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Anyone else miss the 80's?

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Re: Anyone else miss the 80's?

Post by gsjackson » November 14th, 2017, 8:03 pm

Winston wrote:Gsjackson,
But in the 80s there was no alternative media and no internet. So the public never got to hear anything anti-american. There was no alex jones back then. So americans were still very patriotic and flag waving. But now a lot of people are anti-american, both in america and abroad, and the internet and alternative media have spread a lot of anti-american sentiment too. And we have so many documentaries like Zeitgeist and Why We Fight and NWO documentaries, etc. So theres no comparison right?

What about my point about the family yelling and infighting in the 80s thats not that common now? Did you notice that too?

Also i noticed that kids could make racial slurs during the early 80s. Such as "chinese japanese dirty wapanese" and make fun of my slanted eyes by imitating it. And also this common school joke: "Open the refrigerator, take out the coke, drink it, put it back in, close the door." Then after that, "me chinese, me play joke, me go peepee in your coke." After a few years, someone invented a comeback and it spread all across america. It went like this, "me american, me play smart, me not drink the peepee part." Lol. Does anyone remember that? Was that a nationwide joke? Or only a California one? Lol
The entire left wing of the political spectrum was essentially anti-American still in the '80s, a residue of the '60s and '70s. The main theme of the Nixon presidency was that there was this "great silent majority" of Americans out there who were still deeply patriotic. The point being that anti-Americanism was so much in evidence during those days that it was easy to assume the entire country felt that way. There is much, much more pressure now to conform and toe the "patriotic" line, at least in white America.

I've never been around people who yell, except for the patriarch of a Polish family I stayed with (a perfectly absurd little man), so I have no idea if what you say about that is true. I will say it was in the '90s when it began to dawn on me that there were many millions of domestic couples like the (OJ) Simpsons who would squabble all the time and scream their fool heads off at each other. I assumed it had something to do with drugs and wild mood swings, and I assume it's still very much around.

Ethnic jokes weren't quite beyond the Pale yet in the '80s. I never heard the one you mentioned.

Edit: I'll just add that while anti-Americanism was around in the '80s, what wasn't was the conspiracy theories and a sense that the Jews were behind all the shit. That has certainly increased dramatically with the internet. Jews were in the center of the anti-Americanism in those days. Now they run the show, so they impose conformity, allegiance to the flag, militarism -- all the things that used to be associated with the great silent Christian majority.

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