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Hapa guy on a desperate quest for a Caucasian girl

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Hapa guy on a desperate quest for a Caucasian girl

Post by hapa » September 20th, 2015, 4:17 am

I've always had a bunch of complexes about being the Hapa son of a White dad and Asian mom. And I guess for me, mating with a Caucasian woman, has been the only escape from these chains. But so far in America; that has been an impossible task. I don't think I'm being unreasonable since my definition of Caucasian is fairly broad, and includes most of Latin America, Turkey, North Africa, and the Middle East to Afghanistan. In the past I admit I've felt a lot of resentment about being born from a White dad who went happier abroad. I felt that he had it so easy in life as a White man; yet he was handing me his son, the hardest race to win the game of life as- East Asian. But I'm trying to move past that bitterness, and embrace the hand I was dealt with.

I look Asian, and in the West I get treated like an Asian. I was hoping my Half-Whiteness would count more overseas where there are less white people. But from what I've heard in Latin America and Russia, I would still be considered an Asian guy, even with my half whiteness. I've heard a lot about Slavs being racist. But Winston is someone with much stronger Asian features than me and he seems to have had a good experience in Russia and Poland. As far as my looks go, I will say I like mostly East Asian; but plenty of people have immediately noticed I'm mixed just at 1st glance. I don't think I'm being unreasonable by insisting on Caucasian girls, since thats just what I'm attracted to physically, and given my background it also means a lot to me mentally. I'm only excluding 2 continents Africa and Asia. And there is still of Latin America and Slavica for me to go happier abroad to.

I've blamed a lot of people for my incel status. But at the end of the day "the f**k stops here". It is Western Women who have done all the rejecting of me, and no one else. And even if I insist on Caucasoid women, there is still a wide world outside of the USA for me to seek them.

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Re: Hapa guy on a desperate quest for a Caucasian girl

Post by Yohan » September 21st, 2015, 4:11 pm


Why did you create 3 threads with the same content?

There are also women who are 50/50 white/Asians, and there are more and more of them as international interracial marriage is no tabu-subject anymore in the mindset of many people. This was not always the case if you look back 50 years or so...

For you, if you really do not like Asian women, what about women who are 50/50 like yourself?

I also think you overrate the value of white women. But yes, it seems to be your preference and why not?

There is a wide area worldwide with white women in Europe, Russia, Latin America and I see no reason why you should not find one...

I don't think it's any problem about your 'Asian looks'. For many people nowadays, race means not very much anymore, times are changing.
International travel is now easy with cheap airplanes flying to almost every point in this world. Good luck with your search!

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