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Women dating criminals can destroy entire families!

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AW Warning
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Women dating criminals can destroy entire families!

Post by AW Warning » July 4th, 2015, 5:40 am

Every time a woman decides that she's going to date a violent felon who gets his luxuries through violent crime and drugs, it can literally rip entire families apart like a Category 5 hurricane versus a mobile home park. Oftentimes, someone makes a comment that the woman's new boyfriend was mean towards that person and/or that member finds out that the boyfriend does drugs, gangs, mobs, shootings, and such, not to mention if the boyfriend brings his gun to a family party, the majority of the woman's family takes it as an insult, broad rifts appear in the family, bitterness against the complainer quickly spreads, destructive gossip starts going around, many times even when the complainer apologizes, there is no forgiveness, only more isolation. If several people complain about the boyfriend being obnoxious, mean, threatening them with a gun, and such, the entire family, even up to all three generations and all circles of family can be thrown into turmoil! Which very commonly causes a termination of all future family get togethers, cookouts, and summer barbecues, as well as bitter hatred within the family and destructive negative gossip spreading around like a dry brush fire in a howling gale that can alienate everyone within and make them all strangers to each other, a complete fragmenting of all circles of family, and sometimes even the police being called and arrests occuring if someone even visits their own aunt, uncle, or whoever. All because the family loves and respects the woman's decision to marry a hard core criminal.

Women who hook up with felons are also capable of wiping out half an innocent man's Facebook friend list! The man tells her that it's a bad idea to hook up with criminals, she immediately retalliates with destructive gossip all over her Facebook, causing countless people to unfriend and even block the innocent guy and even sabotage his Facebook! In some cases, if the friends of the woman with the gangster boyfriend are nasty enough, they'd report the guy to Facebook and have his Facebook account disabled.

Indeed, things always get really ugly when an American woman decides to date a hardened criminal!

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Re: Women dating criminals can destroy entire families!

Post by drealm » July 4th, 2015, 6:20 am

This is the exact reason why you don't rely solely on family for morality. Family is a morally neutral tribal entity that is put together by person to person connections, regardless of how immoral the connections are. If the family system is stressed it will collapse. Religion is the only network that can aggressively resist these types of infestations.

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