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Huh? I don't get it. WTF?

Ask questions and get advice. Disclaimer: Any advice you take here is at your own risk. We are not liable for any consequences you might incur from following advice here. Note: Before posting your question, do a search for it in the Google Search box at the top to see if it's been addressed.

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Post by keius » February 17th, 2011, 11:33 am

globetrotter wrote:
momopi wrote:Modern Chinese geneticists, such as Li Jin, believe that the Chinese originated from Africa about 60,000 years ago: ... 45573.html
Most Chinese would never admit to such a thing.
Hehe yeah. I'll give him that though, modern Chinese geneticists do go along with the modern theories espoused by modern science.
Sooo...out of the ~1.3 billion Chinese, how many of them are modern Chinese geneticists again? :wink:

You'll also find that "Most Asians would never admit to such a thing."

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Post by ladislav » February 17th, 2011, 8:08 pm

When you ask the Japanese where they came from, they will say- nobody knows. But basically they are a mixture- Malay race + Proto-Koreans + Siberian tribes. That is why they have a language that sounds like Tagalog with Korean inflections. And of course, they mutated too and developed a unique Japanese look.
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Post by momopi » February 18th, 2011, 7:02 am

Japan has been populated for at least 30,000 years. Most people assume immigration flowed from Asia's mainland to Japan in ancient times, but relics such as the magatama were found earlier in Japan than Korea, suggesting two-way migration. By Kofun period, Chinese and Korean immigration to Japan was common and many immigrant clans claimed to be decedents of Chinese royalty (see: We're not sure if they were pretenders or whatever, but from historical perspective, when a kingdom is lost, the former royalty often fled to a friendly neighbor. Being better educated and technologically advanced, the Chinese and Koreans back then would've enjoyed higher socio-economic status even as refugees, with valuable skills such as silk weaving and government administration.

The dominate ethnicity in Japan today is the Yamato. In early Tang-China period, the Yamato were still battling against the Emishi for dominance of Japan. Eventually the Emishi would be wiped out or assimilated. Few other cultures in the outer islands survived through Japan's expansion and conquest, i.e. Ainu, Ryukyuans, Nivkhs, Ulta, etc. Miyazaki's Mononoke-hime's characters are based fictional isolated Emishi village boy & the expanding Yamato people.


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Post by CIA » March 29th, 2011, 6:30 pm

the british worked very hard at putting the indians where theyre at now, and keeping them there til this day. the u.s., britain, and its rogue allies do this throughout the world. it is basically economic sabotage. they sabotage the industries of other countries in order to keep theirs going. the west has these types of operations going on throughout the world. one example is the plaza accord, and how it crashed the japanese economy. there is a combination of things that the u.s. and its allies does to keep countries poor. things range from economic sabotage to blackmale, bribery, overthrowing socialist govts, coups, color revolutions, playing one country against another, sanctions, and military force. one of the ways the american, british, and other rogue allies are able to keep india destabilised is by getting india to fight against pakistan. the americans and rogue allies also have a campaign going trying to get india to fight against china. the americans and its rogue allies were behind the mumbai bombings, but somehow blamed it on pakistan. the americans et al are very good at this. so you say then why are the indians stupid enough to go along with this. my guess is that any leader that doesnt go along with it, gets assasinated. the americans are also very good at that. india ... 1-s04.html

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