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Countries That Love Black Men (Updated)

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Re: Countries That Love Black Men (Updated)

Post by Rock » November 2nd, 2016, 12:15 pm

retiredfrank wrote:
Rock wrote: But I don't agree that difficulty keeps down costs! Countries with very poor infrastructure tend to be more expensive for visitors than those which are a bit better developed. It's generally a lot cheaper to visit and live in DR than Haiti. Decent infrastructure and security creates many efficiencies and scale economies. That's why well oiled countries like Thailand tend to be cheaper than less developed ones like say Kenya. Sure if you live 100% like a regular local in place like Madagascar, you may spend nothing during that period. But what about your flights in and out, what about your health issues, what about boredom, etc. Your body may not adapt well because you were not raised in such an environment. It's a lot easier to get very ill, depressed, etc. if you don't have at least some bubble to rely on or at least escape to from time to time.
Poorly developed countries have no rhyme or reason about prices, and there is a foreigner price that can be 100 times the local price, so there's some truth in what you write. If you want cheap, you have to live like the locals, which means speaking the local lingo and knowing how to negotiate. Once you find a protector (the street smart landlord who rents rooms to locals, NOT a tourist hotel) everything gets easier, because you will be his best-paying customer and he will try to keep you happy, out of trouble, etc. And there's no emotion involved like with a woman, just a business relationship. For a price, he will ease the way in all sorts of things, and that price will be low in dirt poor countries, thigh you have to know how to negotiate, which means having a plan for walking away if the price is too high (like going to the local market, waving some money at an old woman and saying you need a bed fur the night, the bed will be pestilential, but you'll live to find something better the next day, though most likely the greedy landlord will cave when he sees you are prepared to walk, obviously you MUST speak the local lingo for this to work).

If living like a local gives you the willies, then yes, better to stick to the well-developed countries.

Note that my idea for Haiti assumes an American who visits a mistress there a few months a year, so returning to America to earn more money is his escape from third world misery. (Needless to say, the man would be a fool to marry and bring a woman to the USA from Haiti or anywhere else for that matter, I've made this point over and over on this forum.)

As for illness, Haiti is a short and cheap plane trip to Miami. Africa another story. Transportation a big problem there, which is why I'd advise against it for Americans.
Living in Florida and taking extended trips to Jamaica, Haiti, DR, Cuba, etc. sounds like the best of both worlds.

I would love to try out Ghana too. The biggest hindrance is the prevalence of germs and diseases, some of which locals are more immune to. Sanitation is cities there is awful. Catching malaria sounds like a real nightmare too.

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Re: Countries That Love Black Men (Updated)

Post by Kradmelder » November 2nd, 2016, 2:56 pm

Citizen wrote:What about South Africa, Brazil, France and America? There are lots and lots of black people in those countries. If black men have something to offer society, shouldn't black men be loved in those countries? Surely, life has been consistently improving where large numbers black men exist.
They do make a contribution: to the crime rate.

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Re: Countries That Love Black Men (Updated)

Post by Kradmelder » November 2nd, 2016, 3:00 pm

Rock wrote:

Living in Florida and taking extended trips to Jamaica, Haiti, DR, Cuba, etc. sounds like the best of both worlds.

I would love to try out Ghana too. The biggest hindrance is the prevalence of germs and diseases, some of which locals are more immune to. Sanitation is cities there is awful. Catching malaria sounds like a real nightmare too.
If you are considering going to africa to miscegenate, AIDS should be your biggest concern. In Ghana the rate must be over 25%, and if remove the young who haven't mated yet, and just look at the loose women it must be over 75%. There are signs everywhere in Ghana warning you to use condoms and about AIDS. I don't mind if they all vrek, but I do mind if you take it home and spread it to other races. :lol:

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Re: Countries That Love Black Men (Updated)

Post by retiredfrank » November 2nd, 2016, 11:32 pm

HIV/AIDS is much more prevalent in southern Africa, including Republic of South Africa, than west Africa, at least according to official statistics (obviously, all official statistics in Africa are suspect). ... lence_rate

There are many theories as to why west Africa has less of an HIV problem than southern Africa. One reason is undoubtedly precisely because they warn about the problem in places like Ghana and try to prevent the spread of HIV, whereas fools in places like RSA prefer to sweep the problem under the table, thus allowing the disease to spread unchecked.

The reason why Muslim countries have less HIV is obvious: sexual conservatism.

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Re: Countries That Love Black Men (Updated)

Post by Snowbunny99 » November 29th, 2017, 11:34 pm

Hallo people.

Germany for sure...

I don't really know why me and the other girls are so attracted to black men, or how it has become a trend at german women.
I only can speak for myself, and i know the opinions and experiances from my friends and pales, i hang up with.
Surely it's about their dark skin, and mostly i like a black mens apearance. Sometimes it's the dark voice. It also could be the way he moves, his behavior, or how he smells...
Most of them are confident and a women gets all the attention she needs, and within there is also the sexual aspect.

Before you ask: If i can proof the big myth, you'll know what i mean, it's always a bonus. For now, it's all i have to say about this point.

Another reason for some german women may be the history, and the persecution and the genocide by the nazis. But that's not me and i think it's not the mean reason.

In the last 70 years most German man and women have learned to be more tolerant and open minded. Remember the long period of
occupation in germany, GIs were based in germany. Much of them married a german women and have a family.
That's why the german women learned about the afro-american and African culture or even the sub-culture of both. So german girls have already some interrests in black men and his
culture, or the girls got a good base for a flirt.

What i mean is: In the end it's all about the feelings and which desires you have. Feelings that all humans have when we fall in love, or get attracted to a man or a women.
People have preferences and desires, and also in sexuality and relationships. So it makes no difference if people are more attracted to white, black or any other ethnicy.
It's always a thing about prejudices, wishes or the desires you have. Our hopes and our desires are depending on the prejudices. Only there are some prejudices who are not so good or helpful like the other ones. That's the border to racism or other evil thoughts.
The best way to any prejudices or a myth, is to know if it's real and to proof it. Me and other women have done this.

I've tried, to find some studies and informations
about how many women are attracted to
black guys. Also if women are married with
black men, or want to have sex with them.

The problem: Not all of them are serious. In germany unfortunately, there seems to be no studies or surveys, including german women who are married or want to have sex with a black men.
The studies and surveys i've found, also the serious ones, are different in their results.

A study says 87% (!?) of all American women fantasize about having sex with a black guy. Similar studies about this question shows 51% and 42% of all white American women.
Studies in Europe released 53% and 64% of all european women are attracted to black men.
European studies exposing, it's deciding in which country the women lives.

As i have said before: I got no studies or survays, how german girls think about marriage or dating/have sex with a black male. Pertaining to my own experiences and the perceptions of my friends and my people, i will estimate the number of german women with “dark fantasies“ surely about 60%.
Some of you might wonder about this percentage. Remember, no one of us share all of his thoughts, opinions or desires with each other. If we would be honest all the time, we couldn't be in relationships or have a friend. Sometimes we must hide our real
feelings to maintain our relationships.

Long days and pleasent nights...

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Post by Guts » July 16th, 2018, 5:18 am

SilverEnergy wrote:
February 11th, 2014, 6:16 am
Taiwan and South Korea are not the best examples of where black men can do well at.

Black men do fine in Japan.
What evidence do you have to support this claim? Most Asian women don't date blacks, especially highly intelligent ones like Japanese women.

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