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Do you feel an empty depressing meaningless vibe in America?

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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Re: Do you feel an empty depressing meaningless vibe in America?

Post by CannedHam » March 27th, 2018, 11:57 pm

The thing I can't stand is suburban sprawl and the associated lifestyle. Depressing cookie cutter homes, strip malls filled with the same damn chain stores and restaurants, having to drive everywhere, high taxes etc. On the other hand, large US cities are for the most part, crime infested embarrassing shitholes. Just look at the homeless situation in Seattle/SF, or the crime in places like Chicago or Baltimore.

I was in Hong Kong last year and man was the place filled with ENERGY. Clean, safe, and bustling. My wife and I could leave at 9am and literally wander around until midnight with no need to have a car, wondering how the time passed so quick. If she needed to take the HK metro alone at 11pm, I wouldn't worry at all. In our current city when she takes the bus at 2pm, I worry she'll get harassed by some thug or homeless prick, with the city police useless due to the PC culture that's overtaken politics here.

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