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Evidence/Quotes That Allies/Jews Started WWI&II Not Germany

If you're a history buff, love to talk about history and watch the History Channel, this is the board for that.

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Re: Evidence/Quotes That Allies/Jews Started WWII, Not Hitle

Post by droid » September 27th, 2017, 8:57 am

One of the most widely quoted sources of information about Hitler's personality and secret intentions is the supposed memoir of Hermann Rauschning, the National Socialist President of the Danzig Senate in 1933-1934 who was ousted from the Hitler movement a short time later and then made a new life for himself as a professional anti-Nazi.

In the book known in German as Conversations with Hitler (Gespraeche mit Hitler) and first published in the U.S. in 1940 as The Voice of Destruction, Rauschning presents page after page of what are purported to be Hitler's most intimate views and plans for the future, allegedly based on dozens of private conversations between 1932 and 1934. After the war the memoir was introduced as Allied prosecution exhibit USSR-378 at the main Nuremberg "war crimes" trial.

Many prestigious historians, inculding Leon Poliakov, Gerhard Weinberg, Alan Bullock, Joachim Fest, Nora Levin and Robert Payne, used choice quotations from Rauschning's memoir in their works of history. Poliakov, one of the most prominent Holocaust writers, specifically praised Rauschning for his "exceptional accuracy, while Levin, another widely-read Holocaust historian, called him "one of the most penetrating analysts of the Nazi period."

But not everyone has been so credulous. Swiss historian Wolfgang Haenel spent five years diligently investigating the memoir before announcing his findings in 1983 at a revisionist history conference in West Germany. The renowned Conversations with Hitler, he declared are a total fraud. The book has no value "except as a document of Allied war propaganda."

Haenel was able to conclusively establish that Rausching's claim to have met with Hitler "more than a hundred times" is a lie. The two actually met only four times, and never alone. The words attributed to Hitler, he showed, were simply invented or lifted from many different sources, including writings by Juenger and Friedrich Nietzsche. An account of Hitler hearing voices, waking at night with convulsive shrieks and pointing in terror at an empty corner while shouting "There, there, in the corner!" was taken from a short story by French writer Guy de Maupassant.

The phony memoir was designed to incite public opinion in democratic countries, especially in the United States, in favor of war against Germany. The project was the brainchild of the Hungarian-born journalist Emery Reves, who ran an influential anti-German press and propaganda agency in Paris during the 1930s. Haenel has also found evidence that a prominent British journalist named Henry Wickham-Steele helped to produce the memoir. Wickham-Steele was a right-hand man of Sir Robert Vansittart, perhaps the most vehemently anti-German figure in Britain.

A report about Haenel's sensational findings appeared in the Fall 1983 issue of The Journal of Historical Review. More recently, West Germany's most influential weekly periodicals, Die Zeit, and Der Spiegel (7 September 1985), have run lengthy articles about historical hoax. Der Spiegel concluded that Rauschning's Conversations with Hitler "are a falsification, an historical distortion from the first to the last page ... Haenel not only proves the falsification, he also shows how the impressive surrogate was quickly compiled and which ingredients were mixed together."
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Re: Evidence/Quotes That Allies/Jews Started WWI&II Not Germ

Post by Winston » October 29th, 2017, 5:43 pm

Check out this documentary called "1932 A True History of the United States" by Lyndon La Rouche. It explains how Britain started the first world war and spent 24 years orchestrating it. Its very disturbing and contradicts what we've all been taught about germany being the bad guys and perpetrators and England the good guys and innocent victims, which Hollywood always portrays too. Yet in both world wars, England declared war with Germany. Both times! Too bad most Americans and British don't even know that. Because movies never show that. And history schools never teach that.

Germany never wanted a world war. It was the richest country in Europe at the time prior to WW1. It didnt need a world war.

Britain was the one who wanted a world war. It was trying to start a world war to level Germany since the 1890s. But Otto von Bismark, germanys prime minister, got in the way and refused to allow Britain to goat Germany into a war. He knew what Britain was trying to do. So the British ousted Bismark and got the Kaiser in power instead, who was far more controllable and baitable. Thats how the first world war started.

This is one of the biggest secrets of the 20th century and the two world wars that you aren't supposed to know about. Because all allied propaganda has convinced the world that germany was the bad guy and the allies the good guys fighting for freedom.

Britain also got France to help too because France wanted revenge for its loss at the Franco Prussian war of 1870, which france started and lost because it wanted to prevent germany from unifying into a nation, which upset the balance of power in Europe. Britain considered herself the governness of europe and wouldn't allow any other nation in europe to gain too much power and eclipse it.

Thats how the first world war really started. It was a plan of britain for 24 years to start the first world war to level germany. See the documentary below. It explains all this in detail.

It also explains how America prospered in the late 1800s due to its protectionist policies and tariffs on imports. Not free trade. When free trade was introduced by Teddy Roosevelt, per Britain's wishes, all of a sudden America started declining.

Today, Germany is occupied and controlled by the US. It is not an independent sovereign nation. Ask any intellectual truth seeker and freethinker in Germany. They will tell you that. The US only allows germany a certain degree of prosperity. But it limits it and will not let germany build into a great war machine or superpower again like it did in the 1930s.

Someone should raise Hitler from the dead or clone him. Then Germany can unite and arise again and free itself of its captivity and occupation by the US, and become great again. Heil Hitler!

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Re: Evidence/Quotes That Allies/Jews Started WWI&II Not Germ

Post by Adama » October 30th, 2017, 2:59 am

And they have good reason to fear Germany. They fear Germany so much that they must subdue it with occupation of allied forces, including the USA and Britain. I hope that God will restore Germany a kingdom and liberate it from the heel of tyranny, and install a Christian Theocratic system of government.

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