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my dilemma

Ask questions and get advice. Disclaimer: Any advice you take here is at your own risk. We are not liable for any consequences you might incur from following advice here. Note: Before posting your question, do a search for it in the Google Search box at the top to see if it's been addressed.

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Post by womanizer » June 12th, 2011, 8:16 am

no I'm not Dominican.

odbo: did you mean what you said or were you being sarcastic? What you said about pros sounded kinda off the wall to be honest.

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Post by odbo » June 12th, 2011, 8:59 am

About the prostitutes falling in love? Yes I meant that in a positive way, a lifestyle doesn't have to be permanent.

Also I'd like to say that we men are all hard-wired the same way. We all want the same thing on some level, but some of us want more and realize by being sexually active with people we don't know, we cheapen any future monogamous relationship. Some are happy with shallow happiness, others look for a fuller experience. Maybe some accomplish both?

The idea that you were born polygamous while others are born monogamous is not true and sounds like a cop-out. Being sex crazed is something the media strongly pushes, and probably also comes from your culture, you character, and life philosophies you've developed (mostly subconsciously). I think you won't really know how you feel until you are with someone you really care about. A problem you might be facing is if the media conditioning (and sleeping around) has left you in a state where you can't fall in love.

I personally want to be monogamous, however I'd be willing to adapt my ideals if nature called me to do it. In some cultures sex outside of marriage is fine as long as it's purely physical and you don't give the mistress your heart, and you don't sleep with married women. Most people are not monogamous by choice and are forced by social pressures to be so, the religious types are often in denial which leads to unhappiness.

Buddhism and Christianity (contrary to popular American belief) goes with our nature, Judaism and other shit religions against it. Morals are not supposed to be annoying and uncool. Morals are supposed to make you happy and satisfied.

Dig past what you think you want and figure out what you really want and need to be happy. You might be like Winston and trying to cover up deep-rooted issues with sex. You might really be a "monogamous man" who's confused. Whatever that means. I think we're all unsure of what we want.

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Post by ladislav » June 12th, 2011, 11:05 am

Buddhism and Christianity
You mean, Islam? Not Christianity.

(contrary to popular American belief) goes with our nature, Judaism and other shit religions against it

But King Solomon or was it King David, had some 400 wives and 600 concubines. The prohibitions of Judaism are for the poor.
Morals are not supposed to be annoying and uncool. Morals are supposed to make you happy and satisfied.
There is one set of morals for the poor and one for the rich.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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Post by have2fly » June 13th, 2011, 2:46 am

As I recall my life in Ukraine, every respected business man and/or politician has a wife with kids and always gets younger girls on the side, it is considered normal (not by his wife of course) because young student girls have no cash for fun (nightclubs/drinks etc), so they love when a decent guy can provide it to them. They also like older men, 10-15 year difference is often nothing in Ukraine. It seems to be a trend there nowadays due to so many hot women around and very few men, even less men who can support a family - so guys that have power/wealth tend to divorce first wife after 5-10 years and marry a hot 20 year old for another 5-10 years and then again :) The supply is overwhelming, so why not? :)

Also in Eastern Europe it is normal to have a secretary who is your lover, usually secretary escorts her boss everywhere in E Europe, so pretty much he picks the hottest one to enjoy. Sometimes those guys divorce their wives for secretary, sometimes they switch secretaries every year. You get the idea - so much more freedom there.

Women in Eastern Europe don't like the idea of having a mistress, so you will need to hide it. It also depends on the wife, some girls will be glad to have you as a provider and know that you have another girl on the side, but they will be fine with that knowing that you will always come back etc. Some girls are really wild over there, so they will even be OK with threesome sometimes to "spice it up", some girls will just do threesome being afraid of losing you etc. Anyhow, Ladislav posted videos in other topics - parties over there are CRAZY. Las Vegas is a pre-school level compared to Ph.D. level of parties in Eastern Europe, I am not kidding.

For example, I feel that I would like to settle with one girl, but I don't even want to marry yet. Also I feel like I need to live in Eastern Europe for a few years to "blow off the steam". But that's the beauty of living up there - women dislike, but usually understand that you need your "guy time" to hang out with men - because men are way closer to each other than in U.S. (not gay close!). You go to any club/bar with friends - chances are you will talk to at least 5 girls that night because almost every bar/club in Ukraine has a ratio of 6-7 girls to 3-4 guys or better. But again is that cheating? I just can't cope with an idea that some girl will truly love me, but I will have someone else on the side.

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Post by djfourmoney » June 13th, 2011, 5:48 am

There's always France where such things as having a woman on the side is considered "normal". I keep saying this, I was floored by Larisa a Ukrainian Woman I met online that said she would tolerate me being with other women as long as I didn't embarrass the family.

I still am shocked this came from a woman... But then I remember she's not from America.

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Post by E_Irizarry » June 13th, 2011, 6:20 pm

I had given a couple of curable STDs to Filipinas before, and they didn't cut me off. I just manned up and paid for their med's and consoled them and we are still in periodic touch with each other every now and then. I soon after got myself cured after accidently discovering that I had given it to them.
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