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Asian women = sex objects and hookers to many people?

Discuss racial, ethnic and multicultural issues. Warning: The topics here are likely to be taboo, so if you are easily offended, you are better off not participating here.

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Post by Raja » September 17th, 2013, 5:02 am

zboy1 wrote:
ladislav wrote:This comes from US military being stationed in Asia and all these bars and whorehouses opening up. Opened up by locals.

Hence comes the stereotype. Then you have Thailand. Again locals opening up whorehouses for white people. No one forced them at a gun point to do it.

But there's also the stereotype of a war bride and an obedient wife.

OTOH, Swedish and Russian women have the same reputation, the former- sluts, the latter-- whores.

Asian women in the USA, overall, are treated very well in spite of all that and have no problem getting a BF, husband and a good job. Even foreign born Asian women get into the US government becoming secretaries of this and that department. Most look very happy and confident.

Stereotypes are part of human nature, the main thing is how they affect your life in society. If you can have all the benefits and major needs fulfilled with minimum discomforts, then you are OK.

Overall, white societies treat Asian people much better than Asian societies treat white people. at least politically speaking. And especially women. Show me at least one Asian country with a white person in the gov't. Or an Asian movie studio that films white people in any positive role if they film them at all.

A white person in most Asian countries is just a guest to practice English with.
If all you said was true, Ladislav, how come the same respect isn't afforded to Asian men in the same way that supposedly Asian women are afforded in the West? Cuz Frankly, I think your post was nonsense...

Many Asian women I know have complained to me bitterly about the racism and sexism they faced in their life. Go to any Asian forums and you'll see similar sentiments from Asian women. College and University campuses--the same thing. Also, why do you have all these Asian racial support groups and anti-discrimination groups such as the Asian Defense League/Asia Society, and so on...if Asian women are so well treated as you say?

And do you deny anything that I'm saying is not true: that many foreigners view Asian women in a very perverse, sexual and indecent way? Anytime I see anything written about Asian women on the Internet or on forums, or watch movies or television shows featuring Asian women in their programs--it's always sexual in nature. Why is that?
I'm with ladislav on this.

Basically because for the living generations of cultural standard bearers, those from 90 to around 40 years of age, their experience with Asian women, as opposed to women of Asian decent raised next door, has been limited to the war bride of the War in the Pacific, the Korean War and Vietnam War and the memoirs of soldiers describing their R&R with working girls. Afterwards when the catalog mail order business before the internet started and men started going on about family values on talk shows like Donahue and Oprah the greater society called BS because so many were finding family minded wives barely old enough to be their daughters and not their granddaughters.

It didn't help that in many cities Asian immigrants dominate the sex workers in the semi legal massage parlors and hostess bars

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Post by Jester » September 18th, 2013, 10:00 am

I've never heard a guy talking about Asian women in the U.S. as whores or easy.

I HAVE heard White women and Black women saying disdainful things. That competition thing.

I do NOT believe Asian women are discriminated against. At all. They do damn well here in California.

Asian men, on the other hand, would be thought of only as shopkeepers, STEM professionals, or martial artists. And damn hard to do business with.
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