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Anyone Notice A Lack Of Awareness In America?

Discuss deep philosophical topics and questions.

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Anyone Notice A Lack Of Awareness In America?

Post by Wolfeye » June 17th, 2016, 11:59 pm

Hey, everyone. Just wondering something- I noticed there's an extreme lack of awareness (in the broad sense) in America. I don't know what to make of it- it's like they don't notice things on numerous levels. Tell me if I'm missing something.

What actually happens- it's a coin flip, since a lot of times the concept that what happens is what occurs eludes people (or they're just in favor of unjust shit & they instinctively play stupid to the point of crazy). This, of course, applies to any kind of affront as well as someone not having anything to do with it.

How things are going (socially, legally, financially, etc...)- they seem almost oblivious to the level that children are about cars in the street, they even go as far to blame someone for something that wasn't their doing & was perhaps the fault of other people directed at them.

Driving with the fuckin' phone in hand TO TEXT- it's almost as stupid as someone writing a letter in the middle of driving. They don't wait for the light, they don't even pull over like coke-heads do (even if it's just so they don't spill their stash- this same principle can apply to phones). It's such an arrogant thing, they'll be driving a huge SUV & just more or less charge into traffic because THEY WANT TO PLAY WITH THEIR TOY- to hell with whatever effect this has, in an SUV (maybe) they'll be safe. If someone was talking on the phone with one hand on the wheel, most of the time there would probably be no issue- since people talk while driving with one hand on the wheel all the time & manage to not crash.

The school does everything possible to f**k up the kid's head, and then are considered trustable when it comes to their assessments of the kid's psychology. This is like a nutcase trying to drag down whoever's sane & "makes them look bad" by calling them crazy- except more elaborate & abusive to children.

Worrying about terrorists doing THE EXACT SHIT that cops do ALL THE TIME. They just don't generally look & speak Arabic or SAW someone's head of ("blowing someone's head off," now that's another story). For all their concern about terrorism, it truly seems they're more worried about the "brand name." If they were getting kicked around by "towel heads," that'd be a problem & they'd call the things they did as such. If they're getting kicked around by cops, it's sorta/kinda/etc... a problem & they call somethings problems while other things are somehow 'disqualified" (as if what happens IS NOT what occurs). If they were getting kicked around by Special Forces, they'd love it or at least pretend that they thought well of it. Do they think they're going to become whatever they approve of? Why not just approve of God, then? Why dance around?

They're just as crazy when it comes to dealing with money (unless it's identity theft, then they're very attentive to detail). They talk all kinds of shit about illegal immigrants, but nothing about the businesses that hire them to the exclusion of people from here. It's like a woman that gets cheated on & blames it entirely on the pretty girl that moved in next door. It's bizarre to see grown men act this way. I've even heard people say that they'd be upper class if they didn't have to pay for the lower one! Yeah, like they wouldn't just get taxed harder. If the rich liked you so much, why didn't they help you with paying for all this? They could have thrown some cash into the situation to take some of the burden off of you. They could have paid for it themselves. They could have discontinued the level of benefits that are currently available. People think that they'd randomly hit lottery if it weren't for all kinds of people that had nothing to do with blocking it- these expenses are placed on them. Plus, your taxes don't really pay for anything here, so you have to go out-of-pocket for shit that is overpriced if it works at all.

The fawning over the military ("TTTHHHAAANNKK YYOOOUU," all the time). I get the concept of going off to war THINKING it's to counter an attack on the country, I don't get not having a second one after finding out it was bullshit. A ten-year, trillion-dollar war, where people got mangled both physically & non-physically, after getting f***ed with a stop-loss, after getting f***ed with burn pits, they get f***ed by the VA, and put on a watch list by their own country- where they'll get arrested for trying to walk their kid home from school by cops that increasingly act like non-islamic terrorists while wearing the same shit as them, carry the same shit as them, and ride in the same shit as them. The concept that there hasn't been a revolution or a civil war over that astounds me. If the people really gave such a shit about the soldiers, I wouldn't be more or less the only guy saying that. I figure it's an ego trip for a lot of people- "that was a tribute to me." They can't very well bad-mouth the event at that point, can they?

Being both paranoid & careless. They worry about even talking to strangers in a restaurant, but blow off everything that is an ambient risk. Worried about health, money, social esteem (in the eyes of people they either don't like or don't want to have anything to do with), and all sorts of other things- yet more or less anything that menaces them is given the green light. It's like if it goes beyond worrying, they're not interested. Just like if it takes more than just hoping for victory, they don't want it.

Saying "It's only TV," yet giving a flying shit if there's cursing or a topless scene in it. Just like how it really doesn't matter what they teach kids because "they're only 5" & REALLY pushing points that turn out to be bad ideas in adult life. The people not noticing that is a bit irksome.

No one seems to notice these things going on. I remember people used to say "If you don't like it, why don't you just get out?" To which, I would answer: "So either wallow in problems or live in exile?" They'd say: "Oh, no- no, of course not." Then I'd say: "Well, that's some fuckin' freedom of speech you've got there. Thought a major reason for that was to be able to bring up problems so they could be fixed."

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