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My Idea for Meeting Filipinas Abroad

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Will N. Dowd
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My Idea for Meeting Filipinas Abroad

Post by Will N. Dowd » September 13th, 2018, 9:43 pm

While I'm in Canada I try with minimal effort to meet girls online, but it always ends in me chatting with a few, but never meeting any. The last gal I had here was the Taiwanese midget bombshell in 2012.

Many Filipinas are here, but they are usually quite unattractive and would be hard to meet anyways. A search of local Filipinas on Filipinocupid here gets me 13 results, with 2 online in the last month. Yes I'm serious, 2! It makes sense of course, since now they are not in the Philippines, they don't need a foreigner to rescue them and bring them abroad. They can work in Canada and date the local Filipinos, sing karaoke, eat disgusting food and speak Tagalog. I'm convinced that most Filipinas lose interest in dating foreigners once they are abroad.

"Dating" sites and apps are of course essentially useless in Canada, and were that way when I first tried them in 2006. I did come up with an idea for meeting local Filipinas though, but haven't tried it. The idea came to me because the building where I live has a lot of older residents and I often see them with caregivers, every single on of which I see looks Filipina. Just had a chat with one 5 minutes ago in the elevator.

What you would need to to do is place an ad on local buy/sell or services website like craigslist and say you are looking for a caregiver for your elderly parents. You could say you are specifically looking for a Filipina one, but it probably wouldn't matter because most that reply would be Filipina anyways. You could always say something like you had Filipina maids when you were younger and have happy memories of them. Once you get some replies, you would have to make up some story about your parents wanting to move into a retirement home, but you have the idea of getting a caregiver to live with them at home instead. Then you would have to arrange to meet the candidates and tell your story. This would be all be a ruse of course, since it would actually only be a way of meeting Filipinas. In order to pull this off you would have to be vague and make up a believable story. You could always say this was your idea and hadn't suggested it your parents yet. You would have to keep in touch with the girls and make up more lies about the non existent potential job to keep the contact going. You would then have to say you enjoyed meeting them and perhaps you could hang out with them, even though you haven't hired them. You would have to be continuously vague about the job situation to avoid suspicion. If you do end up dating one or some, it could be trouble if they want to meet your parents because you would have to admit the whole lie, or tell them not to mention anything about the caregiver job to your parents. Ideally you would just date them for a while without any parents ever knowing so no issues would come up.

Let's be realistic though.

Some might only be hired through agencies, so you might not even get any replies. Even if you do get replies and meet some of them, you might not like a single one, since most will be older and probably fat and unattractive. Even if it does work and you meet one you like she might not like you of course. Even if you like each other and date, the girl might see through this facade anyways and ditch you. I'm actually tempted to just place an ad and see what happens. I'm leaving in 5 weeks though so I might try it next year after I get back. My feelings are that if I did meet some I would probably like none. Of the ones I have seen in my building, I've found 0 attractive.

Has anyone else thought of this?

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Re: My Idea for Meeting Filipinas Abroad

Post by Zambales » September 13th, 2018, 10:29 pm

When they phone up, if they don't sound foreign offer them well below the minimum wage. That should filter out the unwanted :mrgreen: . Then ask politely where she's from and follow it up by asking if she's able to work legitimately. It doesn't matter whether she can or can't, it just sounds more authentic. Find out about what caring experience she has followed by inquiring about her age. Because it's a live-in position you can then pretend to see if she's suitable by probing her about family/spouse etc.

If this idea fails, I suppose you could hang out at churches or hospitals.

Is there a Jollibees in Canada yet btw? :lol:

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