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Why feminine women NEVER tell me I lack confidence

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Why feminine women NEVER tell me I lack confidence

Post by Winston » September 15th, 2014, 4:04 am

Why feminine women NEVER tell me I lack confidence, only "liberated" women do

Here is something interesting for you to know: Feminine women abroad NEVER tell me that I lack confidence. Only "liberated" women do, the kind you find in liberal America. I've always wondered why. Now I think I've figured it out. Here's why:

Feminine women abroad allow me to be myself, and I mean my sweet, charming, romantic self (which is considered creepy and taboo in America). They allow me to treat them like a lady. I can kiss their hand, flirt with them, charm them, flatter them, be like a chivalrous knight to them, etc. So I am comfortable around them, since they allow me to be me.

As such, they usually describe me as "confident, charming, romantic, flattering and good with women." In fact, when I tell them that I am often told in America that I "lack confidence", they usually reply, "That's not true. You seem very confident." I swear it's true. They've actually said that to me.

But on the other hand, "liberated" women in America consider such behaviors to be creepy and violating, an infringement upon their "liberation" (from femininity). So they do NOT allow me to be myself. I cannot treat them like a real lady, nor can I treat them like a male buddy (since male buddies are down-to-earth, not angry, bitchy or fake). So I don't know what to do with them or how to treat them. As a result, I become naturally nervous or uncomfortable around them. So to them, I seem "unconfident".

Also, flirtation is a taboo in America. You are not allowed to cold approach women in America to charm them, seduce them or try to "pick them up". That's only allowed in the movies, but not in real life. Such behavior is considered creepy and taboo in America. "Liberated" women see it as "treating women like sex objects" and perceive it as demeaning and exploitative. Simply put, flirtation is seen as a negative thing in America, but in most other countries it is considered a positive thing.

"Liberated" women also do not like being kissed on the hand, nor will they take a man's hand when getting out of a vehicle. To them, chivalry is outdated. However, feminine women are honored by such acts and always have been throughout history. Even European Queens have always felt honored by men kissing their hand, for that's how you are supposed to treat a real lady, even a Queen. Feminine women are even honored by chivalry from men they are not interested in, because they consider it an honor to their femininity. Thus in that respect, liberal America and its "liberated" women are an aberration and abnormality, not us.

I've never understood how you are supposed to date these "liberated" women, especially if they don't like what you are and do not find you to be their "type" anyway. I guess if you were considered to be a "hot guy" in America, then they would allow such flirtatious charming behaviors from you because they find you attractive. For example, I'm sure Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are allowed to be flirtatious around "liberated" women. But "liberated" women have never considered me to be their type anyway, so I guess it's a moot point.

The sad thing is that if you are not considered an attractive or "hot" guy in America, then you will be totally invalidated. You will be treated like an asexual person who is not supposed to have any romantic or sexual desires, or at least show that he has any. If you do, you will be seen as creepy and perverted. Thus you and your desires are INVALIDATED in America.

The thing is, while a "liberated" woman will vilify and condemn a man for having desires if she is not attracted to him, a feminine woman will not because she understands and accepts that it's normal for men to have such desires, even if they are not considered attractive. Thus "liberated" women are more inconsiderate and cruel toward men. Sometimes, they will even attempt to shame men they aren't attracted to, by accusing them of "lacking confidence" rather than admitting that they aren't attracted to him, which is very dishonest.

All I know for sure is that my dating life with feminine women abroad is INFINITELY better overall than my nonexistent dating life in America. Bottom line is this: Feminine women appreciate me, VALIDATE me and treat me better. "Liberated" women do NOT.

I don't know, I guess guys like me just don't fit in modern America with its "liberated" women and liberal culture (which probably considers us "behind the times", while we consider it to be an upside-down perversion of all that's natural and beautiful, so it's a matter of perspective).

American culture has always felt fake, toxic, and upside-down to me as well. Deep thinkers and deep souls, like me, are not going to fit into fake, phony, soulless, overly materialistic cultures like America anyway. In an inauthentic culture, the more authentic and down-to-earth you are, the more alienated and out-of-place you will be. Such is the case in America.

This is why we are "happier abroad", because most women in most foreign countries are FEMININE and SWEET by natural disposition, which allows us to be ourselves, and allows our "natural confidence" to come out.

In addition, feminine foreign women are generally more genuine and down-to-earth too, because they come from countries with rich soul, real culture, authenticity, and natural human connection. Thus they are easier to connect with and be myself around, especially for authentic soulful guys like me with the same traits.

These are the reasons why guys like me, and those in my movement, are truly LIBERATED overseas, because being "free to be ourselves" is the ultimate definition of freedom. And that, folks, is why the name of our movement is called "happier abroad".
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