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Did Jackie Kennedy kill JFK? (graphic images)

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Did Jackie Kennedy kill JFK? (graphic images)

Postby Winston » November 28th, 2013, 12:58 pm

This might sound crazy, but there is a new theory that Jackie Kennedy killed her husband JFK, which can be seen on the Zapruder film. Here are videos about it.

These webpages explains more in detail.

What's interesting to note is that:

- At the time of the fatal head shot, smoke can be seen emanating from the head. Smoke doesn't come from bullets, only from gun barrels.
- You can see an upward straight trajectory as though a bullet were flying upward.
- In JFK blood stained shirt, the blood is primarily on the left side, where Jackie Kennedy was.
- In the photo of the blood splats on the limo seat, the splats appear to be in the middle of the seat, between where Jackie and JFK sat.
- When JFK is clutching his throat, Jackie grabs his shoulder and pulls him toward her, while looking at Governor Connolly, as if waiting for his signal.
- After the fatal head shot, Jackie's right hand shoots up quickly all of a sudden, which can be seen in the Zapruder film, frame 326.

Here is Zapruder film frame 326, where you can see that right after the fatal head shot, Jackie Kennedy's right hand shoots up, and then an object can be seen flying by. Could the object be the small pistol that she used to shoot JFK and then throw back? Could it be that the reason she jumped onto the back of the limo that she was trying to retrieve the pistol? Or did Secret Service agent Clint Hill come and take it? Here is frame 326.


Another version of the frame.

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