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Jack Barnhart/Scalene - Warning! Scammer, Liar, Deal-breaker

Expose or warn others about scams and scammers, or shady business practices. Expose those that have cheated you or ripped you off. Caution: Before naming specific individuals or groups, make sure that they really wronged you and that there was no misunderstanding. Otherwise your post may constitute slander or libel if it contains false information.

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Jack Barnhart/Scalene - Warning! Scammer, Liar, Deal-breaker

Post by Winston » July 20th, 2012, 10:10 am

To Whom It May Concern:

If you know or have met Jack Barnhart, read this WARNING!

He also goes by Jack Scalene (name on his email header) and Jack Brendan (used on his former website) though I don't know why.

I, Winston Wu, solemnly swear that the following statements are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

In 2003, I paid Jack Barnhart's Russian introduction agency "A Love in Russia" around $100 for five introductions of Russian ladies from his agency's website gallery in Volgograd, Russia.

But due to other women I was dating outside his agency, I only managed to meet two of the five ladies I paid for. Before I left Volgograd, I called Jack and asked him if I could use up my remaining introductions next time I come to Russia. He replied "Sure."


However, when I went to Russia in 2004, Jack renegged on his promise and pretended to not even remember that he made it the previous year! Instead, he wanted me to pay again for new introductions.

When I pushed him to keep it, he then resorted to fraud by claiming that ALL the Russian women I was interested in from his site refused to meet me, to get me off his back. As proof, he scanned and emailed me signatures of around ten Russian women who wrote one sentence saying something like, "I'm sorry but I do not want to meet you Winston".

For him to expect me to believe that at the snap of a finger, he got ten Russian women to write on paper that they don't want to meet me, was an insult to my intelligence.

Having dated and met many Russian women, I know that they are very carefree about giving out their numbers and meeting foreign men, even to those they don't like. Therefore, the probability of 10 out of 10 Russian women I picked from his site refusing to meet me or give me their number of their own free will is too unlikely and unbelievable. It is far more likely that Jack faked them, or at least told them to write that.

When I contested the authenticity of the one-sentence letters, Jack then said he didn't want to work with me cause I was a womanizer who was not good husband material. Yet that contradicted his earlier claim that he would provide introductions as long as I paid him again. So he was just making excuses as he went along.

Bottom line: I am 100 percent sure that Jack broke his promise to let me use up my remaining three introductions on my next time, and about 90 percent sure that he faked those letters or at least prompted them.

However, our mutual friend Brad Sharp took Jack's side, simply because he was a closer friend to Jack than me, not because Jack was in any way more credible than me. Thus Brad was motivated by pure bias and refuses to listen to reason.

In fact, I have a track record of credibility and character references, whereas Jack probably does not. I do not expect anyone to believe me simply because I say so. I have records from a variety of third party sources to prove it, which are on public display here:

In fact, I tend to have a very accurate memory of past events. I remember the name of my kindergarten teacher and friends from that class, for instance, which most people do not. And I pulled from pure memory that the movie "The Karate Kid" came out in the Summer of 1984, which when I looked up, turned out to be correct. All in all, I am a very accurate person, and there is a lot about me that demonstrates that, including my spelling and grammar in this report.

I later heard that Jack Barnhart/Scalene/Brendan was betrayed by his fiancee Galina, who took his agency, its assets, and ran off with another guy. I was sorry to hear that he was double-crossed by his own partner like that. I guess karma is a bitch.

But the fact remains that Jack renegged on his promise to me, jipping me of around $60, and probably faked letters to me from the Russian women I was interested in.

This page is not about holding grudges. It is merely the hand of justice at work. So if you know him or have met him, be warned. He is not a man of integrity.

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Post by Winston » July 20th, 2012, 10:18 am

Last I heard, Jack Barnhart got betrayed by his fiancee Galina, who stole his Russian bride agency from him while he was in the USA.

Here was Brad Sharp's announcement about it:

"Group -

It sickens me to have to write a
post like this, reporting on the
complete lack of character and
ethics that some people in the
marriage agency business seem to
possess. but the truth needs to
be told.

It appears that A Love In Russia
Agency is up and back in business
with Galina and Bob Engel as the
new operating partners.

Galina as you may know was the former
owner, Jack Barnhart's fiancee and
business partner in this enterprise.
Last October she literally STOLE the
business from Jack. She up and moved
all the computers, records and photo
equipment to a different location
without his knowledge or consent and
refuses to return anything to him.

Bob Engel originally founded the
agency with Jack. I supposed you
could say it that way. Jack had all
the capital, Bob was to provide the
"photographic expertise". He left
the agency in 2003 owing Jack several
thousand dollars in living expense
loans Jack made to him which have
never been repaid. In addition,
in order to get enough money to
return home he resorted to selling
copies of the agency photographs
to a competitor behind Jack's back
without his consent.

Jack was the one with the integrity
and he is no longer involved in any
way shape or form with the business.

Both Galina and Bob have proven
themselves to posssess the morals of
snakes, the business ethics of a carnival
barker and the integrity of penny
stock salesmen. They're the pond
scum of humanity.

I would hope that potential customers,
once warned would choose NOT to reward
these examples of human flotsam with any
financial reward that may come from
doing business with them.

I understand they're currently spam
bombing various list memberships with
a business solicitation letter. I
would strongly encourage anyone who
is contacted by this agency to avoid
them at all cost. Contact all the
known scam sites and make sure A Love
In Russia is prominently listed where
they so deservedly belong.

Please do not hesitate to contact me
privately off list for more specific
details of their treachery.


Later, my arch nemesis Dave Fuller forwarded me the following response from Brad Engels, one of Jack's partners at A Love in Russia agency, in response to what Brad wrote. It looks like it's Brad's word against Bob's, so all I can do is report both sides.

Subj: RE: [RWL-Open] Re: Warning about Winnie's n' Weasel's Bullshit
Date: 5/28/2005 7:30:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

As per usual there is always two sides to a story. Here is the response to
Brad's bullshit accusation. Are you man enough to post this everywhere like
you were to smear Galina and Bob's names? And Wu, you seem to have a very
short memory in regards to Jack. Do you not remember the con job he pulled
on you. I would think long and hard before defending a scumbag like Jack. He
has proven to you he has a low character where Galina and Bob have done
nothing to you and consider the source as well. Sharp and Jack were thick as
thieves. Regardless of Jack's actions, Sharp will never turn on his fat ohio
buddy and Sharp is a compulsive liar.

-----Original Message-----
From: []On
Behalf Of weazmasterflash
Sent: Sunday, 29 May 2005 12:04 PM
Subject: [RWL-Open] Re: Warning about Winnie's n' Weasel's Bullshit

Bob's response:

As always,

Brad is full of shit!

If you know Brad, he thinks he knows everything about everything!
Or in other words, His shit doesn't stink!

The fact is, Jack left Galina in the lurch, he had left to the USA
and had taken all his equipment prior to leaving! Galina contacted
me in February to work with her, and I thought why not, I also had a
lot of time and money invested in the agency! And our deal (Signed
contract) was if anyone walked away from the agency, the other could
run it!

The only money Jack paid was for one assistant, which cost him $900
over a period of 14 months. All other costs were completely covered
by myself!

And I never sold photos or profiles to any other agencies!

But I did do photography for another agency, which I was doing
photography before Jack and I partnershipped !

It would be great if Brad actually knew some facts, but then it
wouldn't be interesting would it, and it wouldn't make him feel so
big! Like most empty people, they need to rain on somebody else's


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"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne

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