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what precautions should one take while in brazil?

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what precautions should one take while in brazil?

Postby picasso25 » Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:10 am

I am thinking of visiting brazil and I was wondering, do any of you think it is safe to go out to clubs or bars at night? what precautions should a tourist take while in brazil? also I hear it is easy to hook up with girls in brazil, when people say this, do you think they are hooking mostly up with prostitutes or do you think that the women there are just really freaky there and are easy enough to talk to that a tourist could easily score with many women while visiting?
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Postby Free » Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:18 pm

Well Brasil is a large country and varies somewhat. Where would you be going?
Yes, in Rio I did witness a few tourists getting jumped, but one guy for example was drunk, by himself and certainly not paying attention. The two guys tore him to shreds. Unfortunate to say, this was right on Copa beach. You obviously wouldn't be strolling the favelas, so overall, common sense plays out. Never get too out of it, watch out for scammers. Don't give money out to any new friends no matter how great a deal they say they have. You'll of course never see them again. This should be common sense, but some people do it.

As has been said before, some slums in US cities can be more dangerous. Don't stress too much about it. Others have made it just fine.
There were many nights I went out by myself, several regular clubs. Just relax. Stay aware, but also be relaxed. Be confident.

You also should be able to get a feel of non-workers vs. workers. Although there are some "higher class" working type that look like regular college type hotties. The majority of guys that I have heard from hooking up a lot there, yes, actually were with working girls, but it's certainly possible with "normal" girls. Your type and location depending.

Another variable depends on your preference of women, if you have one. For example, the european type (such as with PT, SP, etc) can be a lot tougher to pick up. No surprise there. That's my type and so I tried with them. Yet I saw other guys hooking up easier with the afro-brasilian (or whatever term you want to use). There are more in Rio and Salvador than in Sao Paolo. SP is more of a business city, can also be dangerous, but has a safer feel to it. Somewhat more dull in the regard if you like the beach life like in Rio. SP has more of a Portugal feel, and the women are tougher there.

Like anything, it all depends. Depends on you, your timing, luck, skills, etc.
Don't think about it too much.
Also check out some other forums. There are frequently guys that go there. Maybe you can message them to meet up as a hang out buddy. Or just meet someone while there.
It's easy to do. During the day, stroll Copa beach, stop at one of the stands for a drink if you see an open chance to converse with another tourist.

Good luck.
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