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Will Expatriation Become Illegal?

Discuss news and current events around the world.

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Post by Moretorque » September 27th, 2014, 3:38 am

MrPeabody wrote:If you live outside of the US, the IRS is a huge burden. You have to file taxes even though you don't make money in the country because your income is taxed worldwide. You need to keep a mail address in the US to receive mail from them. If they send you a letter and you don't receive it, you may wake up one morning having all your accounts frozen. I recently received an IRS letter claiming I owed taxes for 2012 because my broker *f.ucked* up and didn't report the basis. I had to hire a CPA to file an amended return. Another unnecessary expense I didn't need. And having to send mail to a third world country can only be done reliably by expensive services like American Express. So having to have a mail address in the US is annoying and expensive. If someone is permanently in another country it doesn't make sense to remain a citizen and have this unnecessary burden. The US politicians are assholes for not letting people drop their citizenship without penalties when they want too.
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Post by Moretorque » September 27th, 2014, 3:47 am

Ghost wrote:
Moretorque wrote:
Ghost wrote:Next time I leave may be the last time. Go and don't come back. It's getting dark out there, folks.

I do recall hearing about proposed legislation limiting travel to certain "off limits" countries. And it would have started with countries like Syria, if memory serves.

More realistically, I don't think the daddy-gov will limit travel significantly. To shut that sector down would cost a lot of money. And the daddygov loves money. Not to mention airlines and their profits. Expect prices to go up. Expect more hassle. Expect having to present even more papers, citizen.

I already know about having passports revoked for being in CS arrears. But if any of us on here have that issue, we have bigger problems...

Relatively few Americans travel, and that's good. Don't want them fouling up things abroad even more.

How about an IQ test before allowing travel? Now maybe we could get behind that kind of travel restriction...

Ghost the legislation is just a front world wide to make you believe the politician are in charge and they are not, the people with the credit check book are but they have the whole system designed to deflect all attention away from this fact. They do what ever they want and operate outside all laws of all nations.

Do not be surprised if they use some kind of made up pandemic like Ebola as a excuse to round people up world wide who are real informed but the real reason for the pandemic scare could or will be to round the people up who realize the creditor class did this whole con top to bottom and all roads go back to the CITI!.

Daddy GOV does not need our money he has a phony check book remember, the only reason they tax us is to take our wealth away so we cannot fight the system. You need to understand the creditors have unlimited Monopoly play Money.
Yeah, that is a good point. And it can be easy to forget that the money is a symbol used to control us, not in use because they need money. It's like modern day voodoo: controlling the masses, turning them into zombies via the manipulation of symbols.

Still, if I interpret it correctly, TPTB don't want to crash their system as soon as possible. They seem to be taking things gradually. Now, that could be because they want to or because they have to, not being powerful enough to collapse the world overnight. So I expect the screws to keep tightening gradually for some time before a total global collapse.
They do not want to crash their entire system but they do want to crash the PETRO$ and the US because America has served it's purpose for the elite. Look what this country has invented in the last 200 years, the elite have bets going back over 200 years on this I bet and in their wildest dreams they would have never believed what this country has invented over the last 2 centuries.
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Post by matthewcoury » September 27th, 2014, 4:33 am

one thing i would highly suggest is making a few friends in whatever country you are planning to move to.....it will help a tooon as they can help you learn the local language, economy, get a job there, and plan your move.....you can find some people to be friends with over Facebook and meet them when you get there.....foreigners are generally very friendly even over the internet especially when they find out how your eyes have been opened and you despise living in america......i have friends over in bosnia where iam moving to and i talk to them more than my friends here......they are helping me a ton with my move and give me a lot of emotional support as well

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