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Why do Asian girls love feminine Asian guys?

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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Re: Re:

Post by Rock » July 9th, 2015, 2:46 am

onethousandknives wrote:
Falcon wrote:
Winston wrote:Those are very typical in Taiwan. Notice the gay a** innocent smile and look on their faces. How the f**k can a normal straightforward outspoken guy like me emulate that to fit in in Taiwan? It's so gay a**! Now you guys see why I don't fit in Taiwan. There's no way I can emulate a gay a** innocent lighthearted sterile personality and expression, the guys have above. Yuck. It's sick and inhuman. Yet that's the ideal and norm in Taiwan?! WTF?! No wonder Taiwan is weird. No one can be that innocent naturally. It's like they are trying too hard to be innocent. Weird. Doesn't make sense and doesn't fit in my world. Weird, weird, weird.

Now you guys see what I mean. The expressions above say it all. Would you guys like me if I acted like that, super gay a** innocent? lol

I could easily kick those guys' asses and knock them over like bowling pins. Those types always back down from fights. If you approach them menacingly, they get intimidated and run away. They aren't real men at all.
In Taiwan, people keep saying I look like I'm almost 30, even though I'm actually almost 10 years younger. Some people are even surprised when I tell them my age, and often balk in surprise, saying, "But you look so ... mature!" I guess it's simply because I don't look like a pre-pubescent boy?

But in Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and other countries when the average man in his 20's tends to look more masculine, people all say I look my age and aren't surprised at all when I tell them my age.
Asians, assuming their diet and lifestyle is OK, I think have pretty much the best genetics on the planet for everything. My Vietnamese barber for example, looks about 35, and is over 50.

That guy there is Chinese Olympic weightlifter and Olympic gold medalist Lu Xiaojun. He is 29-30 years old in those pictures. Besides slightly more visible muscle, and a slightly stronger jawline, he pretty much does just look like a K-Pop star but is one of the strongest men on Earth today. I mean, people (mostly white people do this) can talk shit about Asians "not being masculine enough" and "lacking testosterone" or eating too much tofu or whatever, but this is pretty much the equivalent of a fat girl badmouthing the skinny girl in class and saying she's got real curves for real men.

Thankfully I have more along the lines of the "Asian problem" and most of the time still get carded at liquor stores and have people call me "that kid" at 24. So it's all good.
As far as looking young in mid age and older, a lot of people with African black ancestry fare much better than NE Asians. Think Chris Rock now 50 who looks virtually the same as he did 20 years ago. Most middle aged local dudes I know in Taiwan look...middle aged. The age markers may manifest in somewhat different ways than with whites, blacks or other groups. But they still look roughly their age in most cases I've observed.

Black men also have high levels of testosterone, Asians men don't.

For certain types of measurable memory and intelligence, yes, NE Asians tend to be more gifted genetically. But there are still groups who fare even better on that metric.

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