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Americans & "Negative Identity"

Discuss deep philosophical topics and questions.

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Americans & "Negative Identity"

Post by Wolfeye » June 21st, 2016, 3:53 am

Hey, everyone. Was just reading Bureaucratic Insanity recently & noticed that the "negative identity" mentioned in there to be the "anti non-self" style that I noticed & made note of in other posts. That chronic inability to agree ("agreement equals defeat"), the isolation, the constant - all seem to be heavily connected to this. I've mentioned the idea of America being a "melting pot," in the sense of being an influence of vitiation (to impair, impede, disrupt, dissolve, etc...) & it's like the idea of whatever metal, whatever the condition, whatever the shape- the effort is to melt it down. This concept of "zeroing-out" seems to apply all the time.

The idea of "negative identity" ties a lot of things together, maybe even enough for Winston to add it to the Comparison Chart. That substitutive personality that is SO common here (maybe it's called "OCPD" or whatever in psychological terms, but the concept of trying to "play demon" & possess/hi-jack others), that contrarian style with reality (non-stop bullshit, PC culture, medical things more or less never being as advertised, etc...), the constant instigation with other countries (which are always worse than America, which is the best country in the world)- could all of that be rooted in "negative identity"? Maybe phrasing it "ne-GATE-ive identity" or "ne-GATE-ing personality"? Some of the mental problems that are mentioned sound like bullshit, but maybe everyone is crying "micro-aggression" because they have a "negating personality disorder"? Cops flipping out over everything or over nothing at all? Schools acting like dictatorial enclaves to the point where they get someone arrested for trying to walk their own kids home? Pushy doctors? Czarist bosses? I've got to imagine that this is a common issue in the military, too.

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