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Modern Day Samurai Living Everywhere

Introduce yourself here and let us know who you are.

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Modern Day Samurai Living Everywhere

Post by SamuraiSolder » September 22nd, 2018, 7:04 pm

Hey All,
Just stumbled upon this forum... and yes. Living Abroad is better. Most Definitely.

I've lived in Europe 1 year,
South America 1 year.
South East Asia - 7 years (4 years cambodia, 1 year thailand, 1 year indonesia,
1 year just traveling through laos, vietnam, thailand, cambodia and Japan 1 year.

Living abroad has made most of my dreams come true and I recommend to everyone and anyone to live abroad.. at least sometime during their life.

There is less regulation. I hate taxes. You don't need all the shit you have in America. Including licenses, insurances, papers, documents etc etc.

It is much more wild, more free, and you have a sense of being "free"

Financially: You still need to make money but everything isn't overly expensive. How can that be? Because in America every business has to pay ridiculous amounts for insurance. And that cost is passed on to you - the consumer. In Asia, there is a lot less need for insurance thus businesses can operate without as much overhead.. meaning less expensive for you.

Health: You won't eat the unhealthy food in America, and in general the local food is tastier and better. I've always lived by the coast. The ocean will keep you healthy, especially if you want to be looking good.

Relationship: I am a good looking Japanese American Male. Through my teenage years and university years I was a pretty shy, reserved kid who always fantasized about hooking up with white european girls. Anyone here relate with me? I loved blonde and caucasian girls but being the shy asian kid, never had a chance.

Living in Asia, I F*cked over 100 European girls. How so? Because living in Southeast Asia... my status automatically went up. I became an intriguing person because i'm a good looking tanned asian guy who was educated and spoke english.

Living in South East Asia.. I became EXOTIC . as opposed to when living in USA. I was just another asian dude. HUGE change of environment that changes perception, status and attraction.

Man I learned so much.

In USA. to get girls you think you need money, nice car, nice clothes, nice house. But in reality... those things... is to have a perceived increase in status which you think is required to get the girl.

Which is true....

But you can increase your status in a different way. I became a Scuba Diving Instructor. And just like that... My status went up in that environment.

not rich, no big house, no car.. just teaching scuba diving to hot 20 year old european chicks.

Perceived Status Increase --> Better with Women

Living Abroad also gives you adventure, memories and stories to tell. After all... Aren't we here to have as much FUN as we can? Yes.. we work, and eat, sleep, and work.. But essentially we need to have FUN.

And if you want to party like a rockstar, f**k like a pornstar, and release your Inner Tyler Durden (fight club)...

Go live in Asia for a few months.

Let's connect and live a f***ing amazing life 8)


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Re: Modern Day Samurai Living Everywhere

Post by momopi » October 5th, 2018, 11:15 pm

Years ago when I visited Boracay, I was told that it was a popular destination for school trips and the young, tanned & fit Filipino diving instructors were invited to all the good parties with college/HS girls. ;)

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Re: Modern Day Samurai Living Everywhere

Post by zboy1 » October 6th, 2018, 4:27 am

Welcome to the forum, Samurai.

I am also an Asian living abroad, namely China. You're welcome to pm and we can chat in the future.

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Re: Modern Day Samurai Living Everywhere

Post by Yohan » October 7th, 2018, 3:39 am

Welcome, I am from Europe, but living in Asia since 1972, most time in Japan, but also in Thailand and Philippines.

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