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any good legit US dating websites for African-American males

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any good legit US dating websites for African-American males

Post by hamdizzel444 » June 28th, 2012, 5:34 pm

hello all im currently a college student hoping to one day after
finishing my degree to leave the US for somewhere else
for the time being however im trying dating websites with no luck
Elena's is legit but I think has a racial problem most women
there will NOT even be interested in a black man same for
these dating websites are atrocious im not even gonna bother with e-harmony

communty college is not a a good social scene nether...

im getting really down guys my lack of success with women

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Post by aozora13 » June 29th, 2012, 5:05 pm


I know exactly what you mean. There is a website called which might be helpful to you. I have tried it with 'mixed' results. I mean by this is that I dated girls who were basically low quality and it did not progress beyond 1 date because most of them were not really attractive (I am not talking about only American but Foreign as well). I have tried to met some relatively attractive girls in their countries while I was in Europe for 1 year but you have to be in an environment where you can be sure to get a decent girl.

Unfortunately, America is not the place for dating; especially if you want to date other ethnic groups and even some foreign girls I tried to contact in a normal message to see how they are basically look at my profile and message and do not respond and it does not look bad at all.

Afroromance might work out for you. I am basically to the point where I might just try to focus my time to work on my hobbies and try to use certain websites to relax my urges. Relationships and Dating are not worth the trouble in America and women for the most part can have unrealistic expectations for men regardless of ethnic group.

Ham, since I think you are close to the Canada, I think you might want to see if you can possibly try to research local hotspots in Vancouver, BC for some girls since I know in Washington State it sucks and in DC where I am now, girls are too elitist for the most part to mix date here usually unless the girl is a different class altogether.

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Post by hamdizzel444 » June 29th, 2012, 5:22 pm

your right I can go to Canada I was thinking of trying Mexico or belize too in the future
since I enjoy Hispanic women but I also care about my education too women are a part of my life
but not all of it it just frustrates me why I have to go to a different country to meet women when
there is millions of women in the US? boggles my mind

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Post by xiongmao » June 29th, 2012, 6:14 pm

Elena's is probably not so good for you. Plenty of Russian women like non-white men, but it's not a good place to go and meet women (even if you're white for that matter). China or Japan would be better.

Check my site as well (link in sig) as ALL men are gigantically popular in the Philippines and there are some pretty hot girls on there. Leave the ladyboys on there for Winston though :lol: .
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Post by hamdizzel444 » June 30th, 2012, 2:58 am

relocating? thats possible but US has some good things too
gotta have a balance

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