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How to defend against misery, suffering & indecision

Discuss conspiracies, mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

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How to defend against misery, suffering & indecision

Post by starchild5 » June 13th, 2014, 2:23 pm

With regards to my other two posts



The Invisible force is making its move and things will get squeezed out more from all of us. This force is taking this existence to a place that is not in sync with nature. We are literally going backwards..This whole existence is getting pulled backwards.....

People are sleeping...This force has induced a sleep like state in humanity...those who are awake will feel this force around like Winston who knows this force as Murphy Law...He has written about Murphy Law in detail..You can refer to that...

Its much much worse that what is made to look ...

There will be relative calmness in life ...followed by greater squeeze, the pressure on our life will be tremendous for some time and then it will go away and followed by calmness and then more squeeze....


This method has come from deep realization....It WORKS .Guaranteed....TRY IT

Simply Put...Seek the blessings of Young NOT THE OLD...The people who are younger than you have more purity and power than the old...It has been a tradition to seek the blessings of old..BUT it haven't worked that great...try the reverse approach...Children have more power than the Old...Old have being claimed by the dark forces..

Also, Whenever you are in trouble...try to think about your close friends, your brother, sister, those who care about you...those you think are the good guys...ask them to send more power to you to fight the trouble you are having now...In short when in trouble think about humans more than any god out there...

The normal everyday people whom you know carry more power than any god in the universe....They can save you more than any other force ....Just try it ONCE..and you will know what I'm talking about...

Before, when I used to get in trouble..I called all gods and angels and none soon as i started calling for help from humans ...The trouble went away in an instant...TRY it..

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