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Hello, former member who can't wait to go abroad

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Hello, former member who can't wait to go abroad

Post by Ted333 » August 7th, 2018, 5:49 pm

Hello everyone..I'm not a newbie per se but have been on this board before under another name over a year ago. Life got busy, time went by and I forgot my password, so I'm not trolling here. I'm gearing up for a couple of trips to the Caribbean this year and can't wait to GTFOH for a bit, then i'll see where I go from there. I have a few things to clear up in the matrix, but i'm leaning towards getting out of here for good one day. i've been overseas before in the military and civilian, but it's different when you look at it through the lens of being free to live and enjoying the company of genuine, feminine women versus a tourist who is still programmed to believe the US is the only "real" place on earth.

I broke the code a long time ago, even though I didn't use it. I've always been enchanted by other countries, cultures, people and wonders of the world.

I had the pin number to the atm, but didn't withdraw any cash. Now that I have the code, i'm going to overdraw that account, lol. So many people HAVE the combination lock, but will never even attempt to figure the code out, and that sucks for them. There is nothing more liberating to me than hopping on a plane and leaving here, albeit for a week here and there. It's sad when you get to most countries, you are WELCOMED with open arms, music, etc. Here, it's give me your passport muthafuka and remember April 15th. I go overseas, people are OUTSIDE most of, if not all year..I come back here, everyone is locked and holed up in their homes even in summer :roll:

Material things, they don't mean shit to me anymore. If I lost everything material wise and still have a roof over my head, money, a few books, my weight set and a passport, i would still be happy. We've been conditioned to spend, spend, spend..get that huge house that takes up the block, fast cars, RVs, boats and other shit we don't need. Experience is more meaningful to me than the accumulation of assets.

I cannot even IMAGINE growing old here, spending my last days in a nursing home in some dusty ass town in the North or Midwest (no offense to you natives). my last days, I want them to be on a warm beach out of the matrix, surrounded by beautiful women bringing me beer and other things :D :D :D . Before that, I will just live the best life possible, learning, exploring and building meaningful friendships with like minded people.

S/O to Winston, James Bond, OTH or OTB..I can't remember but I heard you on a stream with Winston i pulled up, and also to the other seasoned vets here..i've been inspired by you and will do my best to stay active here.

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