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This is how good women talk

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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This is how good women talk

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 21st, 2012, 12:13 pm

"Sue" is one of the three people who stood by me when I was suicidal 4 years ago now. We dated for about 2.5 years before we split on the issue of more children. I raised 4 children and am too old to start again at 48.

We stay in touch. She is the ONLY woman who calls me for christmas and my birthday. When she called me for christmas after our split I was very surprised. She seemed just as surprised I was surprised.

This is how good women talk about men who have been criminally victimised in the west. The women in the west HATE ON ME for pointing out the criminal victimisation in the west.

If any man is sitting in an english speaking country and is wondering "why are these men so keen on some of these foreign women" this is your answer.

When a woman who BARELY KNOWS YOU stands by your side and cares for you and comforts you and is kind to you when you are suicidal and she knows nothing of what is going on? THAT is the sort of woman you want around you. That NONE of the women I knew from pre-divorce bothered to even send me an email when my former children were kidnapped tells you all you need to know about how "good" western women are and how much they "care" about men.

Western women do not care about men AT ALL in the 99.9% majority and I have PROVEN this.

Then they tell us it is OUR problem to "find the right one". That is like going to the tire shop and being told only 1 in 1000 tires will not burst and crash your car and its YOUR problem to find FOUR of them.

I did not know about any of this until I met "Sue". She was so different to any other woman I had known except a gf I had at 16-17 that it could almost be that she is a difference species. She is NOT THAT UNUSUAL in the women I have met. I met another czech woman who even had a nicer and easier to get along with personality. She was simply the nicest person I have ever been with and time with her was more enjoyable and more relaxing than time with anyone else. We dated for just a year and knew each other for about 20 months.

Of course all these woman are looking for what I term "man-slaves" but at least they are MUCH more willing to hold up their end of the bargain.

Read this. And if you live in the west? Ask yourself if you have EVER heard a woman express sentiments like this to a man who had his children kidnapped and abused, his house stolen, his company destroyed. ... fault.aspx

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Post by ph_visitor » April 21st, 2012, 1:17 pm

"Ask yourself if you have EVER heard a woman express sentiments like this to a man who had his children kidnapped and abused, his house stolen, his company destroyed. "

What did she say?

The entire OP is referring to what this woman did and said but it does not reveal what she did and said.

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Post by C.J. » April 21st, 2012, 2:00 pm

ph_visitor wrote:What did she say?

The entire OP is referring to what this woman did and said but it does not reveal what she did and said.
Please read the link the poster provides, it answers all your questions. :)

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Post by djfourmoney » April 21st, 2012, 7:50 pm

I skimmed through it but I got what it was saying.

It just proves once again that Anglo society has ruined a majority of a man's opportunity at happiness.

The fact some Western Women would use divorce as a tool to take a man's children away shouldn't be allowed.

This is our fault however, we continued to work hard, work more hours and make more money to make up for the decrease in wages and the increase in products and services we use daily.

While we were working, mothers and single women around the world (in Anglo land) put together the Women's Movement. We brushed it off and now look where we are....

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 22nd, 2012, 2:52 pm

I was flicking through the first book looking for something else when I noticed this chapter...these are some direct quotes from "Sue". ... fault.aspx

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 22nd, 2012, 3:16 pm

ph_visitor wrote:"Ask yourself if you have EVER heard a woman express sentiments like this to a man who had his children kidnapped and abused, his house stolen, his company destroyed. "

What did she say?

The entire OP is referring to what this woman did and said but it does not reveal what she did and said.
Hi PH,
This lady does not have the command of the english language that I do. She speaks 6 languages quite well but her English is one of her weaker languages as she only gets to use it on me. Over a period of 2.5 years as close friends she said MANY things as you can well understand. These comments are expressing her feelings and thoughts as she would express them if she had similar command of the english language. She could tell you this in Ukrainian...but that does not help most men here.

She has said things like "you wife is a witch who should be burned at the stake". "Western women have nothing between their ears." "You could make a woman very happy." "There are no other men like you." etc....her english sentences are shorter and more to the point than her german. She often asks what is wrong with western men that they put up with the treatment their women dish out. She thinks western men must be a bunch of pussies...and she would be right.

In the very early days she did not know I was suicidal and that came as a great shock to her when I told her 18 months later. Just before I went to Australia in November 2009 I took her to dinner to tell her everything. I thought there was a good chance I would be killed and a very high chance of being put in jail for a long time. I wanted to say goodbye to her. She was shocked. Knowing the history of the communists she pointed out that to take on my guvment might get me killed.....and I pointed out I already knew.

When I told her in May 2008 that I had disowned my former children she kissed me and hugged me and told me how very sorry she was that I felt I had to do that. She told me that it was clear that I had been a great father and husband and she vehemently denounced my ex. She also told her friends. They would find me occasionally in the marketplace and come up to me, check my name, and give me a hug or maybe a kiss on the cheek and a hug and tell me they were so sorry for me and wish me the best. This was women I did not even know, just her friends...happened 3 or 4 times. When I was more upset she would offer me a back massage. She is very good at that and that was one of our favourite activities.

One time she started humming and I asked her if she could sing. She said yes. So I asked her to sing me a song while she gave me a back massage. She sang this really haunting melody in was really wife was tone deaf. At the end I turned to see she had a tear in her eye....I asked her why.....she told me the song was one her mother taught her as a little girl. It was about the life of a little girl who wished for her prince to come and find her and one day he does and they marry and have children and live happily ever after.....she sighed one of those heavy sighs and said "this was not to be for me". This was when I still thought I would be killed by the Australian guvment eventually so I didn't have aspirations of being that "prince" at that time.

Every single eastern woman I told my story to was supportive, kind and caring. Every one. As I recall in FOUR years there was ONE polish woman who made light of it and I dressed her down there and then like there was no tomorrow....she went away a little perturbed and came back an hour later and apologized for her comment and was supportive. That is the WORST reaction I have had to telling an eastern woman my former children were kidnapped and abused.

In 2010....when I was pretty sure I would not be killed...."Sue" and I discussed our future together as described. She is so cute when she talks. One time, when she was sitting on my knee this very serious look came over her face and she said "Peter, when you ask me to marry you I have to say no a few times....but please keep asking because I will say yes."

I laughed my arse off at that....THAT is an honest woman. She was waiting to be asked and she made sure I knew her answer would be yes....but in my asking I would have to decide on more children.....she was very clear about that and very honest about that.

I was saying to her the other day that it is a great shame and an indictment on my ex that "Sue" has given me the happiest days of my life. When I was talking to her the other day I commented that I really hoped she chose against more children one day, not that I begrudge her more children, just that I would prefer her in my life than not. What a shame that women are only interested in babies and money and not actually interested in the man....even the best of them like "Sue" are like this.

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 22nd, 2012, 3:32 pm

By the way..."Sue" is so honest that not too long ago she said these words.

"What would I need a husband for if I have my own money". Think about that.

I was asking her about what she wanted out of life, I asked her "but don't you want to be loved and adored by a man? I very much wish to be loved and adored by you."

She laughed loudly and said "No woman wants to be loved and adored by a man. She wants to be PAID FOR by a man!"

You have to admire her honesty. There are numerous direct quotes in the first book from women I have known since divorce. Eastern women are not afraid to tell you what they are really like. They do not seem to have such a need to lie to a man. They know what the deal is and they are happy to put that deal on the table.

Women have NEVER been "our loving partners". They have pretended to be "our loving partners" because before the invention of the telephone it was DANGEROUS to be a woman without a man in the house. There have always been bad men who are willing to rob or rape women who are not protected by other men. A woman in a house alone before the invention of the telephone was in a VERY dangerous position. So the whole "love story" was invented by men and supported by women to make sure men would fight to the death to protect women. Notice women do not even volunteer to go to a court and serve on a jury to protect men.

One thing that cracked me up once was the conversation where I asked "Sue".....if you are not going to give your husband as much sex as he wants, what is it you are putting on offer for this mythical husband?

Sue: "When we go to social functions I shall glide in elegantly on his arm and he will have the most beautiful woman in the room. All his friends will think him so virile for having me on his arm"

peter: "But you would not be giving him the sex he wanted...."

Sue: With a wicked grin on her face.... "True, but I will not tell his friends that, and neither will he!"

I laughed my arse off at that comment. She is selling "your friends will admire you and be jealous of you for having the most beautiful wife"! LOL!!

This is how women think. It is quite an eye opener when you first hear it.

Think Different
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Post by Think Different » April 22nd, 2012, 4:02 pm

I've had great conversations with Russian women when I lived there, which were shocking to hear as an American man. For example, they told me that men shouldn't listen to women bickering, since "it's just a bunch of chickens clucking". Or, one told me "that a woman will never be your wife; she is either a daughter or a mother, but never a wife." That same woman told me that a woman isn't a "real woman" until she's has at least a few abortions behind her. Ouch. Too jaded for me..., but she's in her 50s and came out of the Communist period and still has it in her blood.

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 23rd, 2012, 7:59 pm

I have heard similar from eastern women. The things they say really strike a chord.

If anyone would like to talk directly to a young Russian woman who lives in Australia then please feel free to read the facebook of my friend Diana. She is 27. Very good looking. Very intelligent. And she has plenty to say about western women as well as Russian women. I am sure she would like more people to be reading her facebook.

I have had a few private side chats with her as well. She is a very interesting woman...shame she is too young for me and married! LOL!!

The bottom line is that women are NOT our "friends" as we have been lied to and led to believe. All this crap about how "the thing a woman wants most in the world is for a man to love and adore her" is just total crap. And I was fed that by my mother and grandmothers and aunts etc. It really galled me to know that the women in my life I loved and trusted had deliberately lied to me while at the same time telling me lying was a very bad thing.

Women are also NOT our equals. As Diana says women should never, ever, ever be out of the control of a man. If they are let out of control of a man they do self destructive things.

"Sue" says the same...she notes how, with her father passing when she was a teenager she did not have a man in her life to help her make the right decisions. Or, indeed, make her decisions for her.

She was running some of her "ideas" past me for what she might do now that he son in in Uni and she has a little money saved up to try and start her own business. As she ran these ideas past me I came to notice just how delusional women are about businesses. She has NO IDEA how to go about selecting a business to be in. All her ideas were so left field she would never make anything out of them.

The job she is pursuing now via studying? I doubt very much if it will come off. I told her the best business she could be in is the "make Peter happy" business and leave the money making to me. Women are totally delusional about what they can do even when it comes to the most simple and obvious of things.

One time we were dancing and I decided to pick her up and swing her about a bit. She is 50kgs and I am 105kgs....its not like I am a strong man either. When I put her down she looked all bug eyed and impressed and asked how I managed to pick her up and swing her about. So I got her to hold onto my right forearm and to take her feet off the ground. I showed her I could lift her weight on one arm. She was like "how do you do that"? And I was like... I am a man...most of us can lift 50kgs on one arm...its not hard.

This woman is 38 and still did not realise that the average man (a 30 year office worker like me) is still FAR stronger than she a factor of 2 or 3....

Women are delusional...which is why they get themselves into such trouble when allowed to make their own decisions.

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Post by Falcon » April 25th, 2012, 8:41 am

Me: "So what are you going to do once you get to go to the U.S.?"
Mexican woman: "Work in a restaurant with you!" (with us two as equals; I've been told this by two Mexican women)


American woman: "No way I'm ever going to work in these kinds of dirty, low-paying minimum wage jobs." (Yes, I actually heard this.)

Me: "I know you're going to be a really good wife and mother someday."
Mexican woman: "Aww, thank you, you're so sweet. You're a really good person."


American woman: "I am not going to be just some mother or wife. I have career goals and ambitions like any other man out there." (Yes, I did actually overhear this too.)

Plus, the Mexican women also had gender equality in mind when they were saying those things. (Feminism itself isn't bad. Extremist feminism is.)

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Re: This is how good women talk

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 30th, 2012, 3:49 pm

I put this on the facebook but thought I would add it here too.

Peter Nolan Correct. Women make much of REAL MEN.

But they are totally silent on REAL WOMEN.

REAL WOMEN are feminine and comfortable in their femininity. All the EEW I have met are very comfortable in their femininity. My fav#1 was very feminine and likes to play up to that femininity to draw out the masculinity of a man. Early on in being with her really drew me out of my brainwashed shell and had me be much more like a man than I had ever been.

By giving me the space in which to be a REAL MAN she was able to slay the beta-provider-loser-smuck I had been all my life. The difference was amazing in my own self. I started walking with a spring in my step and a but of a strutt as well. My self confidence with women soared over what it had been. I was no longer "seeking approval" and "trying to make princess happy".

Fav#1 would tell me "you are the most wonderful man I have ever met, you could make a woman very happy, no woman could possibly find a better man than you" etc...she would stop and wait for me to take the lead in things......she was for ever complimentary.....she only had two times she spoke sharply to me in 2.5 years. Once when she was very stressed and tired and had a long train trip ahead of her in the morning.

One time she sent me a nasty text and it was so out of character I actually laughed at it. Similar were STANDARD from my wife. In that case I simply replied that I did not believe she meant a word of what she said and asked if we could meet up before I had to fly out of the airport close to where she lived. She said took all of 15 minutes to sort out the problem....and the problem was she was stressed that she wanted to have more children and also wanted me and that text was her lashing out in frustration that I was not buying the more children deal. Simple as that.

I really love women who love being women. I really love women who love being feminine and are comfortable in their femininity.

I dislike women who are competing with me because they are not worthy competitors and they use their "womens privilges" to attempt to compete unfairly and unethically. For example they will cry when beaten claiming they have been abused when all they have been is bested.

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Re: This is how good women talk

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » April 30th, 2012, 4:16 pm

So I was talking to my friend Michael. He mentioned I had not told him the "bread roll" story with my fav#1. It will be 4 years ago tomorrow this happened. I think some men here might be interested. I have removed her name as I know that there are guvment agents looking for her.

From: "" <peter>
Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 8:35 PM
To: "Michael Borusiewicz"

Hi Michael,

I thought I had told you that story…..

That was the end of the month I was suicidal. There was a May day party that we attended. This was 2008. Anyway….the party had a buffet meal. As we were seating to the table coming back from the buffet xxxxxx managed to drop her bread roll off her plate onto the table. A simple thing that happens every day, right?

She picks the bread roll up and looks me in the eye and says

“Did you know, in the Ukraine, if we drop a bread roll onto the ground and we pick it up and we can still eat it we say a small prayer to God because we still have the bread roll to eat. Many people in the Ukraine do not even have bread to eat.â€￾

And with that she took a big bite out of the bread roll and had a big smile on her face eating her bread roll. Just a simple bread roll. Nothing on it.

I watched all this and as I did the thought occurred to me “I would like to have a woman like that in my lifeâ€￾…and then I noticed it was the first “future thoughtâ€￾ I had had since I started being suicidal. I kept it to myself but I realised in that instant that I had survived being suicidal and I was going to come out of it and live into the future again.

So the “bread roll incidentâ€￾ is central to my new life. And the incident sums up xxxxxxx. All through the time we were dating I used to say “time to feed xxxxxxâ€￾ as the joke about when we were eating. If she is not fed properly she gets all out of sorts and when she is eating she is just as happy as a clam. You have never seen someone so happy to be eating. It is almost like every meal is the first meal after a long break.

She says this is so because she is grateful for every meal she gets because so many do not have such good food to eat.

Best Regards


From: "Michael Borusiewicz"

You haven't told me about the bread roll incident lol?

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