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New Zealand's only functional community

Posted: August 31st, 2012, 4:08 am
by Cornfed
The only real community that I'm aware of amidst the sea of filth that is modern New Zealand are these guys. ... _Community

They used to have their own website, but it seems to be down. Commonly called the Cooperites, they live in an isolated area on the West Coast. They lead a traditional lifestyle where men are inducted into various useful trades while women are wives and mothers. The women dress modestly and are forbidden to act slutishly. Members who want to leave the community are given a few thousand dollars and sent on their way. It is a testament to the sheer efficiency of the traditional lifestyle that they are affluent even though they do not accept any form of government welfare. Any other small NZ town would collapse immediately without government money. They survived the traditional railroading of their leader on sex charges and appear to avoid much persecution from the regime by virtue of their importance to the local economy. As an alternative to going abroad, guys like many on this forum might consider joining of founding communities like this.

Posted: August 31st, 2012, 6:48 am
by Jester
Interesting. I should research the sex charges to determine if they sound real.

But I like what I read here:

Surplus of virgins.


Posted: August 31st, 2012, 8:48 pm
by polya
I've researched these communities as an old College friend lives in a Christian community. He's single and has never married, so your chances of having a family in these communites is not 100%.
I personally don't want to live in such a community as I'm not religious and I like being on my own.

Posted: September 1st, 2012, 12:42 am
by fschmidt
Here is a video about the place:

There are other communities like this in other places. If anyone here joins one, I would be interested in feedback. For morality, Islam, Orthodox Judaism, and possibly Japan are other options.

Posted: September 1st, 2012, 8:59 am
by Jester
Cornfed wrote:When you think about it, forming some isolated religious community like that is the only way to have anything approaching a normal family life. Traditionally wives are supposed to leave their family and join their husband's family. Presumably if you go overseas you would have to join your wife's family or live in isolation, so the relationship is wrong to begin with. Extended families are supposed to live in close physical proximity and share a resource base. Having outside whorporate jobs, aside from sucking, undermines the integrity of the family. Husbands are supposed to provide for and protect their wives. In normal Western settings this position is undermined by regime money given to women and the regime's hired goons. Children are supposed to be an asset rather than a liability, and with this type of arrangement they could be allowed to contribute to community life early. It is only with this type of arrangement that non-slut wives could be provided and wives could be prevented from whoring it up after marriage. Women would be afraid to do antisocial things like calling the pigs on their husbands and risk being shunned by the community and losing everything they had know. Anyone know how you would get a religious movement like this off the ground?
There is a Christian polygamy movement in the U.S. - I'm on their mailing list. I'll try to post the link. They don't have a localized community though, more like a network. They gather together for vacations several times a year.

Home schoolers are another resource. They are more numerous, and not alla re religious. Lots of liberal or libertarian educated White homeschoolers in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Many put their kids part-time in an unschooling-movement school, I forget the name of the movement. Parents are involved. Children are indeed an asset if you're not chauffering them to school, paying tuition, pleasing teachers and school officials, etc. Keep them close and teach them what you know.

Other than that I have thought have forming my own Catholic sect, perhaps technically within Catholic church in a polygamy-tolerant place like Paraguay or Latin America in general or Phils. Pentecostals within Catholic church have separate prayer meetings but still attend community Mass on Sunday. Some parishes allow this. Separate Pentecostal church is okay but hard to reach critical mass fast, and exposes the family to scrutiny from self-righteous nosy monogamists, pacifists, and other Protestant aberrations.

Will advise if my idea happens. Not till I put down roots though.

The first step is to manage one's own household. Care for wife and children, and use a stick on wife's behind regularly. And worship together. She has to respect you in front of kids. This makes you a patriarch. A man is the head of the church in his own household. "Church" is a coming together of men, to benefit men. Gives you that extended family.

I agree with you about woman leaving family to join man, in Armenia wife actually moves in with husbands parents (oldest son only). Done here in Glendale among working class. This is a concern I have about the Phil's. I do not want her hundred relatives, that i have to please/pay for. I want to build my own tribe and run my own show. Yeah Middle East or most places in Africa will make this easy. Ethiopia always tempting, attractive women, Christian, polygamy-friendly, trial marriage okay (similar to first 7 years of Biblical servitude), easy residency for Americans, good food....

Re living in close proximity with the man's family, I do envision bringing my sons to join me abroad. All speak Spanish, and we have assigned youngest to add Portugese in college this year. We figure Portugese will be a good business language anywhere, but especially anywhere in South America. Eventual goal for me is probably next door in Uruguay.

I posted some other ideas for places on fschmidt's thread about a civilized place.

Unlike fschmidt I think some good Latin-type "illegitimacy" is okay - a sign that women are not aborting kids, that people are having sex and are not asexual / androgynous / sterile, and that I can build a tribe with several moms in the tribe. A strong man who maintains his authority will generally keep his women loyal. Mistresses of the same man have a love/hate relationship, but the children all love each other.

Posted: September 1st, 2012, 9:11 am
by Jester
fschmidt wrote:Here is a video about the place:

It would be interesting to tour the place if they allow that.

I like the young lady stirring the oatmeal at 3:46!

Posted: January 31st, 2014, 7:18 pm
by theprimebait
fschmidt wrote:Here is a video about the place:

There are other communities like this in other places. If anyone here joins one, I would be interested in feedback. For morality, Islam, Orthodox Judaism, and possibly Japan are other options.
Possibly a place for Tsar?

btw,can you eloborate on why Japan is a moral country?

Posted: February 1st, 2014, 12:43 am
by fschmidt
theprimebait wrote:Possibly a place for Tsar?
I think you need to be a serious Christian to fit in. Is Tsar a serious Christian?
btw,can you eloborate on why Japan is a moral country?
I lived there for a year and I saw for myself that Japan was moral. But that was 20 years ago. I will go back in a few months and see if it has changed. Back then the Japanese were considerate people who obeyed most of the 10 commandments better than any other country that I have seen.