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Leave Islam part 2 -The Quran got The Wrong People !

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Leave Islam part 2 -The Quran got The Wrong People !

Post by theprimebait » March 16th, 2013, 9:09 am

Proof that the qu'ran is a forgery is in the qu'ran itself.

In Fact it is all too clear:

71:21 Nuh said: "My Lord! Surely they have disobeyed me and followed him whose wealth and children have added to him nothing but loss. And they have planned a very great plan. And they say: 'By no means leave your gods, nor leave [the gods] Wadd, nor Suwa; nor Yaghuth, and Yauq and Nasr.' And indeed they have led astray many, and do not increase the unjust in aught but error."

Now See what This Islamic Website( ... e=21&to=28)has to Say:Wadd was the god of the Bani Kalb bin Wabash, a branch of the Quda`ah tribe, whose shrine had been built at Daumat al-Jandal. In the ancient Arabian inscriptions he has been named as Waddam ibam (father Wadd). Kalbi has stated that the image built to him was of a man of enormous size. The Quraish also acknowledged him as god and called him Wudd. It is after him that a person has been named 'Abd-i Wudd (slave of Wudd) in history.

Suwa was the goddess of the Hudhayl tribe and her idol was a female figure. Her temple was situated at Ruhat near Yanbu.

Yaghuth was the god of An'um, a branch of the Tay tribe, and of some branches of the Madhjih tribe. The people of Madhjih had installed its idol, the image of a lion, at Jurash, a place between Yaman and Hijaz. Among the Quraish also some people had been named `Abd-i Yaghuth.

Ya'uq was the god of Khaywan, a branch of the Hamdan tribe, in the territory of Hamdan in Yaman; its idol was of the horse's figure.

Nasr was the god of AI-i dhul-Kula', a branch of the Himyar tribe, in the territory of Himyar; it had its idol installed at Balkha` and had the image of the vulture. In the ancient inscriptions of Saba its name has been written as Nasor. Its temple was called bayt Nasor (house of Nasor) and its devotees ahl Nasor (people of Nasor). The ruins of the ancient temples that are found in Arabia and in the adjoining lands have the image of the vulture made on the doors of most of them."

Question for muslims:How did,gods wich were Destroyed along with the People of Nuh(NOAH),be Revived and worshipped by The tribes of Arabia?or better worded:How did Arabic gods end up back in noah's time?

This is like Saying that Moses was a methodist Christian.

Question:How did the Descendants of noah,Magically Revive these Idols?

if noah's sons were all Believers as Islam claims,and If all polytheists were destroyed By allah then how the Hell in god's name could these idols end up as major dieties for Arabian peoples later on?

this Proves muhammad put his Own circumstancial Details and Labeled it the Word of God.

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