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The Leipzig Connection

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The Leipzig Connection

Post by NorthAmericanguy » February 25th, 2012, 11:20 pm

You guys should like this book, it's called, The Leipzig Connection: Sabotage of the US Educational System, by Paolo Lionni.


Random reviews do a good job of telling what the book is all about:

"Basically, this is a great place to start if you want to understand how American education got so messed up. It's a small book with less than 100 little pages, but it covers all the important people in the early decades, from about 1880 to 1950.

The thesis is that all our early educators got their start in Germany, at a famous university there, and acquired a lot of unfortunate tendencies. The book contains many quotations by all the heavy hitters (from Wilhelm Wundt to Rockefeller), with a footnote on almost every page, plus a dozen photographs and a long bibliography. The book definitely has a case to make, but does so in a scholarly way.

Here's one of John Dewey's quotations: "The ultimate problem of all education is to coordinate the psychological and social factors." From there it's all downhill. Note that there's no mention of anything academic or scholarly. Note that Dewey could solve this problem to his immense satisfaction and students could still end up ignorant. Which is pretty much what he achieved for us.

Don't suppose that these long ago manias have somehow moved on. They have not. In one of the weirdest pairings in history, far-left academics used Rockefeller's guilty millions to fund and shape Teachers College (and many others) with the express purpose of churning out indoctrinated teachers who would then be sent out into the countryside to indoctrinate the young. The beat goes on.

"If you want to know what happened to the 'educational' system (Rockefeller) and how our concept of doctoring / medicine became synonymous with pharmaceutical drugging this is the book to read.

All of it is fully documented and it paints a clear picture of the deliberate infiltration of those areas for the purpose of creating a 'worker' class a 'manageable' society that is easily manipulatable and use-able.

It is amazing how the German / Nazi doctors were relabeled and imported as psychiatrists in the US and then around the world and how their 'man is an animal' doctrines were implanted into colleges by Rockefeller. VERY INTERESTING. Very glad i read it. It's a real eye opener. I'd especially recommend that all doctors read this."

I found it online for free for you all to read:

Or you can buy it here: ... tfortruthi

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