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Wow! Hot Foreign Women on HA Personals You Can Meet!

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Re: Wow! Hot Foreign Women on HA Personals You Can Meet!

Post by Master » September 29th, 2017, 1:35 pm

SteveUKR wrote:The site itself is not a scam and run honestly and credibly. However, it may contain scammers or what are otherwise known as pro-daters.

For more on this I have created the site:
why the f**k did you delete your message? I hadnt had a sec. to respond.

Though I agree with your statement about nothing is free. And I do agree with the general consesus here that online women are nutjobs. That doesnt deter my point. If getting poon is your main goal like me, then the most important thing is volume having a hogging grasp of women on a site highers your chances of digging poon. Women are the attraction and cheap, they arent going to go to paysite and they want to get banged so they arent going to go to a locked paysite thats going to limit their pussying getting hammered. The most popular sites are free though agree not quality but whos looking for quality when you just want to hammer as much hoes as possible? Having all sorts of loony varities from the young misguided ones too the old hags wishing to stay young. without formality, bang and go. Now the problem I have with a paysite is that this, i went to the site briefly and most women i clicked on had a 100% response. Yea, right. No real site would have a 100%. Most know women are freaks and they may be ugly beings they look for any flaw not to respond if at all to serve their ego and think they can reject a guy better than them. If they respond if at all is to make such a boring insignifant chat that would only last 2 exchanges till she doesnt respond anymore thinking shes better than you. Most profiles have a ton of crap on them on their bios like if women actually wrote them. you go to real sites most women barely write anything if at all mostly restricts of guys that cant bang her. his age limit, his wallet limit, no cockpics, a list of topics she wont accept to talk about, etc.. which is obvious proof most of these fake ads are either paid ads to women to post probably as a job or models paid for pics and the rest made up by some fagot. Such a claim only deceives the fool who doesnt know his being conned mostly likely by a bot. I remember reading about such a site years ago which was match or something like it. Where the owner purposely made tons of fake ads and women generate views. people thinking they were getting laid and meetings tons of p***y were delusional. most of time the owner posting pro features for idiots to pay for eventually marking up the site as the best crap in the world being valued in the millions by brain dead masturbators.

NOw there are plenty of good sites to troll where you can meet plenty of local cum whores and far away pros that you dont have to pay nick, and if interested in being conned to blow your over purse cash laying around they offer pretty good features at reasonable prices. why would you spend money on gold diggers just to send a stupid message without knowing if shes real or not or shes going to give it up? As I said before scam and look elsewhere for better quality of a good time. Not that p***y doesnt cost since the beginning of man kind man has had to sweat to get pie. But that doesnt mean we have to throw our ball sweat money away. They gotta earn and it should be put on the bitches pocket too since no hoe is going to give a rats ass if your putting on joe scholes ceo pocket. and I dont mind blowing my money on good putang as long as its worth it and i know what im getting. Otherwise your an idiot and going around throw your loser money away. Might as well go red light and pay the cheapest slut for a good service at least its getting put to good use.
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Re: Wow! Hot Foreign Women on HA Personals You Can Meet!

Post by Winston » June 13th, 2018, 7:36 pm

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