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Was the industrialization of society a trojan horse trap?

Discuss deep philosophical topics and questions.

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Re: Was the industrialization of society a trojan horse trap

Post by cdnFA » July 21st, 2016, 7:16 pm

Winston wrote:

90 percent of Americans know this. You are probably in the other 10 percent of sheeple that believe everything the government says. That's why you call anyone who tells the truth a "conspiracy theorist" just as the government does, to discredit them. Well the best conspiracy authors reject that. They call themselves CONSPIRACY FACTUALISTS.
Yet another clear example of one of your claims of truth that is just not so.
It is like you don't live on the same planet as the rest of us.

People can call themselves factualists, dudes can call themselves chicks, I can call myself a tractor, doesn't make it true.
The label conspiracy theorist isn't used to discredit, the conspiracy theorist discredit themselves. If they didn't then the label wouldn't have any power to discredit.

You derp on about how you can't deny evidence, but you do nothing but. The difference is I deny evidence that the vast majority of informed people can see though easily, you kneejerk style deny anything that is accepted.

When someone consistently gets everything wrong. Consistently makes claims that science says X when it doesn't, when you close your eyes and mind every time someone demolishes your views like in the flat earth thread, or just ignore it and keep pushing more disproved bullshit. When you make obvious bullshit claims like the 90 percent thing about. Use people like Mullins as actual sources. You show yourself as only being worthy of ad hominem and ridicule, rather than present logical arguments. Logical arguments are wasted on a schizophrenic who don't like in the same reality the rest of us do. How can I present logical arguments when you dispute basic fundamentals such as a spherical earth when widely respected sources are dismissed as lies in favor of some random bloke on youtube or some holocaust denier or some random bullshit webpage that either makes up or misquotes stuff.

If someone went around claiming they could fly or that purple unicorns exist and outnumber humans or that Justin Beiber isn't history's greatest monster, would you bother bringing out your A game? I doubt it. Much like a crazy homeless person who derps on about the importance of Squash, you would or should just dismiss them.

What I don't get is that you seem to be surprised when people treat you as a crazy homeless person. Are you that detached from reality that you don't even realize how you come across. Oh yeah you think 90% of soylent green is on your side. You are so far out of it that you don't even see it any more.

Also I and others have used logical arguments. They don't work on you.

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