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Global Warming Is On Hold

Discuss science and technology topics here.

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Re: Global Warming Is On Hold

Post by tom » January 28th, 2018, 4:51 am

Feminist doubling down on global warming feels morally superior as this benefit is delivered by blaming the straight CIS gender. Special snowflakes will make the CIS gender guilty for global cooling too if the snow keeps piling up.

It looks like the sun has a lot to do with the weather, who would have thought. The sun ebbs and flows in cycles. This has many secondary effects. In higher northern/southern latitudes it does look like the trend is for some deep freezing among other significant changes. Climate change but not quite the way the true believers thought,



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Re: Global Warming Is On Hold

Post by Adama » January 29th, 2018, 1:52 am

The amazing thing is that people actually believe in this climate change, even after their predictions of destruction have failed many years ago.

I even remember Al Gore on SNL years ago (when I used to watch it) saying that since at that time in winter there was a rather warm day, that that was proof of climate change (they used to call it global warming til they couldn't explain stuff like winters being cold).

But nowadays when winter is extremely cold you can't point that out as a failure of global warming because, "it's more complicated than that."
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Re: Global Warming Is On Hold

Post by Kelavad » January 29th, 2018, 3:25 pm

Every year they talk about it, but there are facts. If there is snow in the desert, then nothing can be done.

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Re: Global Warming Is On Hold

Post by Moretorque » January 29th, 2018, 10:58 pm

We need those psychotic Jews to get a nuclear war going to warm things up around here.....
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Re: Global Warming Is On Hold

Post by tom » January 31st, 2018, 4:26 am

Those that adhere to the global warming faith do not want you to know about the Eemian Interglacial. This was the warm period before the last ice age that was actually significantly warmer than it is today. The hearsay is life flourished in the Eemian.

When I did a Google search on "Eemian" and this was the first thing that came up "Warm climate -- cold Arctic? The Eemian is a poor analogue for current climate change". It appears global warming believers were shaming anyone guilty of knowing about the Eemian. The tell is this being the first link in the Google search, a likely rigged search result.

Plants plus more CO2 equal bigger greener plants, CO2 seems vital for a green earth. Viewing everything humans do as bad for nature is a religious view, its part of the postmodernist religion. "Global warming" is part of this religion. Global warming becomes very useful to the postmodernist believer as an emotional manipulation tool of guilt and shame. And as you know the guilty have to pay.

If the sun actually does go into a minimum phase and we actually begin entering a little ice age (I have no way to know if this will happen just speculating). Expect more doubling down on resentment of the productive with global warming blame all while cognizant dissonance increases. If it gets frosty enough all bets are off, falsified warming data will not will not have much utility if everything is frozen. Then it would depend on who has the food. Special snowflakes by necessity will find new guilt and shaming narratives that will be more effective, yes men will still be guilty.

As humans it may be we are somehow hard wired to be hyper paranoid about the future weather, it seems to be a common narrative no mater how you look at this. It might be a good adaptation as weather does shift from time to time. Humans don't have fur and must always be ready.

If you want a primordial religious perspective go here. The conclusion is women need more resource transfers no mater the situation or reasoning. This is the feminist constant.

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