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Introducing Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) aka Joschua

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Postby PeterAndrewNolan » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:12 pm

Winston wrote:But why are they going after PAN and not anyone else? There are thousands of dissidents out there, including us.

Hi Winston,
they are going after others. Right now one of my mates in Adelaide is in the mental health system being shot up with substances unknown. They are going after my colleagues in Australia where they can identify them. The gang stalking an harassment is very severe and been getting more severe the last 6 months.

They are in full blown panic mode now.

If you have anyone here from Adelaide Australia? Or know someone from there? Please get them to contact me.

In the last month I have been twice attacked by energy weapons. Bill Greathouse has had the feds turn up. Bill has had a lot of harassment of late.

So, trust me, these guys are pissed and they are in panic really is something to see.
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Postby PeterAndrewNolan » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:19 pm

Winston wrote:I wonder why ASIO is after him though. He isn't even that famous.

Hi Winston,
being famous is not what the issue is. Being able to bring down the governments to severe the link between the Illuminati and the control grid is the issue. The Illuminati run their systems via the governments. I knew 5 years ago that the plan was to discredit the governments and forment civil wars...therefore the guvments had to be discredited in such a way that would not forment civil wars.

That was my put single members through a jury trial process......we have now discredited the Australian and Irish guvments to such an extent they are in full on panic mode trying deal with the information I have put out there.

And as you say...they are panicking so much that they are still attacking you and I am barely here any should see how many posts they put on this video in the last few days.


And for being "famous"? All the politicians in the west know who I do lots of senior police officers. In THOSE circles I am extremely well known.
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Re: Introducing Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) aka Joschua

Postby Marco_Vonau » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:39 pm

Narcissism is not high self-esteem, but a
condition where the typical narcissist
suffers from:
* Preoccupation with hiding real or perceived

* Overestimation of importance, achievements,
talents and skills;

* Maladaptive attention seeking behavior;

* Inability to empathize with others; and

* Excessive anger and shame in response to
criticism often resulting in rage
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