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Big paradox in the manipulation of consciousness?

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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Big paradox in the manipulation of consciousness?

Postby Winston » Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:21 am

Have any of you noticed this huge paradox and oxymoron in David Icke's teachings regarding the manipulation of consciousness by the rulers of the world?

He and other conspiracy researchers cite occultic and scientific ways that the rulers keep people in a low consciousness left-brained vibrational level, so that they live in fear and weakness. Based on the indoctrination techniques of society, media and government which train us to be obedient slaves and robots who do not think for themselves, this seems to be true. However, here's the big paradox:

If the rulers know how to manipulate consciousness and keep people materialistic, left-brained, and less spiritual, then they must be spiritual people themselves who are very aware with a high level of consciousness right? I mean, think about it. People who are not spiritual at all, or who are highly materialistic, driven by instinct, narrow minded, conformist, cold, evil, etc. do not even acknowledge the existence of spirituality or higher consciousness. It's not part of their paradigm, nor is it a factor in their lives. Only people who are intellectual, highly attuned, sensitive, aware and spiritually focused are concerned with those things. The rest don't even consider such things.

So if the rulers of the world are spiritual and highly evolved in terms of consciousness, and consider themselves "enlightened" or "illuminated" (Illuminati), then why would they be so evil? Why would they enslave the world, start unnecessary wars, stage false flag attacks, lie all the time to the public, kill millions of innocent people, keep the world living in fear, stress, economic enslavement, etc.? Those aren't the kind of things that spiritual people do right? Yet, if they were not spiritual themselves, then how would they even know anything about how to manipulate or subvert the spirituality/consciousness of the masses?

Do you see what I'm getting at? In order to even REALIZE that there are different levels of consciousness, you have to be on one of the higher levels yourself (compared to most people). Otherwise, if you are on a lower level of consciousness, you will not even realize that there are different levels of consciousness. See what I mean?

But if the elite rulers are on a higher level of consciousness, then why are they so evil and sociopathic and deceptive? Why are they into control and enslavement of others, instead of setting them free? Why aren't they teaching spiritual things in school, on the media, and making it part of the culture?

Something about this doesn't add up. Have you realized this?

Yet David Icke claims that the Illuminati bloodlines vibrate at low levels of consciousness, and that's why they are evil and lack empathy. But if that's so, then they wouldn't know shit about spirituality, consciousness or the occult, right? This seems to be a huge internal contradiction.

Have you ever wondered about this? What's the answer or solution to this paradox?

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