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Anecdotal evidence that Manila pinays are bitchy c**ts

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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Post by publicduende » October 13th, 2013, 3:30 pm

deasil875 wrote:
publicduende wrote:The few times I chatted with young Filipinas online I have been taken aback by the shocking lack of written English skills, which compounds to the typical slow typing, connection hiccups and ultra-short attention span to make for a virtually useless experience. Far better to somehow get their undivided attention on a video chat, where you can at least add their appearance and body language to the shaky bout of verbal communication.

From what I read and heard, the only men who can get something out of chat windows are those who make it very clear from the onset that they're looking for a wife and serious about visiting them in the PI as early as possible, hence resonating at least with those who are looking for a fix asap. Even in that case, the relationship would be built more of those mutual hopes and expectations than actual conversations.

As I have myself experienced, nothing beats the real thing: strolling down those packed streets in Manila or Cebu or Davao, talking to real people and forging real and realistic, if short-lived, interactions. Another reason to ditch the online chat preliminaries and just get there and start meeting people IRL.
Your point is very valid about mutual hopes and expectations of LTR/marriage. I suppose that's why Skyping has its niche. I'm finding that video chats are counter-productive for me along with dating sites. However, that may be because I've been using DIA more than Blossoms. No matter which way you cut it though, these girls are still 6000+ miles away! You damn well know other guys are hitting them up. The reality is for me I cannot immediately get on the next flight out of LAX, even if I wanted to. So there's the very real possibility some other dude she is talking to will beat me to the punch and get out there to meet her before I'm able to. That's why I've had to change my strategy. I think my best bet is to hold off the online angle, until my travel plans are locked up. That way, I can have a few girls ready to meet from Blossoms/DIA who know that I am definitively coming, and hit the ground running in Cebu & Mindanao at the same time (my preferred PI destinations) for IRL interactions as you recommended. I know I can easily score an HB7. Long term goal is marriage, but I want to have fun as well. My dating and sex life thru my entire early/mid 20s was time wasted thanks to shitty AmeriKa. Longest dry spell for dating was 07-09. Hell on earth. Honestly I need to bust a nut with a good handful of pinay and other Asian chicks and get it out of my system and make up for lost time.
Like someone else said in another reply, if you avatar is really you, you shouldn't have any problem whatsoever with attracting a top-notch Filipina: educated, middle class (or with no financial trouble pending), good looking and perfectly fluent in English. Assuming those kinds of girls are very rarely found on a dating website, it's all too obvious that your best bet is to just turn up somewhere in Metro Manila and meet ladies there. Online communications leading to "booking up" one or two girls may amount to very little, or even less. We have all heard stories of girls who flake on their foreign visitors at the last minute, putting up lame excuses or even no excuses whatsoever.

In short: if Filipinas are your target for a LTR (with or without some fun at the beginning), just spending a few days there and being yourself should suffice.

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Post by jtest28 » October 14th, 2013, 1:12 am

I have two friends who used to be male strippers back in the day and I know they always complained they couldn't get girlfriends. Yeah, they got laid like the apocalypse was tomorrow but that was it. Its harder for even good-looking guys in this country than what most people think.

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