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50 yo from Washington, DC new to the board

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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50 yo from Washington, DC new to the board

Post by clarkelewis » June 18th, 2015, 7:29 pm

Hey Guys, somehow I found this board. I had seen an interview with Winston some time last year. Like most of you I am entertaining the the idea of marrying a woman from another country. I'm done with the American woman. I've been on Asian Beauties, Anastasia, China Love, and AFA which have gorgeous women, but the cost of communication is expensive. Had a Platinum membership on AFA and sent out a bunch of letters and guess what, no response....hmmmmm. I'm not here to bash AFA just stating facts. I'm still not sure about the AFA Romance Tours, still milling it around. I've listened to the calls too, but it seems their main focus is the Ukranian Market. Anyway, I'm here to meet some friends and try to figure this whole international dating scene out. Hell, if I knew how to design a website and I'd start my own international dating service. I'm so tired of these companies using Western men as piggy banks. I'm also up for a trip to China for any of you guys have the vacation time and are adventerous enough.

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Re: 50 yo from Washington, DC new to the board

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » June 18th, 2015, 9:30 pm

Welcome aboard Clark. Unfortunately, it is axiomatic the Washington, DC metro area's women are the worst of the worst. There are many theories as to why, but most center around the notion that average levels of education and incomes are artificially high there and the supply of men there skew the perception of women about their value. Ignore women from DC.

Also, I wish you had been told earlier about the futile nature of dating websites. Both empirical experience and research shows that women use these for ego boosts more than anything else. Men inundate them with messages and women gauge their value accordingly.
The international sites are also known to have scammers and women that are considered undesirable by their local standards. Steer clear.

You are on the right track with traveling to find a woman. The thing is, you need to find out where to go first then plan on no less than a month to get some relationships established or determine that another country is better for you.

Good luck and congrats on your realizations.

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Re: 50 yo from Washington, DC new to the board

Post by fschmidt » June 18th, 2015, 9:43 pm

clarkelewis wrote:Hell, if I knew how to design a website and I'd start my own international dating service.
I do know how to design a website. If you are seriously interested in this:

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Re: 50 yo from Washington, DC new to the board

Post by Lorenzo » July 13th, 2015, 7:29 pm

Welcome, and good hunting. My piece of advise is to look for what turns you on? Do you like the look of Asian women or prefer Eastern Europe's women? Do you prefer a gentle lady who will stand by your side?

I chose to find an Asian woman because they are beautiful to my eye, petite and stay petite when they get older, and are respectful, caring and usually gentle. They want you to be the man. I have friends who have married Ukranian women and these ladies later became a lot like their Western counterparts...and in my opinion they are "rougher" around the edges compared to Asian women and can get heavy later. Looks fade and Eastern Europe women develop more masculine features, and behaviors, as they go through menopause.

So if your into finding a sweet, charming Asian lady try Thailand or Phils. The hunting is slim in China and I found most to be nut jobs. Never tried Vietnam but it sounds promising. I was a 50 yo like you went I went looking. The best website I found for Thailand was owned by Cupid. For China, the Cupid site for China as well. Same for Phils though Cherryblossoms looks very promising. You can expect a quality 35-38 yr old lady in Thailand and later 20s to early 30s in Phils without kids for your age.

Before you start contacting Asian women get your game together. They like a clean cut conservative guy who is well employed. Never ever talk or hint about sex. If you avoid the topic they will not be suspicious about your intentions and don't worry, you can expect to get laid more than you can handle just by being Mr. Good Guy. Sincerity and honestly is critical to scoring the best ladies. Get quality photos and smile. And you wont need a buddy to travel with you, the right lady will be waiting for you and probably greet you up at the airport and will make sure you are well taken care of while in country. Every trip I took was like that, the experience was amazing and will renew your spirit and confidence in finding a quality lady who treats you properly. Plan to get over there for a first visit in 3-4 months so they know you are serious. Good luck!

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Re: 50 yo from Washington, DC new to the board

Post by xiongmao » July 16th, 2015, 11:12 pm

Hi Clark,

I did go to live in China and while I was there I dated some women - hunt through my posts from 2013 to see how crazy an idea that was.

Also I built an international dating site. That was also crazy. I've had to outsmart scammers and spammers, outsmart my web host, and even lost my Paypal account in the pursuit of other people's love lol. My advice - don't bother! Still, some dude found a wife on my site which is amazing.

My advice is to spend more time looking for quality women in your neighbourhood, or move somewhere with more women of the nationality you're interested in. This year I've been to Barcelona (full of Chinese women) and Berlin (Vietnamese, Turkish, Polish and Czech women).
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