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My name is Alex & I'm sick of living in a mirage.

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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My name is Alex & I'm sick of living in a mirage.

Post by Wolfeye » December 29th, 2013, 9:40 am

Hey, everyone! The title of my post says my introduction pretty clearly. I'm very interested in moving to somewhere other than America, even though. I would've liiked for things to be different here, but it is what it is. Winston, my upmost compliments to you on a fine site that has helped me immensely. A lot of the more subtle things were hard for me to put a finger on, but that comparison chart & a few of the articles hit it right on the head.

I especially liked the comparison to the Borg on Star Trek. not a show I'm massively familiar with, but that reference rang true. It seems that the "Western" way is a lot like a contagious form of diabetes. It's something that tastes sweet, but dissolves you. I understand that the Mongols are getting nailed with the goat farming (for cashmere- interestingly enough it has the word "cash" in it) & various plants, factories, and government abusiveness.

I get that the West has a good reputatuion, but it's really not all that it's cracked up to be. It seems that the idea is that the general philosophies of the West are not separated from the means of sustinence & support. That is a HUGE mistake. The dependancies & general outsourcing of capability are a recipe for all the problems that someone might be looking to avert or dismantle. I've wondered for years why there wasn't a war after all the things that I was always told would start one happen. I was told that if a THIRD of the things that were going on in America today were to happen, there'd be a war & there'd be no mercy for the instigators. Parasitic behavior is rampant & it seems that these creatures are valued- even revered. It's like they don't want them to go!

Anyway, I'm a white male (which gets you held in varying esteems in this country). I like a woman who is good natured, fierce, and perceptive. What I mean is that she's not the type of person to kick a dog in the face for sheer cruelty, she can look out for things when I'm not in the house (and teach her daughter that it's "Your body, your rules"- instead of "someone else says it, you do it"), and she thinks compositionally (that is, that she figures a situation IS what it CONSISTS of, which seems to be pretty rare in America). I figure I might have the best luck in the Mediterranean or South of the Border, but I don't know. Maybe American Samoa has some of that going on? I like dark hair, dark eyes & a shape (I'm more of a legs & ass man, but as long as she's got curves). I also like a woman that keeps in shape (I guess that's a factor in the whole "legs & ass" thing?). I'm not rigidly attached to these physical traits, sultry & shapely works fine for me & I'd prefer ten pounds over to ten punds under. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Post by xiongmao » December 29th, 2013, 5:28 pm


Chinese women are pretty fierce. They also work hard to preserve their figures. They may not be known for b***y, but they do arguably have the best legs on the planet. Feed her up and she'll go awesomely chubby!
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Post by Wolfeye » January 1st, 2014, 2:02 am

Chinese women, eh? Didn't think of that, thanks. I've heard there's a lot of decorum & formality in China, though- is this maybe a bit over-represented? I tend to be very straight-foward about things (paricularly serious things- that's not always a cultural norm, but I figure you might bery well be bringing it up simply because it IS serious). It sounds like I'm very Spaniard-like in my conversation style (Ukraine would probably be a good refernce, too). Would a Chinese woman like that? I also worry if her parents would like me, but sometimes she might not be looking to impress them.

I really don't know too much about the Chinese, but I have heard that there's more self-criticism & situational behavior (something reated to their religion). I like that someone can re-vamp their actions instead of just doing something wrong over & over (a MASSIVE trait in America). Seems like that kind of woman could give good advice as well as not sticking to doing something that drives me nuts (might be more capable in an emergency, too).

Also that kung fu/wushu is something of a national tradition & that's useful on a few levels. One is the obvious fighting capability, but I also think (especially for men) that it helps draw your mind's eye toward reality. Not many things catch your attention quite like someone pulling a knife on you! Another thing is that I think a more capable culture tends to be less paranoind & problems get solved better- instead of people all trying to come off harmless & you never know whether it's real or not (plus, whatever problem doesn't get solved if it IS a ploy).

I guess connected to that is all the energy stuff. Intangible things are not really accepted as real in America & that can be a problem as numerous things (energy or not) aren't actually a physical substance (actions, demeanors, someone says something that in TEXT is polite but in TONE is very insulting, etc...). I like how the Traditional Chinese Medicine is geared toward actually helping people & plenty of it doesn't even take any supplies (which you might not have at the moment).

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Post by bones765 » January 1st, 2014, 2:39 am


you should try out Mexico dude. Mexico has plentiful the type of girls that you want. but you need to know Spanish dude. Mexicans aren't good with English. and don't go to the cruise areas. i recommend going to Guadalajara Mexico. try to work in a hostel in mexico, and see what you like there. and then think of leaving the anglosphere for good.

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Post by Wolfeye » January 19th, 2014, 2:25 pm

I figured Mexico might be good. I tend pretty heavily toward latin women & figure that there's at least less of that nihlistic/robot type of behavior. Winston's comparison to the Borg can be pretty accurate up here.

I AM a bit worried about not blending in & all the crazy things you hear about down there, but I figure the people know how to handle themselves a bit better & wouldn't be spiteful of someone else having their own abilities. Any advise for not "stepping on a landmine?" As I understand, the cops can be a problem sometimes if they're not bribed & sometimes it turns into "let's arrest & pitfight the white guy." Don't get me wrong, that's one of the things I'm very worried about here. I guess it's like Russia: it can be a very cool place, but you've got to learn the ropes.

I remember something about a whole bunch of women (& some dudes, too) marching about all kinds of victim-blaming that was going on. Apparently there were all kinds of things of varying severity (including "hit & run spankings," whatever that means- never heard about that, I guess it's a bit more than just smacking her ass & running away).They had "my body belongs to me" written on their arms & such. All the while, not having a huge hatred for men (like I said, there were a bunch with them- I guess the general situation bothered them or they were worried about their wives/girlfriends or relatives or maybe all three). A woman that looks goods & tries to keep looking that way, doesn't try to drive me away, doesn't need me to do everything for her, AND she'd raise our kids with an edge- that sounds well beyond awesome.

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