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Women have far lower consciousness than men and no inner life, hence their materialism

Discuss deep philosophical topics and questions.

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Re: Women have far lower consciousness than men and no inner life, hence their materialism

Post by Winston » June 23rd, 2018, 8:25 am

Wow check out this female reality check from tom leykis. I think its a reading from a book or essay. It really sets women in their place and shatters their illusions about women being oppressed with cold hard reality. Every woman should hear it.

I love the part where it says that if it wasnt for men, women would be living in mud huts and trying to steal eggs from birds nests for survival. Lol. So true. Men built everything that women use and need. But instead of gratitude they go into comfortable offices, built by men, and write magazine articles about how men are assholes! Lol. The irony of that is priceless! Lol.

Its blood boiling though, the part about Forbes magazine saying that women own 65 percent of the wealth in America yet they do no real work except sitting in offices telling people what to do. They never do any construction work or build or maintain anything. Thats such an injustice and should be exposed. To do nothing yet get everything is such a travesty and should be exposed not hidden. Every man and woman should hear this for a reality check.

I also saw the intro for the book "what men know that women dont" and the first paragraph was great and nailed it. It asked "why do we live in a world that appears to be run by men but FEELS like its run by women?" Thats a great question to ponder that will shatter the false lie that women are oppressed.
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Re: Women have far lower consciousness than men and no inner life, hence their materialism

Post by Zambales » June 23rd, 2018, 12:19 pm

Take the materialistic individuals from both sexes out of the equation and I don't see a great deal of difference in terms of consciousness so it shouldn't be used to judge each gender. Men are more productive due to possessing a killer instinct to thrive whereas the female is programmed towards survival.

Consciousness or should I say, the lack of it, is actually men's achilles heel, and that ironically comes in the choice of women. Men are notorious for basing a woman on her looks and not her personality. From my perspective the better quality women are likely to be spiritual or mildly religious and also harder to find whereas the materialistic types aren't.

After making my mistakes, I pinpointed the traits I desired in a woman and the one's I would run a mile from. Materialism was the main one to avoid like the plague and boxes over time would have to be ticked for loyalty, maturity, appreciation and fairness. Physical attraction was important although a 7/10 with the desired traits would take precedent over a 9/10 without them 100%.

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