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A friend wanted to get saved

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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A friend wanted to get saved

Post by Adama » September 25th, 2016, 12:16 pm

But I knew him, and I already knew he had problems with the gospel, but since it is what I talk about all the time, he was curious how people get saved. Then I explained it to him, and guess what? Just like on this forum, and just like when I talk to Muslims, out comes the damnable heresy, that God can't have a son. Muslims usually say this, and also some people on this forum believe similar things.

When I probed as to why he simply can't accept that Jesus is God and the Son of God, he tells me basically that the Bible is corrupted. And I know from experience, if anyone believes that, it means they believe in hundreds of other heresies which prevent them from getting saved.

Ironically we were talking about his wife and how, although she is highly intelligent with a good paying job, even when the truth of things is staring her in the face in black and white type, and even when it is confirmed by an expert, she refuses to believe and accept the truth. This isn't regarding the gospel but another matter. And I said to him, See how she's intelligent but she still can't see the truth right before her eyes. Well I said, It is like that for the truth of the Bible also. Some are able to receive it. Others can't.

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