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Females and black eyes

Posted: May 14th, 2015, 7:55 am
by Cornfed
In the ghettoish area where I work, it is common to encounter females with black eyes (usually the left eye), presumably given to them by the dirtbags they instantly spread their legs for. It is good to see they are getting some blowback from their degeneracy, but of course not nearly enough. Generally they don't have any other apparent injuries. It is much less common to see men with black eyes.

This seems strange as we know that, even in this type of area, men are much more likely to be assaulted than females by both females and other men. So why the disparity? Is there some tradition and technique of striking a female in the eye in such a way as to create an embarrassing injury where she is self-conscious about her appearance for a while and has to wear dark glasses etc., but that doesn't cause much real damage? If so, this is a pretty cool idea. Another suggestion is that men are usually better at anticipating an attack, so the attacker doesn't usually hit his first target, which in Western boxing tradition is usually in the eye region. Is this phenomenon the case in other places?