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Yes, even Norwegian girls are a world apart from Anglo girls

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Yes, even Norwegian girls are a world apart from Anglo girls

Post by DaRick » October 16th, 2010, 7:54 am

You know, at uni, an interaction with a Norwegian girl confirmed what I already suspected: that (culturally) Anglo women are generally amongst the worst on the planet and that it is unfair to lump Continental European or Scandinavian women in with them, as some tend to.

She was very attractive, at least from side-on, so I decided to give her a piece of gum to get her attention. She was very appreciative, so I wound up speaking to her for a while. She smiled and laughed in a much more genuine way than your typical Anglo girl; your typical Anglo girl usually has this more forced or contrived laugh or smile (and many of their smiles just come off as looking like smirks). She also was very flattered by my (genuine) compliments about her appearance and could actually hold a conversation (about life in AUS, our studies, the Norwegian language, etc). Anglo girls become disgusted with you if you admit attraction but are the 'wrong' person and they never seem to be able to start or carry conversations.

I later found out that she had a boyfriend already, but she thanked me for expressing interest in her. I'm willing to bet that an Anglo girl (particularly one of equal attractiveness) would not have done that. She would more likely have bitched to her boyfriend or somebody else in order to try and create friction between us (I've seen it happen before). Anglo girls can be such manipulative bitches. Why? Because no matter how amorally or moronically they act, they'll always have some clown willing to defend their 'virtues'. I suspect that Scandinavian women may not have this same luxury - for all the commotion about 'Swedish' feminism within the MRA, it is a different creature to Anglo feminism. It seems to be more focused on 'genuine' equality (albeit to ridiculous extremes, like encouraging boys to play with traditionally girlish items), than casual misandry and irrational femme worship. Unfortunately for the women, this also means that Scandinavian guys are under little obligation to assist them or pay for them (unlike Anglo girls). Thus, no defense for idiotic muck-racking.

If more girls I came across were like her, my outlook would probably be more optimistic and I wouldn't be on here decrying Anglo girls.

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Post by ssjparris » October 16th, 2010, 11:59 am

I totally understand where you are coming from bro. The women here in america are the same. they treat me like i am doing something wrong for pursuing them, approaching them, waiting for them to finish talking to somebody so i can talk to them ( they hate this ). If I express interest in them they are disgusted by it. They freak out if i tell them i like them.

They are truly manipulative women too here in the states.

I remember standing in line and seeing a attractive woman behind me at the grocery store.

She was very relaxed me, this was very, very odd. Because the women are usually scared if I talk look at them or talk to them. It was just too out of place. So i thought to myself " she must have some guys around ". Sure enough one guy shouts across the line to talk to her.

she talks back to them. there are THREE guys waiting for her to meet them at the end of the line. I KNEW that if i talked to her she would have pinned them against me. I probably would have ended up in a fight. very dangerous women indeed. no wonder why she was so relaxed around me its easy to get her boy dogs against me just for expressing interest.

Foreign women on the other hand it is the exact opposite. It is flattering if a express interest in them. If I ask a girl out that already has a boyfriend she is fine with it and enjoys the flattery of me pursuing her.

They are very comfortable with my compliments and sincere attraction to them. they are super relaxed with meeting a man in public. Even the husbands are fine with you talking to their woman its crazy.

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