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The true nature of God and You - Mind blowing! Must see!

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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The true nature of God and You - Mind blowing! Must see!

Post by Winston » September 3rd, 2017, 12:36 am

Wow check out this video by eric dubay about the true nature of God and yourself. Its very enlightening, awakening and mind blowing. He explains why ancient spiritual teachings that predate Christianity make far more sense than both Christianity and Atheism, which were created to mislead mankind into choosing between a false duality away from your true nature. This is one of the most awakening videos you will ever see. Make sure to listen to all of it and read all the text in the slides too. It makes a lot of sense.

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Re: The true nature of God and You - Mind blowing! Must see!

Post by josephty1 » September 3rd, 2017, 1:54 am

Christainity was formed as basically a behavior - control organization, supported by the governments of course. The most important elements of Christanity is sins, commandments, threats of heaven/hell, and occasional get out of jail card "confessions", and a bit of self-sacrifice.

Sounds a lot like operant conditioning to me.

The Christain mindset, the "knowlege of behavior" or proverbs, "don't do this or this will happen" .

Atheism came after that, it started in colonial America, it is more individualistic and less collective.

An interesting way to look at it is Spiral Dynamics, which is a hierachy of complexity of thinking. The lowest level to highest level:
biege < purple < red < blue < orange < green < yellow+

Biege is basically survival, found in homeless, people living in the wild, etc.

Purple is found in some African tribes, and some Native Americans before whites killed them.

Red is basically organized slavery/warfare, examples include early Mesopotamia, ISIS, Aztec Empire, Spartans, criminal gangs.

Blue is basically collectivism with punishing "bad behavior", found in Medieval Christian Europe, Southeast Asia, Philippines, most Latin American countries, Roman Catholicism.

Orange is basically materialism, started in Colonial America, found in factories, United States and most developed countries, Japan, Eastern Europe, Republican party, etc.

Green is basically a response to materialism, found in Pacific Northwest, Democratic Party (think Bernie Sanders), Vegan/Organic/Local food movement, yoga, legalizing weed, etc.

The problems with Green is what you kind of see in the Democratic Party: political correctness, too much emphasis on feelings, 3rd wave feminism, support of illegal immigration, European migrant crisis, etc.

Yellow and beyond would consider all perspectives, hasn't emerged yet. (Imagine if Democratic party supported Trump's immigration laws and the construction of the wall, because less immigration would save the environment)

Christianity would be "blue" dealing with sins of "red" and Atheism is "orange". ... namics.htm ... amics.html ... -model.pdf
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Re: The true nature of God and You - Mind blowing! Must see!

Post by josephty1 » September 3rd, 2017, 2:39 am

Youtube transcript sucks.

until now the prevailing Newtonian
mechanistic world view has dominated
Western culture science and metaphysics
for hundreds of years the idea that we
live in an unintelligent Li designed

universe the idea that out of nowhere
nothing for no reason
spontaneously became everything has been
accepted as scientific gospel this
atheistic nihilistic purely

materialistic paradigm presented by
believers of Big Bang evolution however
cannot explain the multitude of
non-physical non-local findings in
quantum mechanics they cannot explain

how consciousness intelligence and life
supposedly evolved from unconscious
unintelligent dead matter they cannot
explain why apple seeds grow apple trees
and pear seeds grow pear trees or how

arm cells know to be arms and legs cells
know to be legs they cannot explain the
holographic universe or morphogenetic
fields the placebo effect
psychoneuroimmunology acupuncture the

ora chi or remote healing telepathy
psychokinesis clairvoyance precognition
and the entirety of SCI science they
cannot explain out-of-body or near death
experiences ghosts and theagenes the

soul the spirit world or reincarnation
Adrien Cooper wrote although the true
nature of the universe has been known
and taught throughout the ages by many
and varied sources throughout the world

all of which are highly consistent and
in broad agreement it is also now being
substantiated by the work of modern
quantum physics and increasingly by
other branches of the sciences as well

all areas of the sciences will surely
soon have to accept the fact that true
Universal reality is not and never can
be based entirely in the familiar
three-dimensional world of physical

matter as has been assumed since the
days of Isaac Newton but is rather an
infinite multi-dimensional reality a
of living consciousness of which

everyone and everything without
exception is an integral and equal
aspect the true nature of the universe
will certainly challenge the perceptions
of most people if for no other reason

that throughout the ages there has been
a prevalent misperception of a God who
is completely separate from everyone and
everything else in existence and who
rules over his three-dimensional world

of matter from high places the emerging
wisdom of spiritual science has rendered
the atheist materialist paradigm extinct
consciousness life the beautiful
diversity complexity and

interconnectedness of nature and the
are not the result of some random
coincidental physical phenomenon the
odds against our universe containing the

precise physical forces and attributes
necessary to sustain life is one
octillion to one in other words there is
only a one in one octave Ian chance that
the universe was unintelligently

designed so if there is an intelligent
designer a creative force beyond all
space time and matter what are the
properties of this entity theologists
and meta physicians throughout history

have agreed that this intelligent
creative force must by definition be
all-knowing omniscient all-powerful
omnipotent and all present omnipresent
furthermore by a definition if God an

omniscient omnipotent omnipresent being
exists then we all must be a part of it
in my asbestos ed book I wrote either
God is causal singular and separate an
outside entity somehow responsible for

his own existence the creation of the
universe and the creation of other
beings to recognize him or existence is
non-causal plural parts and whole love
all that is with nothing outside us

because we are all infinite
self-reflexive pieces of God interacting
changing acting out eternity many people
are happy to accept the notion
God is some external entity like a

bearded white man the clouds who created
us and watches over the universe like a
cosmic fishbowl others are happy to
accept that there is no God and the
universe consciousness life matter space

and time are all the result of a random
spontaneous Big Bang accident personally
neither of these ideas have ever
resonated with me and both are
relatively modern if instead we consult

the most ancient culture and the oldest
texts in recorded history the Indian
Vedas a very different story presents
itself Roger Stevens wrote here's a
parable an analogy which comes from

India from the Upanishads and is
thousands of years old it presents a
parabolic answer to the root question of
all religion and philosophy Who am I and
what is this and does so in a way which

everyone can relate to in the beginning
of the world and though it probably had
no ultimate beginning as we think of
them you have to start somewhere
there was only Brahma being all there

was and therefore totally known to
himself Brahma soon realized that this
totality of awareness would eventually
become extremely boring after all when
you know everything there is to know

then there's no surprise nothing to keep
you interested it's like reading the
same book for the 78 millionth time
since he was omnipotent all-powerful

omniscient all-knowing and omnipresent
all everywhere Brahma decided to create
a diversion for himself a way of
introducing the elements of surprise
intrigue and drama into his experience

he thought what would it be like to
forget who I really am
so he invented the game of cosmic
hide-and-seek according to the rules of
this game Brahma would pretend to break

pieces of himself off from the hole so
that to all appearances they would seem
separate that's the hide part then as
the apparently separate consciousness at
the center of each of those apparently

separate pieces and through they're
apparently separate and unique
he would seek to rediscover who he
really was which was of course

everything imagine seeing yourself from
an infinite number of different
perspectives each one initially ignorant
of its relationship to all the rest
imagine going to sleep and dreaming a

different lifetime each night each
lasting for more or less years each
complete with the full range and variety
of emotional life and death details
imagine having the same dream but

playing a different role in it each
night seeing it through different eyes
each time well guess who those
apparently separate pieces are since
there is only one I am in the universe

one consciousness it's all a game of
hide-and-seek and each one of us is in
the same state I'm in and you're it
Brahma God Tao Universal Mind the one
the void the filled infinite

consciousness or whatever you want to
call it by definition is everything
exists everywhere and is completely
known to itself try to picture if that
was your reality what would you do with

your existence what can you do with your
existence as an omnipotent omniscient
omnipresent with nothing unknown or
outside yourself there really is only
one possibility

you play make-believe hide-and-seek
since you are the one objective infinite
consciousness to hide from yourself you
must first divide your sense of self
into several subjective finite packets

of consciousness and and as the root of
each of these subjective packets of
consciousness will be the feeling of I
am and I am NOT the feeling of existing
as an individual entity separated from

the totality with that the hiding part
is complete the next step is creating a
sensory rich holographic and ultimately
illusory material world and physical
bodies where these subjective

awarenesses can interact play and
experience to best accommodate this
since God is a single
clarity the material world must be a
world of duality a world of polar

opposites where each soul each
individual facet of God may experience
the heights depths and breadth of
possibility so there must exist both
good and evil male and female positive

and negative pleasure and pain birth and
death inhale and exhale black and white
dark and light day and night sun and
moon yin and yang
intelligence and ignorance and so on and

so forth the one golden rule and driving
force of God's Universal hide-and-seek
game is called Karma or cause and effect
what goes around comes around do unto
others as you would have done unto

yourself because fundamentally there is
no you or others there is only God the
one true self your physical body your
name your entire human identity and the
feeling of being an individual entity

separated from the totality is a
secondary and ultimately illusory
experience of the one true being your
feeling of being Tom Dick or Harry is a
purposely induced state of amnesia so

that the Creator may experience his
creation each subjective packet of
consciousness each soul ultimately is
and wishes to reunite with the one tau
God Brahma but life as Brahma to be

honest gets boring and sometimes Brahma
would rather play hide and seek God
wants to experience through you what it
is like to be you a fractal fragment of
himself thus begins lifetime's of

cyclical hiding and seeking karmic
creation and destruction moving away
from and back towards God your true self
fritz Geoff Capra wrote in the Eastern
view then the division of nature into

separate objects is not fundamental and
any such objects have a fluid and
ever-changing character the Eastern
worldview is therefore intrinsically
dynamic and contains time and change as

essential features the
cosmos is seen as one inseparable
reality forever in motion alive organic
spiritual and material at the same time
since motion and change are essential

properties of things the forces causing
the motion are not outside the objects
as in the classical Greek mu but are an
intrinsic property of matter
correspondingly the eastern image of the

divine is not that of a ruler who
directs the world from above but of a
principle that controls everything from
he who dwelling in all things yet is

other than all things whose body all
things are who controls all things from
within he is your soul the inner
controller the immortal David Icke wrote
think of the difference between a

droplet of water and the ocean the
droplet symbolizes the sense of division
of being an individual me unconnected to
anything else this is like identifying
with being bill blogs or Ethel Jones but

put that droplet back in the ocean and
where does the ocean end and the droplet
begin there is no beginning and no end
no Alpha and Omega because all is one at
that level there is no we only an

infinite I part of that ocean may be
calm and peaceful and another may be
angry and rough but it is still the same
ocean the same oneness we are always the
ocean always infinite awareness and we

cannot literally become disconnected
from that however when we forget who we
are we can be confused into a sense of
division of being the droplet and we
perceive reality through the tiny lens

that this creates in our minds we are
the ocean infinite awareness but we
believe we are just a little powerless
insignificant droplet we identify with
division and parts not unity another way

to understand this concept is through
dreams in dreams you create entire
worlds environments situations and even
other people you interact and converse
create conflict and resolutions get

emotional and involved but suddenly when
you wake up from the dream you
realize that all those environments
situations and other people were really
all you they only seemed like separate

individuals because of the level of
consciousness you are operating on at
the time it is the same in this world
where you think you are a separate
person but in fact when you die a piece

of god wakes up to realize he was only
dreaming Peter Russell wrote to many the
statement I am God
rings of blasphemy God according to
conventional religion is the supreme

deity the almighty eternal omniscient
creator how can any lowly human being
claim that he or she is God yet when
mystics say I am God or words to that
effect they are not talking of an

individual person their inner
explorations have revealed the true
nature of the self and it is this that
they identify with God they are claiming
that the essence of self the sense of I

am without any personal attributes is
the contemporary scholar and mystic
Thomas Merton put it very clearly if I
penetrate to the depths of my own

existence and my own present reality the
indefinable am that is my self in its
deepest roots then through this deep
Center I pass into the infinite I am
which is the very name of the Almighty I

am as one of the Hebrew names of God it
is often translated as I am that I am
similar claims appear in Eastern
traditions the great Indian sage Sri
Ramana Maharshi said I am is the name of

God God is none other than the self in
the 12th century eben al-arab I one of
the most revered Sufi mystics wrote if
thou knowest thine own self thou knowest
God Shankara the eighth century indian

saint whose insights revitalized hindu
teachings said of his own enlightenment
I am Brahman I dwell within all beings
as the soul the pure consciousness the
ground of all phenomena in the days of

my ignorant I used to think of these as
being separate from myself
now I know that I am all since people
always misinterpret the phrase I am God
I prefer to explain it as I am is God

the self-awareness and continuity of
being expressed by the words I am our
inner witness and intuition is our
direct channel to God it is undeniable
that if God is omnipresent

then he must exist in you he must be you
and everyone and everything else in
existence as well we are all playing an
equal part as lost ripples in God's
infinite ocean of consciousness Michael

Talbot wrote there is a Hindu myth that
human consciousness began as a ripple
that decided to leave the ocean of
consciousness as such timeless spaceless
infinite and eternal awakening to itself

it forgot that it was a part of this
infinite ocean and felt isolated and
separated Adam and Eve's expulsion from
the Garden of Eden may also be a version
of this myth an ancient memory of how

human consciousness somewhere in its
unfathomable past left its home in the
implicit and forgot that it was a part
of the cosmic wholeness of all things in
this view the earth is a kind of

playground in which one is free to
experience all the pleasures of the
flesh provided one realizes that one is
a holographic projection of a higher
order in the Judaic Kabbalistic belief

this concept is present as the entirety
of creation is seen as an illusory
projection of the transcendental aspects
of God in Christianity it is said the
father and son are one thy father art in

heaven the non-physical but the son
lives in the flesh the physical the
father is Brahman the ultimate objective
implicit reality and the Sun is Atman
the fractal fragment of the one sent to

experience and enjoy the father's
creation the mother Mary is nature or
the sustainer of the material world she
is the illusion maker the agent of

change keeping all things in constant
motion and flux between polarities
it is her dynamic endless dance of forms
which keeps us from realizing that there
is ultimately no such thing as

separateness the Upanishads state that
one should know that nature is an
illusion maiya and that Brahman is the
illusion maker
this whole world is pervaded with beings

that are parts of him
Fritjof Capra wrote the basic recurring
theme in Hindu mythology is the creation
of the world by the self-sacrifice of
God sacrifice in the original sense of

making sacred whereby God becomes the
world which in the end becomes again God
this creative activity of the divine is
called MA the play of God and the world
is seen as the stage of the divine play

as long as we confuse the myriad forms
of the divine with reality without
perceiving the unity of Brahman
underlying all these forms we are under
the spell of Maya Maya therefore does

not mean that the world is an illusion
as is often wrongly stated the illusion
merely lies in our point of view if we
think that the shapes and structures
things and events around us are

realities of nature instead of realizing
that they are concepts of our measuring
and categorizing minds maiya is the
illusion of taking these concepts for
reality of confusing the map with the

territory in the Hindu view of nature
then all forms are relative fluid and
maiya conjured up by the great magician
of the divine play in the Vedanta our

individual souls our separate subjective
packets of I am consciousness are called
Atman and the one unified objective
infinite wellspring of consciousness
from which everyone's Atman arises is

Brahman Atman is our divided dualistic
self and Brahman is our whole true self
but fundamentally it is taught that
Atman is Brahman and brahman is Atman
your true self beyond this earthly

identity is not divided and dualistic
your true self is not separate and
subjective your true self is not Jack
Jill Joe Jen Jim John James or Jason
your true self is the same as my true

everyone's true self is God Adrien
Cooper wrote this ultimate reality is
called Brahman and is exactly the same
as the one the all spirit everything

that is and in the West might be
regarded as the true definition of God
Brahman universal consciousness
considered to be the ultimate reality is
infinite exists beyond the five physical

senses and is incomprehensible most
ancient wisdoms of the world teach that
human beings are God in the microcosm
immortal spirits made in the true image
of God Hinduism teaches the same

principle in the form of Atman which is
equivalent in the human soul the Hindu
culture teaches atman and brahman the
individual reality and the ultimate
reality are one Michael Talbot wrote the

Hindus call the implicit level of
reality Brahman Brahman is formless but
is the birthplace of all forms and
visible reality which appear out of it
and then unfold back into it in endless

flux like Bohm who says that the
implicit order can just as easily be
called spirit the hindus sometimes
personify this level of reality and say
that it is composed of pure

consciousness thus consciousness is not
only a subtler form of matter but it is
more fundamental than matter and in the
hindu cosmogony
it is matter that has emerged from

consciousness and not the other way
finally quantum physicists like David
Bohm and consciousness researchers like
Peter Russell have now proven what the

world's most ancient spiritual teachings
have long espoused for thousands of
years the Faculty of consciousness is
primary to the creation of the material
world a conscious observer must first

exist to collapse the wave function
allowing particles to manifest into the
explicate reality this means that before
the creation of the material world there
must have existed a self-aware conscious

observer God and every physical
manifestation is actually the result of
his conscious creation fritz Geoff Capra
wrote the basic elements of the
worldview which has been

left and all these traditions are the
same these elements also seem to be the
fundamental features of the worldview
emerging from modern physics the most
important characteristic of the Eastern

worldview one could almost say the
essence of it is the awareness of the
unity and mutual interrelation of all
things and events the experience of all
phenomena in the world as manifestations

of a basic oneness all things are seen
as interdependent and inseparable parts
of this cosmic whole as different
manifestations of the same ultimate
reality the Eastern traditions

constantly refer to this ultimate
indivisible reality which manifests
itself in all things and of which all
things are parts it is called Brahman
and Hinduism dharmakaya in Buddhism Tao

and Taoism because it transcends all
concepts and categories Buddhists also
call it tejate
or suchness what is meant by the soul as
such Ness is the oneness of the totality

of all things the great all including
whole in ordinary life we are not aware
of this unity of all things but divide
the world into separate objects and
events this division is of course useful

and necessary to cope with our everyday
environment but it is not a fundamental
feature of reality it is an abstraction
devised by our discriminating and
categorizing intellect to believe that

our abstract concepts of separate things
and events our realities of nature is an
illusion Hindus and Buddhists tell us
that this illusion is based on avidya or
ignorance produced by a mind under the

spell of Maya the principal aim of the
Eastern mystical traditions is therefore
to readjust the mind by centering and
quieting it through meditation the
sanskrit term for meditation Samadhi

means literally mental equilibrium it
refers to the balanced and tranquil
state of mind in which the basic unity
of the universe is experienced entering
into the samadhi of purity one obtains

annotating insight that enables one to
become conscious of the absolute oneness
of the universe
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Re: The true nature of God and You - Mind blowing! Must see!

Post by Winston » September 3rd, 2017, 10:33 am

Eric Dubay:

In dreams you create entire worlds, environments, situations, and even other people. You interact and converse, create conflict and
resolutions, get emotional and involved, but suddenly when you wake up from the dream you realize that all those environments, situations, and other people were really all you! They only seemed like separate individuals because of the level of consciousness you were operating on at the time. It is the same in this world, where you think you are a separate person, but in fact when you die, a piece of God wakes up to realize He was only dreaming. Thanks and credit to Greg Carlwood, Alan Watts, Bill Hicks, GoldJacketLuke, Rory Mac Sweeney, Richard Linklater (Waking Life), Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr. (What Dreams May Come), SuperSimpleSongs and everyone else featured. For more about my metaphysics see the following article: ... inite.html

Life is Just a Dream - Death is Just Waking Up

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Re: The true nature of God and You - Mind blowing! Must see!

Post by Winston » September 8th, 2017, 8:38 pm

A video rebuttal to Eric Dubay's "I AM that I AM" video pointing out its contradictions.

Sorry Eric Dubay, but you are not the I AM...

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"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne

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