arrived at my residence."

8:55 P.M. Fingerprints, Identification Paraffin Tests—All in Fritz's Office

"I will not sign the fingerprint card until I talk to my attorney. [Oswald's name is on the card anyway.] . . . What are you trying to prove with this paraffin test, that I fired a gun? . . . You are wasting your time. I don't know anything about what you are accusing me."

11:00 - 11:20 P.M. "Talked To" by Police Officer John Adamcik and FBI Agent M. Clements

"I was in Russia two years and liked it in Russia. . . . I am 5 ft. 9 in., weigh 140 lb., have brown hair, blue-gray eyes, and have no tattoos or permanent scars."

(Oswald had mastoidectomy scars and left upper-arm scars, both noted in Marine records. “Warren Report,” pp. 614-618, lists information from Oswald obtained during this interview about members of his family, past employment, past residences.)

11:20 - 11:25 P.M. Lineup for Press Conference; Jack Ruby Present

When newsmen asked Oswald about his black eye, he answered, "A cop hit me." When asked about the earlier arraignment, Oswald said "Well, I was questioned by Judge Johnston. However, I protested at that time that I was not allowed legal representation during that very short and sweet hearing. I really don't know what the situation is about. Nobody has told me anything except that I am accused of murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that, and I do request someone to come forward to give me legal assistance." When asked, "Did you kill the President?" Oswald replied, "No. I have not been charged with that. In fact, nobody has said that to me yet. The first thing I heard about it was when the newspaper reporters in the hall asked me that question. . . . I did not do it. I did not do it. . . . I did not shoot anyone."

12:23 A.M., NOV. 23, 1963 Placed in Jail Cell

12:35 A.M. Released by Jailer

Oswald complained, "This is the third set of fingerprints, photographs being taken."

1:10 A.M. Back in Jail Cell

1:35 A.M. Arraignment: State of Texas v. Lee Harvey Oswald for the Murder with Malice of John F. Kennedy

"Well, sir, I guess this is the trial. . . . I want to contact my lawyer, Mr. Abt, in New York City. I would like to have this gentleman. He is with the American Civil Liberties Union." (John J. Abt now in private practice in New York, was the general counsel for the Senate Sub-Committee on Civil Liberties from 1935-1937, and later served as legal adviser for the Progressive party from 1948-1951. Mr. Abt has never been a member of the ACLU.)

10:30 A.M.-1:10 P.M. Interrogation, Capt. Will Fritz's Office

"I said I wanted to contact Attorney Abt, New York. He defended the Smith Act cases in 1949, 1950, but I don't know his address, except that it is in New York. . . . I never owned a rifle. . . . Michael Paine owned a car, Ruth Paine owned two cars. . . . Robert Oswald, my brother, lives in Fort Worth. He and the Paines were closest friends in town. . . . The FBI has thoroughly interrogated me at various other times. . . . They have used their hard and soft approach to me, and they use the buddy system. . . . I am familiar with all types of questioning and have no intention of making any statements. . . . In the past three weeks the FBI has talked to my wife. They were abusive and impolite. They frightened my wife, and I consider their activities obnoxious."
(When arrested, Oswald had FBI Agent James Hosty's home phone and office phone numbers and car license number in his possession.)
"I was arrested in New Orleans for disturbing the peace and paid a $10 fine for demonstrating for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. I had a fight with some anti-Castro refugees and they were released while I was fined. . . . I refuse to take a polygraph. It has always been my practice not to agree to take a polygraph . . . The FBI has overstepped their bounds in using various tactics in interviewing me. . . . I didn't shoot John Kennedy. . . . I didn't even know Gov. John Connally had been shot. . . . I don't own a rifle. . . . I didn't tell Buell Wesley Frazier anything about bringing back some curtain rods. . . . My wife lives with Mrs. Ruth Paine. She [Mrs. Paine] was learning Russian. They needed help with the young baby, so it made a nice arrangement for both of them. . . . I don't know Mrs. Paine very well, but Mr. Paine and his wife were separated a great deal of the time."
(Michael Paine worked at Bell Aerospace as a scientific engineer. His boss, Walter Dornberger, was a Nazi war criminal. The first call, the "tipoff," on Oswald, came from Bell Aerospace.)
"The garage at the Paines' house has some seabags that have a lot of my personal belongings. I left them after coming back from New Orleans in September. . . . The name Alek Hidell was picked up while working in New Orleans in the Fair Play for Cuba organization. . . . I speak Russian, correspond with people in Russia, and receive newspapers from Russia. . . . I don't own a rifle at all. . . . I did have a small rifle some years in the past. You can't buy a rifle in Russia, you can only buy shotguns. I had a shotgun in Russia and hunted some while there. I didn't bring the rifle from New Orleans. . . . I am not a member of the Communist party. . . . I belong to the Civil Liberties Union. . . . I did carry a package to the Texas School Book Depository. I carried my lunch, a sandwich and fruit, which I made at Paine's house. . . . I had nothing personal against John Kennedy."

1:10 - 1:30 P.M. Lee Harvey Oswald Visited by Mother, Marguerite Oswald, and Wife, Marina Oswald

(To his Mother.) "No, there is nothing you can do. Everything is fine. I know my rights, and I will have an attorney. I already requested to get in touch with Attorney Abt, I think is his name. Don't worry about a thing."
(To his Wife.) "Oh, no, they have not been beating me. They are treating me fine. . . . You're not to worry about that. Did you bring June and Rachel? . . . Of course we can speak about absolutely anything at all. . . . It's a mistake. I'm not guilty. There are people who will help me. There is a lawyer in New York on whom I am counting for help. . . . Don't cry. There is nothing to cry about. Try not to think about it. . . . Everything is going to be all right. If they ask you anything, you have a right not to answer. You have a right to refuse. Do you understand? . . . You are not to worry. You have friends. They'll help you. If it comes to that, you can ask the Red Cross for help. You mustn't worry about me. Kiss Junie and Rachel for me. I love you. . . . Be sure to buy shoes for June."

2:15 P.M. Lineup for Witnesses William W. Scoggins and William Whaley

"I refuse to answer questions. I have my T-shirt on, the other men are dressed differently. . . . Everybody's got a shirt and everything, and I've got a T-shirt on. . . . This is unfair."

3:30 - 3:40 P.M. Robert Oswald, Brother, in Ten-Minute Visit

"I cannot or would not say anything, because the line is apparently tapped. [They were talking through telephones.] . . . I got these bruises in the theater. They haven't bothered me since. They are treating me all right. . . . What do you think of the baby? Well, it was a girl, and I wanted a boy, but you know how that goes. . . . I don't know what is going on. I just don't know what they are talking about. . . . Don't believe all the so-called evidence." When Robert Oswald looked into Lee's eyes for some clue, Lee said to him, "Brother, you won't find anything there. . . . My friends will take care of Marina and the two children." When Robert Oswald stated that he didn't believe the Paines were friends of Lee's, he answered back, "Yes, they are. . . . Junie needs a new pair of shoes."
(Robert Oswald told the Warren Commission, "To me his answers were mechanical, and I was not talking to the Lee I knew.")

3:40 P.M. Lee Harvey Oswald Calls Mrs. Ruth Paine

"This is Lee. Would you please call John Abt in New York for me after 6:00 P.M. The number for his office is ___________, and his residence is _______________ . . . . Thank you for your concern."

5:30 - 5:35 P.M. Visit with H. Louis Nichols, President of the Dallas Bar Association

"Well, I really don't know what this is all about, that I have been kept incarcerated and kept incommunicado. . . . Do you know a lawyer in New York named John Abt? I believe in New York City. I would like to have him represent me. That is the man I would like. Do you know any lawyers who are members of the American Civil Liberties Union? I am a member of that organization, and I would like to have somebody who is a member of that organization represent me." Mr. Nichols offered to help find a lawyer, but Oswald said, "No, not now. You might come back next week, and if I don't get some of these other people to assist me, I might ask you to get somebody to represent me."

6:00 - 6:30 P.M. Interrogation, Captain Fritz's Office

"In time I will be able to show you that this is not my picture, but I don't want to answer any more questions. . . . I will not discuss this photograph [which was used on the cover of Feb. 21, 1964 Life magazine] without advice of an attorney. . . . There was another rifle in the building. I have seen it. Warren Caster had two rifles, a 30.06 Mauser and a .22 for his son. . . . That picture is not mine, but the face is mine. The picture has been made by superimposing my face. The other part of the picture is not me at all, and I have never seen this picture before. I understand photography real well, and that, in time, I will be able to show you that is not my picture and that it has been made by someone else. . . . It was entirely possible that the Police Dept. has superimposed this part of the photograph over the body of someone else. . . . The Dallas Police were the culprits. . . . The small picture was reduced from the larger one, made by some persons unknown to me. . . . Since I have been photographed at City Hall, with people taking my picture while being transferred from the office to the jail door, someone has been able to get a picture of my face, and with that, they have made this picture. . . . I never kept a rifle at Mrs. Paine's garage at Irving, Tex. . . . We had no visitors at our apartment on North Beckley. . . . I have no receipts for purchase of any gun, and I have never ordered any guns. I do not own a rifle, never possessed a rifle. . . . I will not say who wrote A. J. Hidell on my Selective Service card. [It was later confirmed that Marina Oswald wrote in the name Hidell.] . . . I will not tell you the purpose of carrying the card or the use I made of it. . . . The address book in my possession has the names of Russian immigrants in Dallas, Tex., whom I have visited."

9:30 P.M. Lee Harvey Oswald Calls His Wife, Marina, at Mrs. Paine's Home

"Marina, please. Would you try to locate her?" (Marina had moved.)

10:00 P.M. Office of Captain Fritz

"Life is better for the colored people in Russia than it is in the U.S."

9:30 - 11:15 A.M., SUNDAY MORNING, NOV. 24,1963 Interrogation in Capt. Will Fritz's Office

"After the assassination, a policeman or some man came rushing into the School Book Depository Building and said, `Where is your telephone?' He showed me some kind of credential and identified himself, so he might not have been a police officer. . . . `Right there,' I answered, pointing to the phone. . . . `Yes, I can eat lunch with you,' I told my co-worker, `but I can't go right now. You go and take the elevator, but send the elevator back up.' [The elevator in the building was broken.] . . . After all this commotion started, I just went downstairs and started to see what it was all about. A police officer and my superintendent of the place stepped up and told officers that I am one of the employees in the building. . . . If you ask me about the shooting of Tippit, I don't know what you are talking about. . . . The only thing I am here for is because I popped a policeman in the nose in the theater on Jefferson Avenue, which I readily admit I did, because I was protecting myself. . . . I learned about the job vacancy at the Texas School Book Depository from people in Mrs. Paine's neighborhood. . . . I visited my wife Thursday night, Nov. 21, whereas I normally visited her over the weekend, because Mrs. Paine was giving a party for the children on the weekend. They were having a houseful of neighborhood children. I didn't want to be around at such a time. . . . Therefore, my weekly visit was on Thursday night instead of on the weekend. . . . It didn't cost much to go to Mexico. It cost me some $26, a small, ridiculous amount to eat, and another ridiculous small amount to stay all night. . . . I went to the Mexican Embassy to try to get this permission to go to Russia by way of Cuba. . . . I went to the Mexican Consulate in Mexico City. I went to the Russian Embassy to go to Russia by way of Cuba. They told me to come back in `thirty days.' . . . I don't recall the shape, it may have been a small sack, or a large sack; you don't always find one that just fits your sandwiches. . . . The sack was in the car, beside me, on my lap, as it always is. . . . I didn't get it crushed. It was not on the back seat. Mr. Frazier must have been mistaken or else thinking about the other time when he picked me up. . . . The Fair Play for Cuba Committee was a loosely organized thing and we had no officers. Probably you can call me the secretary of it because I did collect money. [Oswald was the only member in New Orleans.] . . . In New York City they have a well-organized, or a better, organization. . . . No, not at all: I didn't intend to organize here in Dallas; I was too busy trying to get a job. . . . If anyone else was entitled to get mail in P.O. Box 6525 at the Terminal Annex in New Orleans, the answer is no. . . . The rental application said Fair Play for Cuba Committee and the American Civil Liberties Union. Maybe I put them on there. . . . It is possible that on rare occasions I may have handed one of the keys to my wife to get my mail, but certainly nobody else. . . . I never ordered a rifle under the name of Hidell, Oswald, or any other name. . . . I never permitted anyone else to order a rifle to be received in this box. . . . I never ordered any rifle by mail order or bought any money order for the purpose of paying for such a rifle. . . . I didn't own any rifle. I have not practiced or shot with a rifle. . . . I subscribe to two publications from Russia, one being a hometown paper published in Minsk, where I met and married my wife. . . . We moved around so much that it was more practical to simply rent post office boxes and have mail forwarded from one box to the next rather than going through the process of furnishing changes of address to the publishers. . . . Marina Oswald and A. J. Hidell were listed under the caption of persons entitled to receive mail through my box in New Orleans. . . . I don't recall anything about the A. J. Hidell being on the post office card. . . . I presume you have reference to a map I had in my room with some X's on it. I have no automobile. I have no means of conveyance. I have to walk from where I am going most of the time. I had my applications with the Texas Employment Commission. They furnished me names and addresses of places that had openings like I might fill, and neighborhood people had furnished me information on jobs I might get. . . . I was seeking a job, and I would put these markings on this map so I could plan my itinerary around with less walking. Each one of these X's represented a place where I went and interviewed for a job. . . . You can check each one of them out if you want to. . . . The X on the intersection of Elm and Houston is the location of the Texas School Book Depository. I did go there and interview for a job. In fact, I got the job there. That is all the map amounts to. [Ruth Paine later stated she had marked Lee's map.] . . . What religion am I? I have no faith, I suppose you mean, in the Bible. I have read the Bible. It is fair reading, but not very interesting. As a matter of fact, I am a student of philosophy and I don't consider the Bible as even a reasonable or intelligent philosophy. I don't think of it. . . . I told you I haven't shot a rifle since the Marines, possibly a small bore, maybe a .22, but not anything larger since I have left the Marine Corps. . . . I never received a package sent to me through the mailbox in Dallas, Box No. 2915, under the name of Alek Hidell, absolutely not. . . . Maybe my wife, but I couldn't say for sure whether my wife ever got this mail, but it is possible she could have." Oswald was told that an attorney offered to assist him, and he answered, "I don't particularly want him, but I will take him if I can't do any better, and will contact him at a later date. . . . I have been a student of Marxism since the age of 14. . . . American people will soon forget the President was shot, but I didn't shoot him. . . . Since the President was killed, someone else would take his place, perhaps Vice-President Johnson. His views about Cuba would probably be largely the same as those of President Kennedy. . . . I never lived on Neely Street. These people are mistaken about visiting there, because I never lived there. . . . It might not be proper to answer further questions, because what I say might be construed in a different light than what I actually meant it to be. . . . When the head of any government dies, or is killed, there is always a second in command who would take over. . . . I did not kill President Kennedy or Officer Tippit. If you want me to cop out to hitting or pleading guilty to hitting a cop in the mouth when I was arrested, yeah, I plead guilty to that. But I do deny shooting both the President and Tippit."

11:10 A.M. Preparation for Oswald's Transfer to County Jail

"I would like to have a shirt from clothing that was brought to the office to wear over the T-shirt I am wearing. . . . I prefer wearing a black Ivy League-type shirt, which might be a little warmer. I don't want a hat. . . . I will just take one of those sweaters, the black one."

11:15 A.M. Inspector Thomas J. Kelley, U.S. Secret Service, Has Final Conversation with Lee Harvey Oswald

Kelley approached Oswald, out of the hearing of others, except perhaps Captain Fritz's men, and said that as a Secret Service agent, he was anxious to talk with him as soon as he secured counsel, because Oswald was charged with the assassination of the President but had denied it. Oswald said, "I will be glad to discuss this proposition with my attorney, and that after I talk with one, we could either discuss it with him or discuss it with my attorney, if the attorney thinks it is a wise thing to do, but at the present time I have nothing more to say to you."

11:21 A.M. Lee Harvey Oswald Was Fatally Wounded by Jack Ruby
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Re: JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Proven and Well-Documente

Post by Winston » June 20th, 2016, 4:40 am

Have any of you heard the testimony of James Files? He claims to be the shooter on the grassy knoll who delivered the fatal head shot on JFK. Some of the top JFK researchers such as Jim Marrs and Jerry Kroth believe his story is credible because: 1) James Files knows certain things about the assassination that he couldn't have learned from any public books, such as the type of bullets and shell casings found on the grassy knoll fence. 2) The interviewers have tried to trick him by giving him fake names to see if he would say, "Oh yeah, I remember that guy..." but he didn't do that, instead Files said, "I don't know him" when fake names were brought up to him.

Here is a nearly 3 hour interview with James Files below, where he explains how he was recruited for the shooting, who else was on his team, what happened the day of the assassination, and the aftermath. He also describes meeting Lee Harvey Oswald and his impression of him. What do you think? Does he sound credible and genuine?

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Re: JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Proven and Well-Documente

Post by Winston » June 22nd, 2016, 11:02 am

Have any of you ever heard of Colonel Fletcher Prouty? He is as high up in Washington DC as a whistleblower and insider as you can get. He worked as Chief of Special Operations in the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the 1960's and helped Allen Dulles gather intelligence for the CIA. So he had one of the highest levels of national security clearance.

Yet in spite of all that, he blew the whistle on the JFK assassination, the CIA and the Vietnam War. Oliver Stone featured him as "Mr X" in his famous movie "JFK", a high level Washington insider (played brilliantly by Donald Sutherland) who gives the hero Jim Garrison some secret info and advice.

He passed away in 2001, but while he lived, he did some TV/radio interviews and wrote some important books exposing not just the JFK assassination, but also what the CIA is really about and how it controls the US and the world. What Colonel Fletcher Prouty revealed is very disturbing and blood boiling though, and shows how everything the CIA and US government does is done in secrecy and how they lie to the public about everything. He revealed that the CIA's true purpose was not to conduct US intelligence work, but to administer and govern the other branches of government, in secret of course.

So Jesse Ventura was right then, according to Prouty, about the US government having four branches, not three -- legislative, judicial and executive, plus the CIA as the fourth branch. Jesse Ventura said that the CIA is more powerful than the other three branches and in fact controls them. What Prouty reveals confirms that and is very disturbing. It means the whole US government is controlled and ruled from the shadows by the CIA, which can do anything it wants with NO ACCOUNTABILITY to anyone.

This is very disturbing and an obvious recipe for corruption, abuse and evil to do anything it wants in secret, including murder, infiltration, theft, etc. So our system is in fact far worse than the ancient monarchy systems, such as the tyranny of a Roman Emperor, because at least the Roman Emperors ruled openly and thus were accountable to the people and Senate if they did anything wrong. And could thus be overthrown, whereas the CIA cannot. This is very disturbing and leaves one feeling hopeless and powerless against the forces of evil and injustice, and wondering if there's a God or not and why he would allow all this to be.

Fletcher Prouty's book is called "The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World". It was suppressed by the US government which attempted to destroy all copies. But has recently been re-published. You can read it online for free here. The table of contents are linked.

Or you can get a paperback version on here:

"The Secret Team, L. Fletcher Prouty’s expose´ of the CIA’s brutal methods of maintaining national security during the Cold War, was first published in the 1970s. However, virtually all copies of the book disappeared upon distribution, having been purchased en masse by shady “private buyers.” Certainly, Prouty’s allegations—such as how the U-2 Crisis of 1960 was fixed to sabotage Eisenhower–Khrushchev talk—cannot have pleased the CIA. The Secret Team appears once more with a new introduction by Jesse Ventura."
He also has another book called "JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy":

"Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, the former CIA operative known as “X,” offers a history-shaking perspective on the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. His theories were the basis for Oliver Stone’s controversial movie JFK. Prouty believed that Kennedy’s death was a coup d’état, and he backs this belief up with his knowledge of the security arrangements at Dallas and other tidbits that only a CIA insider would know (for example, that every member of Kennedy’s cabinet was abroad at the time of Kennedy’s assassination). His discussion of the elite power base he believes controlled the U.S. government will scare and enlighten anyone who wants to know who was really behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy."
Here are Colonel Fletcher Prouty's impressive credentials, which as you can see, makes him one of the highest level Washington insider whistleblowers, if not the highest.

"L. Fletcher Prouty (1917-2001), a retired colonel of the U.S. Air Force, served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy years. He was directly in charge of the global system designed to provide military support for the clandestine activities of the CIA. He was the author of "JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy" and "The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies.""

You can listen to some of his radio and TV interviews on YouTube below, where he reveals many secrets that the CIA does NOT want you to know. He talks as a very knowledgeable and credible man, as you will hear. But be warned, he is very informative, but the secrets and truths he reveals is very disturbing and blood boiling, and will ruin any optimism you have about the world state of affairs. ... her+prouty
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Re: JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Proven and Well-Documente

Post by gsjackson » June 23rd, 2016, 12:16 am

"Optimism"... "about the world state of affairs?" Winston, please.

The CIA used to be a bunch of WASP swells from Yale, who one could easily see viewing themselves as masters of the universe. Now the organization seems to have a very Zionist tint. The only two students I've had who interviewed with the Company were Jewish boys from New York who were ardently pro-Israel. Have two world-domination agendas met in a happy (demonic) marriage? In any case, I'm sure I would be somewhat receptive to what this author is selling.

Speaking of the Stone movie, I met Clay Shaw (the only person tried for Kennedy's murder -- by Garrison) at my grandfather's funeral in 1973. He was a good friend of the family -- my grandfather gave him his first job --- none of whom could imagine him being involved with the assassination. He was a mo, but nothing like the nancy-boy Tommy Lee Jones played him as.

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