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The Anatomy of Sex & Power

Share and recommend books and websites that you think are worth checking out.

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The Anatomy of Sex & Power

Postby NorthAmericanguy » Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:05 pm

Ok guys, I got another good book for you guys. I just got my copy the other day and it's a pager turner!

The book is called, The Anatomy of Sex and Power: An Investigation of Mind-Body Politics, by Michael Hutchison

Book description: "Hutchison selectively cites evidence from neuroscience, biology and anthropology to support his arguments that men are innately more aggressive and violent than women, whereas women are more nurturant. Other innate differences are that men feel more sexual jealousy and are more likely to crave a variety of sex partners, while women appear to have less need for orgasm. "Big-T types" (persons with high testosterone levels) are pugnacious and dominant--creative, adventurous risk-takers. "Little-T types," many of whom are women, seek conformity, structure, safety and cooperative effort." ... 0688065880

A few paragraphs taken from the book

•"In 1960 had come the pill. Almost overnight, like a science-fiction utopian novel come true, there it was, promising worry-free sex, allowing women to follow their sexual desires as freely as men- more freely, since men faced the difficulty (more difficult for some then others) of finding a willing sexual partner, while women, freed by the Pill, were assured of as many sexual partners as they wished."

•"The point here is not so much that Americans are fascinated with sex. That would not make us different from anybody else. What is important is that Americans can only feel comfortable with sex when it's disguised as something else- like news, politics, or religion. Otherwise, it makes us nervous, it frightens us, it fills us with emotions and impulses we don't know what to do with. We still believe there is something dirty, naughty, or threatening about it, and so the only way we can allow ourselves to deal with it is by making certain that those who are dirty or naughty are punished, and we watch what we take to be a morality play with consuming interest."

•"We [Americans] are obsessed with sex, but insist it is something too low, too dirty, too shameful, for us to really be wasting our time on, at least in public. The result is our unique cultural schizophrenia that causes us to spend most of our time in a state of arousal while pretending to disapprove of the very thing that's arousing us."

•"Steven Marcus explained this process in his influential 1967 book The Other Victorians: A Study of sexuality and Pornography in Mid-Nineteenth Century England. In his discussion of the shift of sexual values that took place in Victorian England, Marcus emphasized that " a general restructuring of the personality occurred, and what emerged at the end was a character which was more armored and more rigidified, a character.... less spontaneous, less openly sexual and probably sexually thwarted. This is the character which the modern middle class has inherited and that everyone is miserable about; and is not open to doubt that a loss of tragic magnitude was entailed in the change."

•"Beneath the surface of urgent desire, under the hearts and flowers of romance and sentimentality, lies raw politic, a struggle for survival, and ultimately, in a very real sense, the power to survive death."

•"The power that both sexes bring to the negotiating table sees linked in part to the action of the same biochemical testosterone, and to the different levels of this hormone in their systems. A biochemical difference between the sexes has, the evidence strongly suggest, lead men and women to different strategies for exercising power, and a clash of those strategies had contributed to what has been called the longest war- the one between sexes."
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Postby onezero4u » Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:27 am

the author lost me right here:
"men are innately more aggressive and violent than women, whereas women are more nurturant. Other innate differences are that men feel more sexual jealousy and are more likely to crave a variety of sex partners"

maybe that was true in biblical times but not since ive been alive....BS
marriage is a 3 ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and then suffering.
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Postby NorthAmericanguy » Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:44 pm

^^ You don't think men are aggressive? Onezero, you're far more likely to be killed at the hands of a male (i.e. carjacking, robbery, murder) then a female.

And god forbid you get locked up in prison: ... re=related

Females mostly inflict emotional and psychological aggression towards males, with males then retaliating with murder and /or suicide.

Are there deadly females out there that inflict physical aggression towards males? Sure.

One female that comes to mind is Griselda Blanco, but she is NOT the norm.

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