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Upper vs. Lower tiers: Different dating markets for men

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Post by Rock » April 22nd, 2011, 6:31 pm

lovesong wrote:
Rock wrote:
Repatriate wrote:
Rock wrote:
Anyway, I talked a lot with the parents. It sounds like the Chinese community is pretty small and they all cooperate to some extent. He told me about an FOB mainland Chinese girl who had been whoring herself out in Copacabana a couple years earlier. Now that sort of things is common for Brazilians and no big deal. Its legal too. But somehow, she got featured in some newspaper article which was spun into a moral criticism of Chinese in Brazil (very hypocritical). Of course Rio's Chinese community considered that an embarrassing loss of face. Some members took up a collection to which the father was happy to contribute and used it to pay a hit-man to take her out. He told me he never saw her again.
I know this is an old thread but it contained some great tidbits of info in the very beginning. But after I read the quote above, I felt disgusted. So basically some morally weak Chinese families pay somebody to kill a poor country girl because of their perceived loss of face in the social mirror of Brazil. Despite this girl's obviously wrong choices, this girl was doing the best she could to deal with the cards that were dealt to her by life. She probably had a family back home in China living in an impoverished area and had little to no education since the majority of China's elite only give a f**k about themselves despite making fortunes from making cheap crap. f***ing retarded to put it bluntly. One day I hope they realize the consequences of the choice they made.

Hey listen,
Chinese are Chinese. They can be very pragmatic and self correcting as a group. As the stereotype suggests, face is a big part of their culture. However, I think most of the people I know today in Taiwan would absolutely not agree with such actions. Their environment has made them soft.

Also, I don't know the details. I assume she was warned to stop at some point and perhaps told them to f**k-off. Whoring as a Chinese in Brazil is a very tiny niche activity, not so common as in many other countries of the world. So it was the case of a few bad apples spoiling perception of the whole bunch. That in turn affected the life of whole communities. I'm not saying it was right. I was kinda shocked when he first told me cus his family seemed very nice even though they had been in Brazil some 30 years or so. But I can understand it happening in the context of Chinese thinking. BTW, I think a lot of ordinary garden variety Thais wouldn't blink an eye at having a serious troublemaker (someone who made big problems for them or their group) outed if it could be done with no risk to themselves.

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Re: Upper vs. Lower tiers: Different dating markets for men

Post by Winston » February 17th, 2016, 7:02 am

Great point by ethan_sg:

"The problem is not so much the wealth but feminism and the fact that women can work and support themselves. Many would say that middle eastern countries still have their women under control despite their relative wealth.

When women can work and support themselves, it starts meaning something only when the GDP grows otherwise it's too little for them to adopt a mindset of independence and not needing men. So the increase in GDP is the trigger but the systematic problem is feminism"
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Re: Upper vs. Lower tiers: Different dating markets for men

Post by Tiger900 » February 17th, 2016, 3:57 pm

So basically it's a trade off between women and career opportunities. Well, I studied very hard to get my graduate degree in economics, I went to a private college/university that was very expensive and my parents had to paid lots of money for my education. I would never go to a poor country just because girls are easier...I want to get a return out of my (and my family) sacrifices.

Also, I don't consider myself an ugly guy whatsoever. I'm 6ft, athletic with good facial features. I can get girls even here in Italy (and every other rich country) if only I could enter into the right social circles. That's the problem for me.

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Re: Upper vs. Lower tiers: Different dating markets for men

Post by IraqVet2003 » February 22nd, 2016, 5:30 am

Winston wrote:Hi all,
I've been looking through Dan DeLa Cruz's ebook The Global Dating Revolution and found a few interesting chapters that explain why some countries are dating paradises for women, and others for men. He gave some explanations I didn't consider before. Here they are pasted below from one of his chapters. (I'm sure he won't mind since this is helping promote his book)

From The Global Dating Revolution:


Let’s break the world into two parts, favorable for guys and unfavorable for guys. The regions that are unfavorable we’ll call the “upper tiers,� while the favorable regions we’ll call the “lower tiers.�
The countries included in the unfavorable “upper tier� are the U.S.A., Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and high income Asian and Pacific nations. In the image below, these countries are represented by dark blue. They account for only 30%-35% of the world’s population.
The numerous, more favorable, lower tier countries—all countries not in dark blue—account for approximately 65%-70% of the world’s population.

As you will see In the image below, the places around the world that are favorable to men vastly outnumber the places where the environment favors the females. For the sake of brevity, we can say
that the areas in dark blue favor women, while every other color region are places where the environment favors the men.


Image 2 – GDP Nominal Per Capita 2007

The dividing line is simple: Its GDP per capita income reveals whether a country is an environment which favors men or creates a nightmare for them.

For example, in both the USA and Ireland, two Level 3 Tier countries, men find it tough to find high quality, feminine, down-to earth women who do not already wear a wedding band or aren’t already committed. While some men in the USA and Ireland will have success, it’s a numbers game: Some find “the right one,� while many more settle for whatever they can get, and more men still, find
themselves completely left out.

In contrast, in Bolivia and Nicaragua, two Level 1 Lower Tier countries, economy and culture have created a booster crop of young, attractive, sexy, family-orientated ladies who are seriously looking for single guys to date.

Argentina and Chile on the other hand, Level 2 Lower Tier countries (also categorized as “Middle Tier� countries), while distinctly more favorable for men than any of the Upper Tier countries, are not
as advantageous as Bolivia and Nicaragua, where young women are culturally molded into their roles of supportive, cherishing, appreciative girlfriends and wives. However I would always opt to be in either Argentine or Chile than in any of the wealthiest nations of the world, if my goal is to meet and date attractive women.

The following holds true in most situations:

Upper Tiers

Men here must compete intensely for women, and even more intensely for attractive women. In the Upper Tiers, men need social skills, looks, money, power, fame, status, and confidence
to succeed with the women of their choice. It’s a numbers game. There simply aren’t enough attractive females so the males have to set themselves apart in order to win. Because of
the disproportion between attractive women and the men who seek them, many men lower their standards and date women who they are not attracted to, and even women who mistreat
them, in order to have any female companionship.

Lower and Middle Tiers

Women here must compete intensely for men. To compete successfully, they need seduction skills, a well-maintained figure, and good looks. They also need to make themselves available and friendly, leaving themselves open to all romantic possibilities. They seek out partners and flirt aggressively. In these Tiers, often, sexy women lower their standards, dating older and less attractive men, even tolerating abuse and mistreatment in order to have male companionship

There are exceptions, of course, in both the Upper and Lower Tier experiences, but most cases will be found within the range of these two descriptions. A case in point: In Lower Tier Bolivia, I dated
scores of attractive, friendly, family-oriented women, while my cousin Enrique, who left Bolivia for Upper Tier USA, with its GDP per capita of $43,000 per year, had the worse experience with women in his life!

Upper Tiers:



Obesity results in a lower percentage of females with .7 waist-to-hip ratio. This decreases the number of attractive females in a population

Strong Male Competition

High income males have more money, and time to devote to things like the gym, learning how to play the guitar, going out, spending money in bars and clubs, etc. They can spend money on nice clothes, haircuts, cars, college education, dating books and bachelor pads. In short they can compete better for attractive women. Upper tiers also have a high percentage of male diversity due to immigration; This male diversity increases the competition.

Male Surplus

A gender imbalance arises due to internal and international immigration. Healthy economies and industrial sectors bring in more males in search of employment. Labor demands dictate the severity.

Aging Talent

Pool In the upper tiers there are, in general, more old people then young people. Meaning most of the people you will encounter throughout the upper tiers will in general be older. For example, it’s a well known fact, that there is a large number of “baby boomers� that are nearing retirement age in many upper tier nations. For example in many upper tier nations there are more women who are 35 then young women in their 20s. The upper tier nations have the oldest populations in the world and in many cases the young people that help keep the median age at bay are the immigrants that move to the upper tiers from the lower tiers (these immigrants are mostly male).

Lower Tiers:


Great Talent Pool

High percentage of .7 waist-to-hip ratios (hourglass figures) in the female population due reasons we will later explain. Women in lower tiers also compete more aggressively against each other for the males, therefore they have more incentive to be in shape, slim, and sexy. In the lower tiers it’s generally more common to see gyms full of women.

Weak Competition

Lower tiers consist of the 65%-70% of the world population. They are also the lowest income earners in the world. Most males here are economically challenged. Males simply don’t have the economic resources to compete on the same scale as the guys in the upper tiers.

Female Surplus

In most of the lower tiers the female surplus is due to the mass emigration of males, who migrate to the upper tiers in order to work and send money back home or to give themselves more economic opportunities. When there are more women then men, the odds are in your favor.

Youthful Talent Pool

More young women in the population then older women. The lower tiers have had the
highest birth rates in the world for decades, making for a much younger and more vibrant population.

All four of these powers increase your odds greatly in meeting and dating attractive women!

Each of these elements of power varies from country to country, and even from city to city, but generally, all Lower Tier countries give men a vast advantage in the game of love. And here’s one place where guys have it all!
Winston great post!!!

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