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If you want your family to be silly rich...

Discuss working and making a living overseas, starting a business, or studying abroad.

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Mr S
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If you want your family to be silly rich...

Post by Mr S » August 22nd, 2010, 10:46 am

What's more interesting than the article itself are the comments made by angry Americans who don't really understand his perspective on the subject... ... a-now.html

Jim Rogers: If You Want Your Family To Be Silly Rich In The Future, Then Leave America And Move To Asia Now

Vincent Fernando, CFA
Business Insider
Aug 21, 2010

As you may know, Jim Rogers moved to Singapore in 2007, though he maintains a residence in the U.S. as well.

While he’s been an obvious Asia bull for quite some time now, a new interview sheds some light on the long-term nature of his thinking…

He’s not just considering the success of his financial investments, he’s competitively positioning his future heirs:

International Business Times:

“In 1807, if you had moved to the U.K., you and your heirs would have been much, much better off for the next 100 years. If in 1907 you had moved to the U.S., you and your heirs would have been much better off for the next 100 years.

In my view, moving to Asia in 2007 means my heirs are going to be much better off in the next 100 years.

In 1907, if you had stayed in Poland or China, you would not have had a great future, nor your families. Had you moved to America, [your descendants] would have had a much better future. Who knew what they would do, if they would become doctors or what, in the next 100 years. But whatever happens to them, they were better off. They spoke English, which became the world’s language.

My view is that the 21st century is going to be the century of Asia, of China. If I’m right about the future, you are going to have a better life [if you move there], better opportunities, and better everything going where the action is, where the assets are.�

We couldn’t agree with him more, as might be obvious by the fact that we’ve lived and worked in Asia for seven-plus years already.

We’d just mention another bonus of living here rather than in the U.S. — You can generally drink open beers in public places without harassment, unlike in 43 of America’s states. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, it’s a key freedom that feels more useful than voting, and better yet… your team always wins. Thus setting up your heirs for a bright future doesn’t have to be painful either.
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Post by globetrotter » August 22nd, 2010, 1:01 pm

If you wanted to be in on the ground floor of a growing nation and wanted your heirs to be well off...

In 1507 you moved to Venice.
In 1607 you moved to Rome.
In 1707 you moved to Paris.
In 1807 you moved to London.
In 1907 you moved to New York.
In 2007 you moved to Shanghai/Singapore/Asia.


It is sad to read the ignorant comments from intelligent Americans with little college or who were able to resist the PC germ in Uni, but they just reflexively react. It's so common - anyone who dares to move away from America, live somewhere else, it personally offends them to the point that some of them (a few, not many) threaten violence or wish you harm. Truly sad. The last post is a speech allegedly by the judge who sentenced Reid the shoebomber, and it no longer applies as the rich have a different set of rules now, in 2010. A lot has changed since 2005, none of it for the better.

We cannot even lead these people to water; best to leave them be.

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