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The Karaite Judaism Option

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Re: The Karaite Judaism Option

Post by fschmidt » July 27th, 2016, 6:13 am

There is a theory, which I find quite plausible, that Moses actually was Akhenaten. You can read about it here:

The Old Testament never says that there is just one God. This comes from the New Testament. But the Old Testament does clearly say that the followers of God (Yehovah) should not worship other gods, this being the first of the Ten Commandments. The reason for this is clearly unity. People are naturally degenerate, and if you let them pick their gods, they will end up with Dionysus or some equivalent.

A good religion makes people behave, and kicks out those who don't. Having one god helps with this.

The Old Testament does say that God is one (which is very different from "there is one god"). This is essentially an affirmation of inductive reasoning, that the same basic forces apply across time and space, and so one can generalize based on historical experience. In effect, the difference between pagan gods and the Old Testament god is the difference between Galileo's gravity and Newton's gravity.
Support morality, support Islam.

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Re: The Karaite Judaism Option

Post by Eric » July 27th, 2016, 9:58 am

Human beings are naturally also jealous, spoiled, rotten....low down, lazy & dirty creatures. Sometimes I wonder if my fellow humans are even Human at all - then you have that argument that the Bible is just a construct; so that how can "it" judge anything at all, it's relativism and nitpicking apart of everything...that really confused me and threw me off because I let it- because I bought into it, through my rational mind...that's Satan's backdoor; and partly because this world's so wicked. I went into this weird frame of mind (that a lot of people seem to be meandering and lost) where everything was permissible, everything was okay; nothing was bad; all moral judgements were relative and therefor "hateful" and fallacious. We should do whatever we want at any time...and if you're not then you're "hateful", "judgemental", part of the problem with this world basically; this is obviously insane. It doesn't take but a child to realize this is completely chaotic and nihilistic philosophy that will make death, death and nothing but death like we can never see. And yet many people believe this now - think this way, it's scary; that's terrifying.
I believe every word of the Protocols of Zion because I believe someone is doing this and knows exactly about what pure perfect good is, and conversely about evil. They know exactly all about these forces and are using them calculatingly to enact an agenda - to destroy the Bible and God everywhere; and those words in Protocols ring true... "we will rear them (children) in ways that are known to us to be false". It proves it right there, if you have insight. Why would anyone want to destroy God? To start from the ground up....there are sorcerers using forces now at top; at great human cost & suffering, because the end is worth the means and it's necessary to do a lot of evil in order to do good. I believe they think this, and it's why they are doing it.

I don't believe all that anti Christ bullshit that an nwo wants to make a new world like that. I think these people whoever they are really hate Christ so it points to them being Jewish, but I'm not sure. They've also set us "free" from our natural roles as man and women...whether we wanted to or not, they're almost punishing you for sticking to them, if you've noticed. It just doesn't make sense. With this incredible knowledge, and things are easier with God, who would choose this? The fact that they trumpet and parrot this bullshit all over the alternative media truther things, from celebrities to Alex Jones...proves it's bullshit. Plus how else could the ruling elite be this stupid & could anyone that dumb and arrogant get that far and earn that much money and influence and power? It doesn't make sense to me, these are all questions I've had repeatedly in my mind. They can do much better than that. As clever as evil is, it doesn't pass a God detector that each one of us has - and it never will; that's why we are not able to be deceived completely, ever. God is much better than Satan as light is to dark.
It's literally a Satan coming in with a crow bar and prying his way into you & the world. He's not just asking, but forcibly manipulating you. I've never seen evil this strong before it's a formidable force. My God.
So the only other option, in my mind, is the option that all the real truthers like Michael Tsarion keep talking about; he talks about Akhenaten and the mystery cults of Egypt, Greece & Rome....probably all over the ancient near East, that there is some hidden secret knowledge that just makes the God concept so yesterday, or boring or obsolete; that scares the shit out of me...because I don't know, and I'm not willing to rule it out. I actually believe, as mysterious and scary as this is, it may be true. What is in these Mysteries? I'd like to know.
Satan is definitely running things now, more than ever. I wish God would take over because if you believe the OT writings, he's letting this happen and can stop it from happening like this.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.

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